The Sound Of Magic Quiz – Which TSOM Character Are You?

Which The Sound Of Magic Character Are You Quiz

The Sound of Magic is earning millions of hearts and just like the K drama, the 100% accurate The Sound of Magic Quiz would reveal which The Sound of Magic character are you which you’d love! Everyone is sharing their results have you???


The musical drama The Sound Of Magic has made its place on the top Netflix charts and the credit for its popularity goes to the plot of The Sound of Magic. It envelopes the element of magic that has been long lost somewhere and people nowadays don’t believe in it. Similarly, a girl named Yoon Ah-yi always wanted to be a magician (as a kid) but after facing the harsh realities of life, she has given up on her dreams and fantasies. On the other hand, being in the Sewoon High School isn’t easy especially when you are not rich like one of the school stars Na Il-deung.

One day, Ah-yi comes face to face with a boy who is a strange figure, as said by everyone in the town. People believe that in the abandoned amusement park lives a boy who is a magician but he is wicked and evil. Ah-yi runs away from him because of her fear but when the same boy saves her from the shopkeeper who was trying to assault Ah-yi, both turn into friends. Ah-yi gets to know that he is Ri Eul and a true magician and offers to teach her magic. However, there is one rule to learn things, "Do you believe in magic?"

The Sound Of Magic Quiz
The Sound Of Magic - Netflix

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From here the magical ride begins but in between jumps Na Il-deung who is wealthy, intelligent, and an ideal student. He thinks Ay-yi and Ri Eul are dating each other and shows suspicion towards the weird boy. On the other hand, the murder in town is gaining more hype and people are thinking it is the boy Ri Eul behind all this. Thrill, mystery, and suspense are unending in the story so find out what The Sound of Magic character are you. This way you’ll know where you stand in all the situations.


Before you enter The Sound of Magic test, get to see the 4 most amazing and loved characters in The Sound of Magic.

Which TSOM Character Are You
The Sound Of Magic Characters - Netflix

Ri Eul

There is very less revealed about our generally called “The Magician” but as the story gains pace, the character eventually opens up. Ri Eul is an expert magician and though we don’t know much about his past life but at least we get to have some glimpses. He used to be a normal and rich boy in his school years with the real name Ryu Min-hyuk but after being unable to hold pressure, he learned magic. Though we don’t know who taught him magic but now he lives a peaceful life away from all others only with his parrot and butterfly.

You are tired of all these stupid norms and values and want to get rid of them. You are the one who wants to break all the boundaries and fly like a free bird away from all stresses.

Ri Eul
Ri Eul - The Sound Of Magic

Na Il Deung

Deung is an amazing character in the story who shows how a youngster can shape his life if he/she really wishes to. Though Deung has everything in the world but as soon as he realizes that whatever he pursues doesn’t give him peace and joy, the boy alters his path. The best thing is that Deung begins to lead his life according to his desire crashing all stereotypes.

You have achieved a lot in life but you have bigger dreams. It is great that you don’t count on anyone and believe in yourself.

Na Il Deung
Na Il Deung - The Sound Of Magic

Yoon Ah-yi

Ah-yi is the female protagonist in the show and more like a past reflection of Ri Eul and probably this is the reason he wishes to help her. This girl has seen the worse at such young age and wishes to flee. There is nothing she can do to help her poor family and wishes to support her mother and sister for which she works in a shop. Her dream of learning magic finally gets fulfilled and Ah-yi grows into a mature and strong-headed girl.

No matter what comes at you, your strength in fighting back helps you win every situation. The best thing about you is that you don’t give up even though you panic, but eventually stand stronger.

Yoon Ah-yi
Yoon Ah-yi - The Sound Of Magic

Baek Ha-na

Ha-na is a supporting character in the story but works tremendously in adding spice to the story. She is the one who triggers Ah-yi and Deung in most places. Ha-na never has bad intentions and eventually helps her friends in every case. You are also caring and helpful but your mind can easily be manipulated. Plus, you take interest in gossip and have a keen observation which aids you to have know how about everyone around.

Baek Ha-na
Baek Ha-na - The Sound Of Magic


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Just like the story covers magic, our The Sound of Magic Trivia is also magical. It isn’t easy to reveal which The Sound of Magic character are you most like but our spells can make it happen. Just repeat after us, "Do you believe in magic?"