Kakegurui Quiz – Which Kakegurui Character Are You?

What Kakegurui Character Are You Quiz

If we ask you about “what is school” then what would you say? A place where kids gain knowledge and wisdom. Moreover, it is the first place where they learn the disciplines of life, subjects, discourse, interaction, diligence, manners, etc. HOWEVER! There is one school where the kids enrolled have completely altered the definition of school. Seems like you are unable to remember it! No problem, let’s give some more hints…

Jump into the fantastic world of anime and then think about such a school where the students gamble their money, career, and even life. Are you now there? Well, if you just said “Kakegurui” then you are absolutely correct! (or else better luck next time). In the Hyakkaou Private Academy, most of the students belong to the wealthiest families and none cares about money and studies. But, they are more interested in fame and popularity and the shortest route to it is “Gambling”. The higher you bet, the more you gain attention. The students there are very professional in it so chances of losing are also bright. The ones who lose and are indebted become slaves, known as pets! So, which Kakegurui character are you?

Today we have for you the most famous quiz of the year- the Kakegurui Quiz! We know that you have been waiting for it because you are eager to know what Kakegurui character am I? Now that you have got the chance then hurry up and scroll down to find out more…


Since the Kakegurui anime quiz would tell you which Kakegurui character are you? So, you must know more about the characters. Once you get to know which Kakegurui do you resemble, then you must be able to spot the similarities between yourself and them.

Which Kakegurui Character Are You
Kakegurui - Homura Kawamoto

Yumeko Jabami

Once you lay eyes on the main character of Yumeko then you’d find a slim, smart, simple yet attractive girl with long black hair, and hazel eyes (that turn blood-red when she is intense while gambling). When Yumeko had her first day in school, many of the kids were attracted to her beauty but they never knew what energy and surprise she carries in herself. He is quite similar to Saiki K. right?

We wouldn’t say that she is very humble or down-to-earth, but she is a kind and loyal friend. Even on the first day of school, she made friends and they observed that Yumeko is not ordinary at all. The way she initiated her first round of gambling, it felt like she is a champ gambler! Most of all, we are totally astonished to see her reaction when she found her opponents cheating. She seemed more like a serial killer than a gambler!

In her first few days, Yumeko got the spotlight from the Students Council president and he wished to play against Yumeko as well. She also became a pet but her determination and skills helped her to free herself.

Sayaka Igarashi

Sayaka also plays a vital role in the story and is the Secretary of the Student Council in Netflix's Kakegurui. One more thing! This beautiful girl secretly loves Student Council President Kirari Momobami. You’d find simplicity in her fashion and discourse. Sayaka possesses naïve and delicate features with long hair made into an elegant ponytail, dark eyes, and less to no makeup (we believe she is a natural beauty!).

There are two things that Sayaka prioritizes: Kirari and the school. Since Yumeko has stepped into the school both things were slipping off from the hands of Sayaka. Though, she is kind but hates Yumeko and considers her an enemy.

Mary Saotome

With a bit of attitude and pretentious nature, you’d find a famous girl in the academy named Mary. Along with her blonde hair, light brown eyes, pale complexion, and style; Mary knows the art to win the games. However, one thing that nobody likes about her is that she hardly ever behaves normally with anyone and once she wins then makes life hell for the one who loses. She is even pathetic with her pets and makes them do every kind of disgraceful thing.

The amazing scene was when she lost from Yumeko. Mary thought that there was no one who could beat her but she was wrong. Being a pet and feeling humiliated because of the defeat, Mary lost the energy in her and felt what she always made every feel “disgrace of losing”!

Gradually, we felt the changes in her personality as she befriended Yumeko and both began to disrupt the years old gambling administration in the school.

Ryota Suzui

With his messy dark brown hair, simple, and soft-hearted character, Ryota became one of our favorite characters. He is really sweet and humble. Since, the first day of Yumeko in school, Ryoto liked her and even detailed her about the things there. Their friendship at the beginning of the anime helped the plot to gain pace.

When Yumeko saw that Ryoto being such a compassionate guy was indebted to Mary and she behaved pathetically with him, Yumeko gambled to save him from such life. Ryoto was overwhelmed when he got free from being a pet and at the same moment fell for Yumeko. After being free, Ryoto became the most loyal and loving friend Yumeko could have in the new school. Ryoto told her that he isn’t a very competent gambler and lost to Mary which is why had to live such a life even though he was the class president.

Ryoto is intelligent and observes things better than others but never believed in this own skills. With time, Yumeko brought changes in him and the trio of Yumeko, Ryoto, and Mary was quite exciting to watch.


It’s true that the characters from Kakegurui are interesting and all of us want to be a part of the anime. So, hurry up and answer the Kakegurui Character Quiz to discover yours. Don’t forget to share your result with all because everyone must know which famous character are you in Kakeguri?