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How well do you know AOT?

If we are to make a list of some of the most celebrated and incredible anime created up till now then undoubtedly “Attack on Titan” would be in the top 5! Shingeki no Kyojin (Attack on Titan in Japanese) has been penned by Hajime Isayama and all its four seasons have been tremendously successful.

So, you call yourself to be the greatest fan of “Attack of Titan” then tell us how well do you know Attack of Titan? Hmm, you seem quite confident about it then prove it!!! How? Through our Attack Of Titan Test. This would not only confirm how much do you know about Attack on Titan? But will also let you know which Attack of Titan character are you?

If you are even a little bit confused about the things and thinking that you might not be able to score high in the Attack On Titan Trivia Quiz then don’t worry at all and go through the plot and characters of Attack on Titan below before entering the Ultimate Attack On Titan Quiz…

Plot Of Attack On Titan

The plot is really interesting and there is hardly anyone on this planet who didn’t get fascinated with this impressive fictional story. Only its manga sold around 100 million copies till 2019 and the number has reached higher since then; moreover, Attack on Titan has won various awards like Harvey Award, Kodansha Manga Award, and others.

Belonging to the genre of “Shonen”, Attack on Titan opens up with humanity and the world at the verge of destruction as humungous creatures known as Titans are taking over the world and people are running away for their lives since the Titans are ten times taller and stronger than humans. The Titans can be seen engulfing humans one by one and it can be observed that aren’t doing this due to hunger but the fact is that they are enjoying humans fearing of them.

Moreover, the Titans aren’t very cunning or intelligent which is why many people manage to run and hide in three districts “Rose”, “Maria”, and “Sina” that had walls long enough that no Titan could cross it and since they weren’t intelligent so couldn’t find the way to get in. Though people always had the fear of Titans in their hearts but survived.

The peace wasn’t for long and after 100 years happened what was never even imagined! The three kids Eren, Mikasa, and Armin saw the vicious Colossal Titans who were armored and stronger than before and broke into the Rose district. One of the Titans engulfed Eren’s mother which gave birth to a new story as Eren wanted to avenge the murder of her mother…

So, how well do you know the Attack of Titan? Do you know which Attack of Titan character do you kin? If you are among those fans who don’t know much about the characters of AoT then the information below is especially for you!


AOT Trivia Quiz

Attack on Titan - Hajime Isayama

In order to discover how much do you know about AOT and what Attack on Titan character are you and which Attack on Titan character are you most like? Read about the best AoT characters…


What can we say about Levi? Well, he is simply amazing! His dark hair and stern eyes have some grave secrets that are buried in his heart while his eyes are the only things that give glimpses to it. Levi is although a supporting character but is considered better than the protagonist of the anime. He is a Titan slayer and while his swords swing in the air, the viewers are lost in his style and power. Prove your power with this The Ultimate Attack of Titan Quiz.

He is also known as “Levi Captain” as he leads a squad and is mostly found wearing his uniform but, don’t forget that no matter whatever he wears suits him. He may seem like a stone-hearted guy but isn’t one as he is compassionate for his fellow humans and is ready to sacrifice himself in order to wipe the Titans from the world. One thing more! Levi is a neat freak!!!

Mikasa Ackerman

The woman that lost a lot, like her parents and childhood is Mikasa, but everything seemed to have made her stronger and now she is the most impressive lady you’ll find in any anime. Mikasa was saved by Eren and since then, she is very close to him, never leaving his side. Maybe you think that Mikasa is overprotective towards Eren but what’s the issue? She has no one except him in her life!

Mikasa entered the Military and is considered one of the best soldiers due to her intelligence and wit. Time stole her happiness and innocence but Mikasa still has a soft heart that loves people who are loyal to her but her only mission is to finish the evil no matter what it takes!

By the way, what do you think about Mikasa? Would she date you? Take out our Waifu Quiz to find out Who is your anime Waifu?

Eren Yeager

Eren being the hero of AoT is different from others and his outrageous behavior wasn’t explainable initially but with time we untangled everything! Eren was the one who saw his mother being eaten alive by a Titan and he only wanted revenge for which, he trained in the military and turned out to be one of the most capable soldiers. However, his enigmatic powers were something that made him insane.

The key to the basement unveiled the real mission of his life where he discovered that inside him is also a Titan and he bears the power of three titans; Attack, Founding Titans, and War Hammer Titan. When he turns into a Titan, Eren becomes huge like others and his eyes and mouth become more intense and vicious. He certainly becomes unstoppable for his enemies!


If you have read the things carefully then we believe you are ready for the Attack On Titan Kin Quiz but don’t forget that only a true AoT fan can pass this test with a good score. Do you have this much confidence then click START to confirm!!!