Weeb Quiz: What are Weeb, Weeaboo and Otaku?

Weeb, Otaku or Weeaboo Quiz

We all go crazy when it comes to anime from Japan. The sight of areas, culture, language, buildings, interiors, and all the things that we perceive attract us (the anime fans) more and more, and trust us the dictionary now has words for us like “Weeb”, “Weeaboo”, and “Otaku”! Let us make this clear that all these three words have different meanings though they might feel similar but aren’t the same...

Ever heard the terms “weeb”, “weeaboo”, and “otaku” before? All these are based on our love for Japan and its animes. You are unable to figure out how to know if you are an otaku? Curious to find out??? Hahaha, we have a solution to this problem so all you need to do is answer the Weeb Test and the answer generated would help you to identify if you are a weeaboo, weeb, or otaku???


What is Weeb/Weeaboo

Weeb is a slang term that is for those people who are anime fans. These fans take interest in animes and manga and even have good knowledge regarding them. Trying to observe how much of a weeb are you? Well, the easier way would be our Am I Weeb Quiz but if you still wish to analyze yourself or the people close to you then we can suggest some of the weeb traits.

Whenever a weeb is sitting free then he or she would ask around if anybody would like to watch an anime with them; moreover, if they are in a gathering then try to find people like them (who watch and like anime and manga). The weebs have all sorts of knowledge regarding the animes like the genres and would spill the names like it's not a big deal to know about them. For instance, they have a complete idea about what is Shonen, Seinen, Josei, Shoujo, and others and would have watched many animes.

If you are thinking that you are a weeb and getting nervous then trust us there is no need to be since it's not bad to be a fan of something and especially when the thing is something incredible like “anime” and “manga”! WeebQuiz.com salutes you all!


Yes yes, you read it right! We have written weeb and weeaboo separately because these two are disparate. Hmm, you are definitely pondering about how to know if you are a Weeaboo? A tough question indeed. Let us first furnish you with what is Weeaboo before you take the Weeaboo Test...

Weeaboo is a slang term as well for those specific anime fans who are in love with not only animes and manga, but they are insanely crazy about everything related to Japan even to the extent that they are ready to leave their own country, citizenship, family, and other loved ones just to become a part of Japan. The Japan love even reaches the point that they begin to adopt the language of animes i.e., Japanese. They try to employ Japanese words instead of their own language, for instance, "Neko" for cat and "Kawaii" for cute.

If we depict the situation of weeaboos honestly then it is also observed that they begin to detest people and things that belong to any country other than Japan or made by any people other than Japanese. At times you would find the word “Japanophile” associated with weeaboos because of their obsession. Nowadays, the sorts of words are arising like “Koreaboo” (for fans obsessed with Korea), “Chinaboo” (for fans obsessed with China). For now, the terms are only on the internet and soon would become a part of the dictionaries.


Although the word “otaku” is all over the internet, but it is arduous to find what is otaku? Its correct definition and meaning! Honestly, the terms do collide with each other but otaku is different, somewhere in the middle of weeb and weeaboo since it contains people who are anime fans and have good knowledge like weebs about it but not as crazy as weeaboos.

It's definitely hard for everyone to figure out if they are an otaku and so we designed our Otaku Test to clear all your confusion. Moreover, the term of otaku for Japanese anime, manga, and video games lovers is more common in the US and taken as “nerd of Japan”.

How to find out who is an otaku? That's easy! Check out their place, if you find stuff, video games, manga novels, comics, T-shirts of various anime characters, and a browsing list loaded with anime and Japanese anime movies. On the other hand, they fall in love with the characters of animes and while watching them forget about what is happening around them. What more do you need as proof? The person would be hundred percent an Otaku!!! If you are worried what if the Otaku Quiz generates the result that you are a true otaku after answering it! No worries because there is nothing bad in liking a good thing and being its fan...


You are now all set for the otaku vs weeb quiz so make your brain ready to answer some interesting questions to find the answer to the most important question of your life!!!