Bungou Stray Dogs Quiz – Which BSD Character Are You?

BSD Quiz & Which Bungo Stray Dogs Character Are You?

What would happen if you just get to know that you have some surprising innate abilities? What if something special and magical resides in you? How would you react? Would you be happy or would you think that you won’t be able to live a peaceful life from the day onwards? Hahaha, so many questions right! But they have a greater purpose behind them. Basically, we are trying to find out which Bungou Stray Dogs character are you? If you are also eager to check where you stand in the Bungou Stray Dogs anime then step into the Bungou Stray Dogs Test. We can see that you have a few questions in mind. Oh well, let us answer them first before answering which BSD character would you be?


 Atsushi Nakajima is the main character in the story of Bungou Stray Dogs. The plotline takes various turns and what seems normal arises to be the complete opposite. First of all, a person (Osamu Dazai) who apparently is ending his life by attempting suicide but Atsushi saves him. Both being together discuss the harshness of life. On one hand, Atsushi has to leave his only home (an orphanage) because of his susceptible ability to turn into a berserker white tiger whenever he sights a full moon.

Bungo Stray Dogs Quiz
Bungo Stray Dogs - Kafka Asagiri

This unveils more secrets of the world and Dasai offers him to join the “Agency” which saves the world from supernatural evils that the normal forces can’t handle or combat. But, this won’t be that easy for Atsushi, and his life would remain in danger as the Port Mafia is finding ways to kill him in any way possible!


Tell the world that you aren’t an ordinary person living in the world. Instead, you have great powers and unimaginable strengths. Plus, you have the power to challenge all odds who want to suppress their crimes and make lives for innocents more problematic. We know that you are the kind of person who would never let anything wrong happen to anyone. Right?


Remember, your genes are related to family and kin. If you belong to such a background in the Bungou Stray Dogs anime only then you would have your extraordinary powers. So, answering the Bungou Stray Dogs Kin Quiz is necessary at least you would know from where and how you possess them!


Oh, so you have something else in mind! Hahaha, you want to have a romantic date with one of the characters in Bungou Stray Dogs. No problem, we have the solution to that as well and you can find the one who would become the love of your life forever. All you need to do is take the Bungou Stray Dogs Partner Quiz and the result would tell you everything.


Which BSD Character Are You?
Bungo Stray Dogs - Kafka Asagiri

Let’s find out more about the best characters in the Bungou Stray Dogs as there are more than 60 characters in it. Don’t forget to observe the resemblance between yourself and them and ponder over what Bungou Stray Dogs character are you?

Atsushi Nakajima

Even the first glance at Atsushi would tell you that there is something different about the boy. His iris are purple and blond at the same time while his skin is pale and whitish with grey hair even at such young age. Apart from his looks, it literally shocks the viewers when they sight all the dark moments in his childhood which resulted in making him a timid and depressed person. Atsushi never spoke much to anyone and the tsunami in him always kept killing him and the situation worsened when he realized his power “Beast Beneath the Moonlight”. It was a point when his life was torn but the members of the Agency made him believe in himself more than ever.

Osamu Dazai

There are few people who are blessed with everything and nothing (both at the same time!) Osamu is one of those people. His absolutely amazing power “No Longer Human” lets nothing happen to him. Every person who’d use their power to kill him when touching his skin then his ability enables Osamu to nullify all kinds of attacks. Even after such power, he’s always trying to die and can be seen lingering in severe depression and loneliness.

Chuuya Nakahara

Yes, we know that Chuuya is a part of the Port Mafia and not a person who should be idealized by a sane person BUT! He has really received the love of viewers because of his immense ability and cool attitude. Initially, Chuuya was a friend of Dazai but both took the opposite way and are now enemies. His ultimate ability “Upon the Tainted Sorrow” made him reach the higher ranks at such young age. Basically, Chuuya can create black holes and easily changes the gravity of any area he wishes. This always alters the results of fights in his favor. It is almost impossible to win from him because he can attack from any angle and you won’t be even standing on your feet.

Akiko Yosano

Akiko, a girl who has become a role for many out there. She is passionately obsessed with her work which aligns her with the ability “Thou Shalt Not Die”. Akiko can literally save a dying person with this. Actually, Akiko is a doctor at the Agency and people usually run away from her because most of them are afraid of the experiments she does on her patients and she can be quite heartless during the treatment. Akiko can save anyone within a few seconds but there is one condition- The person must be half-dead OR about to die. In other cases, Akiko’s powers do not work. By the way, this is a quiz for BSD characters. If you're looking for a trivia, check our The Ultimate Bungo Stray Dogs Trivia Quiz.


The moment has arrived after the long wait and you can now unveil “Which Bungou Stray Dogs character are you most like?” Ready to step into the darkness to save the world from criminal mafias?