The Owl House Quiz – Which Owl House Character Are You?

Owl House Characters & The Owl Personality Quiz

Let us ask you a simple question, which is one thing that is every kid’s favorite? Have you guessed it? If your answer is “cartoon” then you are absolutely right. Every child though a little kid is always attracted to the screen and the animated and anthropomorphic characters turn out to be their inspiration for years. For instance, Frozen, Hulk, Ice Age, and others are ones that every kid enjoys.

Today, we have made our mind to help you out in finding out what Owl House character am I? Have you watched the incredible series “The Owl House”? It has made its way to the room and heart of every child with its precious moral lessons, humor, and simple entertainment. We won’t lie the fact that not only children but many adults as well. What are you thinking? Are you lost in the story of The Owl House? Then take the Owl House Quiz now to find out which owl character are you!


The plot of The Owl House is one reason behind the success of this project. It comes to our screens by Disney and in most of its projects, one thing is quite common. The element of magic! Even in The Owl House, we get to have magical realms, mysteries, and powers.

In The Owl House, our main character is a competent and curious girl named Luz. She is always in search of something that can give excitement and is challenging for her as well. You can say that taking risks is her hobby! Luz finds a way to teleport herself into the world of demons and evils. There, humans aren’t welcomed instead hunted as prey. But, she never gives up even there and with the help of her demon friends learns magic and wishes to be a powerful witch.

Do you think Luz can survive in the world of evils or would she up being trapped? Hmm, a tough question indeed! Why don’t you become a part of it by taking The Owl Personality Quiz and track which Owl House character are you?

Which Owl House Character Are You?
The Owl House - Disney


Let’s hunt down the best characters in The Owl House series!!!

Luz Noceda

Luz is an interesting and decent looking girl. She has a tanned complexion with amber eyes, short hair, and is mostly found wearing simple clothes (not what girls usually like). She might not be very pretty but her face reflects her determination and diligent nature. Like other teenagers, Luz is always seen looking for something exciting and valorous. It’s quite arduous to stop this girl from trying out unusual things. We also think that Luz is very similar to Steven Universe, do you agree?

You know what she madly wishes for? “Magic”! She desires to be an invincible witch. With her intelligence and undying faith in her capabilities, Luz found ways to do magic with having it naturally. Her owl staff is one essential thing without which she can’t cast magic. With time, she learned some incredible magical techniques like Plant spell, Light spell, Fire spell, Ice spell, Sleeping spell, and etc. The best one is her invisibility power as very few witches can do this. Moreover, Luz highly admires Amity and their relation no just that of friends.

Amity Blight

Amity is one character with whom we all had a love and hate relationship initially but now it’s different! She was the created obstacles for our protagonist Luz but gradually we perceived that she isn’t that bad after all. She began to show her positive side and even helped other fellows at cost of her own.

Her biggest rival in the school was Luz but Amity even befriended her and both began to cooperate, fight, learn, and enjoy together. She is attractive in looks as well specifically her purple and brown dyed hair and golden witch eyes. Plus, her brain makes her one of the brightest students in the class with the highest scores.

 Amity with her will and skills performs magic that is far too hard for witches of her age. For instance, her Abomination crafting skills allow her to create creatures from scratch and can control them as well. On the other hand, her perfection in Barrier Cage and Fireballs is also worth watching.

Edalyn Clawthorn

This grim-looking witch is better known as Eda. She might scare you at times because of her typical-witch appearance with pale white skin, golden eyes, sharp long canines, pointy elf-like ears, and signature grey hair. She accessorizes with big circular earrings and a ring. Hmm, we can see that you actually like Eda even though she is a bad witch. But why?

She is a veteran witch who is quite cunning and clever mostly found working hard for herself and isn’t very helpful. Eda doesn’t admire humans much but makes money by selling things made by them in her world. She is even an expert in potions like Prof. Severus Snape. Likewise, with her Owlbert staff, she can conjure magic like Force field generation, Body Swapping Spell, Magic platform, Water Magic, Mystical projection, Portal creation, Magic trap creation, and etc.

King Clawthorne

Don’t you dare laugh at his name! Hahaha, you are right to some extent as imagining him as a king of all demons seems like a joke. We can’t guess exactly but King seems to belong from the feline family as he is greyish in color with small limbs and paws. Hysterically, he wears a broken mask of a dinosaur.

King’s personality is fun as he is highly aggressive but easily cools down if anyone praises him. He isn’t that bad after all. He basically wishes to be the king again and the one to rule everyone on the land while his small size and body aren’t fit for this. King has one notable power “Ultrasonic scream” with which he can defeat anyone.


Have you decided which Owl House character are you? Don’t just think but confirm it with the Owl House Character Quiz.