Sanrio Quiz – Which Sanrio Character Are You?

What Sanrio Character Are You Quiz

It is rightly said that a few things never get old! If you don't trust us then look at the characters of Sanrio. Each one is amazing and has become a brand in itself. Do you know, the Sanrio company emerged in 1974 and look, the characters are still so famous. Not only are they notorious in Japan, but the whole world loves them. One can't even imagine the profits made by Sanrio. And, how can we forget the star of Sanrio- "Hello Kitty"!

Only the character of Hello Kitty grosses around $8 billion a year. Now, there are 42 characters in the world of Sanrio and each one is cuter than the other. No matter what you look for, either customized cakes, stationery, furniture, clothes, etc. You would find a Sanrio character in it for sure.

Do you know that this all wasn't planned! Shintaro Tsuji (the brain behind Sanrio company) only wanted to give some cute gifts for birthdays and for that, he created these adorable characters. But, he observed that this cuteness can bring far more success to him. Therefore, he was determined to promote the kawaii culture in Japan. These adorable animations became more than just cartoons and appeared on the big screens.

Since you get to see a Sanrio character wherever you so tell us, which Sanrio character are you most like? Oh no, don't say this because this isn't a good sign. It doesn't seem reasonable; your cuteness must belong to one character. So, roll into the Sanrio Quiz and get to know which Sanrio character do you kin?


As you just read, there are numerous Sanrio animations but we have picked the best four Sanrio characters. It would help you relate yourself with Sanrio Trivia's answer as it would let you know which Sanrio character are you?

Aggretsuko Quiz
Aggretsuko - Sanrio Digital

Aggressive Retsuko

Better known as Aggretsuko is also a character from the Sanrio characters. It became pretty famous as its animated series became outstandingly notorious with its four seasons. The series portrays Aggretsuko as its protagonist who faces numerous hurdles in her life. Aggretsuko is a red panda (though we think it is quite similar to a raccoon) with simple looks, white shaded fur beginning from the end of each eye and ending down the face. It also seems like Aggretsuko is crying (it really fits with her story). She is sweet and straightforward.

According to her story in the series, she wishes to live everyday life like others, without any hassles. But, this isn't possible for this poor creature. The office where she works is more like a prison and she works there all day anxiously. Each of her colleagues is worse than you can imagine. Nobody talks to her, nobody helps her, nor does she expect all this. Aggretsuko has changed a lot and believes that this world would never let her live peacefully. This realization has made her aggressive and a bit weird.

Hello Kitty

The idea of Hello Kitty came from Yuko Shimizu as she designed it. It first appeared over a rubber slipper and then became the favorite and one of the most popular characters from Sanrio. If you have never seen a Hello Kitty before (though it's pretty impossible!), then let us describe it. It is a white cat with black eyes, a pink oval nose, a small opening as mouth, and the whiskers are comparatively longer and visible. We can feel that its white fur is fluffy due to Hello Kitty's round and cuddly shape. This character can be seen in different clothes, but a cute bow is mandatory on its left ear.

There are various cafés, theme parks, and even a maternity hospital made for Hello Kitty lovers. Do you know that this character has a surname- "White." If you'd visit China or Japan, you'd often find things like trains, subways, statues, and corners painted with the theme of Hello Kitty. This cat has many cartoons, series, and movies like Hello Kitty: Ringo no Mori, Hello Kitty and Friends, Growing Up With Hello Kitty, etc.

By the way, one of the My Dress-up Darling character were into Hello Kitty too, guess who?

Tuxedo Sam

If you ask us, we think that pandas and penguins are the cutest animals on the planet (no offense). So, we brought a charming little blue penguin to our list named Tuxedo Sam. He is really a gentleman; even his appearance depicts this. Tuxedo Sam wears a pink bow and cute white hat with a pink feather on it (the color might vary according to the merchandise). Oh, how can we forget his handstick!

Tuxedo Sam has lived a happy and contented life in the navy and retired as a captain. Now, he lives a carefree life, and you'd find him eating. He loves to eat (no matter what you give!)


If we ask you which Sanrio character would date you? Would you take Cinnamoroll's name? Well, many people yelled his name loud. We have already talked about one of the most prominent characters by Sanrio which are cats but how can we forget this cute, charming, and adorable looking puppy. Cinnamoroll isn't any ordinary puppy; instead, its movie Cinnamon The Movie, the TV series Hello Kitty Stump Village, manga Fluffy, Fluffy Cinnamoroll tell an exciting tale regarding him.

Once there was an owner of a café named "Café Cinnamon." He was soaking in the beauty of nature and suddenly saw a snow-white puppy that seemed more special than usual. It had a bulgy round face with pretty long ears, fresh blue eyes, pink blushing cheeks, and a rolling tail. The café owner was in love with it and took this cutie to the café and called it Cinnamoroll because of its similar-looking tail.


The Sanrio Test is here to take in all your exhaustion. Hurry up and answer the Sanrio Kin Quiz to get to know yourself as a Sanrio character with 100% accuracy.