Vagabond Quiz – Which Vagabond Character Are You?

Which Vagabond Character Are You Quiz

Vagabond is loaded with mystery, action, and suspense. There is nothing more important than finding out what is the cause of the plane crash. If you think you can take part in the investigation and solve the case quickly then Vagabond Quiz is for you. Check out which Vagabond character are you to become a part of this Korean drama.

Vagabond Quiz

Vagabond - Netflix


This curious drama is loaded with emotions because you can’t predict what happens next! Vagabond revolves around the character of Cha Dal-gun whose life is full of struggles and mishaps. Working as a stuntman for years, he dreams to be an action hero one day but his never-ending responsibilities make this difficult. Cha Dal-gun has an orphan nephew Cha Hoon who is a teen and bonding together with his uncle turns out to be a problem. However, Cha Hoon dreams to be a master of Taekwondo and flies to Morocco for that. Just before leaving for the flight, they had a strong argument. Leaving the matters at a bitter end, Cha Hoon leaves for the flight while Cha Dal-gun goes on the shoot. There he gets to know that his nephew’s flight crashed killing all the passengers in it.

In a dreadful condition, Cha Dal-gun reaches Morocco and mourns the death of his nephew. There he meets Go Hae-ri who is in the National Intelligence Service. She works undercover and with the help of Cha Dal-gun searches for proof to find out whether the plane crash was an accident or a planned conspiracy. As they find any clue or reach to any point which testifies their point, it is either removed or killed. What if you become a part of Vagabond? Do you have a better strategy for catching the criminals? If yes, then hurry up and find out which character in Vagabond can you be?


No doubt in the fact that all characters in Vagabond are fabulous but there are always some best ones in every series. Have a look at the “4 Most Important Characters in Vagabond” before you get to know what Vagabond character are you?

Which Vagabond Character Are You

Vagabond Characters - Netflix

Cha Dal-Gun

If you want to see Ethan’s character played just like Mission Impossible then go for Cha Dal-gun’s character in Vagabond. You may think of him as a simple and common man but he carried out his stunt life for good when he had to find the killers of his nephews. Cha Dal-gun is an action figure who is after all the people who were involved in it, though they are in the government or mafias, all want to kill Cha Dal-gun but it won’t be that easy! As far as you are concerned, the element of bravery is what helps you to excel in your life and fulfill all your dreams.

Cha Dal-Gun

Cha Dal-Gun - Vagabond

Go Hae-ri

Go Hae-ri is a National Intelligence Service agent. She has been trying to make her place in the NIS. But, her young age and less experience often cause other agents to oppress her. When Go Hae-ri gets along with Cha Dal-gun, she acts like a true NIS agent and does what’s right. Though Go Hae-ri has been pressurized by his team, but she still follows her instincts. Even though matters are tricky to handle and she even has to go against the rules but no doubt that all was worth it. We can see that you also do what you believe is right and even though the world stops you, nothing affects your determination. Rules, regulations, and duties do not matter when important matters are at the stake.

Go Hae-ri

Go Hae-ri - Vagabond

Gi Tae-ung

Being the leader of the NIS team in Morocco, Gi Tae-ung has to be vigilant and ready for every kind of threat. Not only he is in danger but his team is also stepping into traps set for them. Gi Tae-ung has never seen such situations in his life and is taking extra protective measures especially when it’s about Go Hae-ri. Gi Tae-ung thinks that it’s too early for a girl like Go Hae-ri to be a part of such arduous missions but he is proved wrong. No matter how much he tries to deny but, Go Hae-ri gains Gi Tae-ung’s trust and they both become a great team. You are also a helpful person who’s never bossy at all though it’s difficult for you to trust people but you aren’t that bad after all!

Gi Tae-ung

Gi Tae-ung - Vagabond

Jessica Lee

Jessica Lee is the villain in the story and is selfish enough that you’d hate her all your life! She may be pretty and innocent but these are all the things that would stray you from your mission to catch the real culprit and it is none other than Jessica Lee. All she wants is money and it is only possible if she gets the contract for fighter planes from the government. Conversely, Jessica aids in crashing the plane for this but, she wasn’t intelligent enough to cheat all and got caught towards the end. Don’t mind but you are also a little overconfident when it comes to your job and think about your benefits before everything because you think that you are more important than anyone else.

Jessica Lee

Jessica Lee - Vagabond


In all the action pack scenes, you must have fallen for at least one of the characters! Don’t be shy and let us guess the special one through the Vagabond Test. You’ll see how good we are at this just like the Akinator!

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Let’s see which Vagabond character are you most like? Trust us, finding it out with the Vagabond Personality Quiz is going to be loads of fun and you’d enjoy this fun ride thoroughly.