Which Yarichin Character Are You Quiz – Yarichin Bitclub Characters

Yarichin B Club Quiz – What Yarichin Character Am I? & YBC Quiz

Have you watched Yarichin B? Didn’t you enjoy it as much as we did? Of course you would have and this is the reason why you are here for the Which Yarichin Character Are You Quiz. We totally understand that you are desperate to find the answer to your question which Yarichin B Club character Am I? Oh, you don’t want much hassle and want to check which Yarichin Bitclub character do you resemble in some fun way!!!

Well, the Yarichin Bitclub Quiz is the fun way you were searching for! So come on let’s go through the plot of Yarichin Bitclub and Yarichin B club characters…


The story initiates with Takashi Toono, a young boy who enrolls in a boarding school for boys. Things were not easy for him, even though the school Morimori Academy was located in a scenic place. The mountains, blue clouds, and greenery added beauty not only to the place but to the anime as well.

Which Yarichin Character Are You Quiz
Yarichin B Club - Ogeretsu Tanaka

Being in a new place, Tono tries to bond with other students and so joins various school clubs. Making Kyōsuke Yaguchi his friend, they try the soccer club. But, Tono didn’t enjoy it (our hero is a bit picky!). He looks for clubs in which he could enjoy, befriend school fellows, and relax his mind as well (without working much on himself). As a consequence, he enrolls in the photography club and expects to enjoy it there.

Then on, he began to unveil the mystery of the photography club. Do you know what was the secret of this club? It was actually a club employed as a sex club. Each member of this club was a sex material for all other students in the boarding school. After getting to know about all these matters you know exactly what was the reaction of Toono? We are not going to furnish you with any other spoilers but we know that you have already watched the Yarichin Bitclub. So let’s now get to know the yarichin bitclub manga characters…


You already know that there were numerous characters in the Yarichin Bitclub anime so why waste time by reading about all. Let’s just read about the 4 best characters in Yarichin Bitclub! Let’s roll.

Takashi Toono

Toono is the one for whom it was hardest to digest the things going on in the Photography Club (also known as Yarichin Bitch Club). To be honest, Toono got loads of attention due to his green eyes, brown middle-length hair which was mostly kept messy, fair complexion, and attractive body. Moreover, his rigid and shy personality also made everybody curious about him. He is also quite similar to the boy in Kakegurui Quiz.

Yaguchi was the only one who Toono considered his mate. Toono never opened to other people and his anxious and weird attitude made some of the club members angry while others wanted to be closer to him more than anyone else. We also could observe that he never took interest in most of the things and whatever he tried bored him as hell! Nor he was good in studies, neither was skilled enough to be a member of any other group. So, all he had was the photography group (that he didn’t like as well)!

Kyousuke Yaguchi

Yaguchi has been the character that has gone through many twists and turns. At first, we were impressed by his good looks. His brown eyes, light brown hair, messy cool appearance definitely made us like him. However, things about him were unveiled gradually. Initially, we could see a confident and energetic young guy who was an incredible soccer player but things weren’t the way we saw them…

We then perceived Yaguchi as becoming Toono’s best friend and their friendship was one thing they both cherished. But But But! Behind the scene, Yaguchi was inspired by his cousin Kashima to the extent of hatred-based jealousy. And after that, we saw that Yaguchi was darker from inside more than we could imagine.

We must admit over here that Yaguchi was fun to watch. Remember when he got scared of the darkness, annoyed his class fellows with his silly tongue twisters, got crazy for ramen noodles and sweet things. Hahaha, his scenes were really full of entertainment! He is our one of the favorite YBC Character.

Yū Kashima

The miraculous and confident protagonist Kashima also made the same mistake that Toonu made. He also joined the photography club imagining a completely different picture related to it in mind. Hysterically, all his thoughts proved to be wrong.

Kashima is a character in whom you’d perceive perfection. His short and stylish dark blue hair, grey eyes, and impeccable looks undoubtedly caught our attention. Moreover, we could feel the positive energy that he furnished with his presence. The best thing in Kashima has been that he never thought negatively about anyone and tried his level best to make things better for others.

He saved Toonu by stating to everyone that both are in a relationship. However, Kashima began to have real feelings for Toono which eventually created a “love triangle”.

Yui Tamura

Tamura has not been really a protagonist in the anime but played a major role because of his rigid and determined personality. You might not like Tamura because he used to mock and insult other students. But, we must also look at the other side of the story as he has faced the worst circumstances in the academy.

He never let himself down in front of anyone and became kind of rude and authoritative to save himself from the wolves around. While Tamura hated everyone, he got in love with Yaguchi (though he detested all students in the Mori Mori Academy).

In this case, we can say that love is blind and can soften anyone; even if the person is as hard as a rock! Do you also believe in this fact?


Have you thought about which Yarichin character are you like? No no, don’t be that confident on yourself before answering the Yarichin B Personality Quiz.