Devil Fruits (One Piece) Quiz – What Devil Fruit Would You Have?

Which Devil Fruit Are You? & One Piece Devil Fruit Quiz

There are so many ifs and buts in life! If we had this, if we have that, but what would happen after it (blah blah blah!). Well, the world of dreams and fiction is definitely amazing to be in. Have you watched One Piece? Of course, you would have because every fun-loving and spirited human has watched it. How awesome is it to watch everyone in the anime using their ultimate powers and all they have to do is eat a Fruit! We wish we could also have a fruit like this! Life would have become so thrilling…

We know that we don’t have Devil Fruits in the real world but while watching One Piece anime do you ever think which Devil Fruit is perfect for you? We know that you’ve been thinking about this lately and this is the reason why we have come up with the accurate AI solution, the Devil Fruit Test. This quiz is fun and gratifying because by answering it you’d find out which Devil Fruit should you pick if you get the chance to step into the world of One Piece (by chance). Or in our case, you can say that finding out which Devil Fruit are you most like will let you know what abilities (powers) suit your personality. Are you ready to check what are your cool abilities granted by your Devil Fruit?

Some of you might have some questions related to Devil Fruits in mind so read below to know everything about Devil Fruits in One Piece.


A Devil Fruit is quite similar to those we eat in our daily lives. However, once you eat them, your life changes forever. These fruits are found at places that are secluded and people seldom pass from there. This is the reason why not everybody had powers given by a Devil Fruit. Afterward, we observed that most of the people shown in the series had the fruit and some felt lucky with their powers while others were unhappy because their abilities were of no use (according to their narrow humanly perspective).

Devil Fruits Quiz

There are said to be three kinds of Devil Fruits and each has its own importance in the world of One Piece. Let’s have a look!


Zoan allows the fruit eater to have the abilities of animals, terrestrial, and mythical beings. As soon as they eat the fruit, they can feel the strength and abilities of an animal respectively (whose powers are embedded in it). The Zoan fruits undoubtedly make the user feel powerful but they need to specialize in the skills and get hold of their traits in order to be a master.


The Logia fruits are unique and pretty rare because they are immensely powerful. Their eaters are able to turn themselves into any one element of earth. The fruit might allow you to turn your body into rubber, steel, lightning, stone, etc. However, every person is restricted to acquiring only one element.


Paramecia fruits are restricted to combating or elemental manipulation, instead, they grant their users a wide range of powers and it depends on your luck that what you get! You might avail yourself the chance of releasing substances from your body, shapeshifting, etc. The powers of Paramecia fruits can’t be predicted until eaten but they are considered mighty fruits.


There are more than 100 Devil Fruit available for humans in One Piece anime but the question is which Devil Fruit do you kin? The more you study about them the better it’d be. Why don’t you read about the most famous Devil Fruits before hopping into the Devil Fruit Kin Quiz?

What Devil Fruit Would You Have?

Bari Bari No Mi

Bari Bari No Mi is also known as “Barrier-Barrier Devil Fruit” because it can stir a barrier that no one can see and is the best protection anyone can get. The barriers can be employed for various purposes as its consumer doesn’t have to fight and can stay safe in an invisible boundary, Moreover, it can be used for hurting the enemies like the one that comes under its effect feels like getting struck by a heavy concrete wall. The best user of this rare Paramecia fruit is Bartolomeo as no one has defeated him yet.

Hobby Hobby No Mi

This one might sound funny but beware of those who have the power of Hobby Hobby Fruit. This fruit enables the eater to turn every human and character into a toy. Yes, these toys actually turn into beings who only listen to the one who made them. Plus they forgot everything past it, they go through a memory erase. There is no limit and you can turn as many people you see into cute toys.

Nikyu Nikyu No Mi

Nikyu Nikyu no Mi or you call it Paw-Paw Fruit, both are the same! It feels as if your body has nothing but useless cushy paws in your palms but it’s more than just that. The Nikyu Nikyu no Mi turns your hands into repellent and you can actually repel anything with them whether any weapon, person, or even force. It can make you invincible as all you need to do is clap loudly and it would release a wave knocking out all in front of you. It’s a Paramecia fruit.

Ope Ope No Mi

This is one the most influential and rarest fruit to find. Ope Ope no Mi gives its bearer powers that are unimaginable. The user can literally manipulate everything in and about a human. For instance, the Ope Ope no Mi consumer can mess with organs, bodies, can teleport people, switch personalities, and so on. The best part is that the person who has eaten this Devil Fruit can grant immortality to anyone by sacrificing their life.


So, we ask again! Which Devil Fruit are you? Make a sensible choice as anyone can have only a single Devil Fruit for a lifetime or else the body tears apart and the person dies. We think it’s better to leave it to the results of Devil Fruit Trivia.