Berserk Quiz: Which Berserk character are you?

Which Berserk Character Are You Most Like Quiz

Kentaro Miura with his incredible imaginative powers unveiled the story of “Berserk” manga. The scenes, characters, and plot intertwine so beautifully that it is impossible to stop until reach the end. Once you begin to read the Berserk manga, your mind would definitely divert to which Berserk character are you? You cannot deny it because when we read it we also thought that and which is why prepared the Berserk Test.

The plot entails a group of gallant soldiers united under the “Band of the Hawk”. These young mercenaries are on the mission to kill each demon that is assassinating innocent humans. The characters of Berserk have made many sacrifices in order to save lives and now you have to select smart the Berserk character so that you have in mind what Berserk character are you?

There are numerous courageous characters in Berserk that the brain automatically questions which Berserk character are you most like? Don’t worry, just answer the questions of Berserk Kin Quiz to figure out which Berserk character do you kin!

The Best Characters of Berserk Quiz

Which Berserk Character Are You Most Like

Berserk Characters - Kentaro Miura

There are so many characters in Berserk but we have sorted out some of the best for you so enjoying getting to know them more closely before you answer the Berserk Kin Test.


Guts due to his bravery and fighting skills is known as “Black Swordsman”. His brawny body and muscles depict how powerful he is, whereas, he has a prosthetic hand with which he becomes more capable during the fights. Guts may not be able to see with one eye but never think that this can hinder him during the battles and killing the demons because he literally has eyes all over the area.

Although it is quite visible how strong he is but Gut is always in a constant battle with his inner grief and darkness built since his childhood. His fate always made him suffer and all this made him tough not only from the outside but from the inside as well. But Guts never diverted from his path and with his friends in the “Band of the Hawk” tried to wipe demons from the land.

He is considered the greatest swordsman in history along with the Berserker armor. As soon as he wears the armor, his strength, speed, and physical sturdiness double. Moreover, his “Dragon Slayer” sword is also something worth noticing because it just slices the enemies like fruits!!!


This character has proved that it isn’t necessary that a proficient and robust fighter and leader can only be a man! Casca being a female character turned out to be equally important and vigorous. Although she doesn’t look like a fighter or soldier as belonged to a peasant family but trained herself to the point that she became a significant warrior and joined the “Band of the Falcon”.

Casca also took part in the Hundred-Year War and played a vital role in winning it. However, after the death of warriors in the group and the imprisonment of Griffith, she was the one who united all and became the sole leader. Her leadership skills benefited all and at a point, she met Guts and both formed a unique bond and fell in love.

However, the fact that the land of Berserk hardly lets anyone happy for long and so happened with Casca when she was raped in front of Guts and afterward lost her mental stability. The loss of Guts and other Falcon warriors left her lifeless, losing all her memories other than a few.


Schierke is a very young girl (almost a kid) in Berserk. Her role is of a young witch who is training to become the most powerful one. Schierke aids Guts in his adventures with her magical powers. She is nice and kind-hearted and the one who respects and honors her teacher and mistress “Flora” the most. On the other hand, she is mostly found poking her little elf buddy “Ivalera”. Though both make a good pair but Schierke always makes fun of him.

She can be identified easily in the manga as she is mostly found wearing her witch clothes comprising of a robe and a witch hat, both of purple color. To give a more intense look to the attire she carries a staff rounded at its end. Yes, you are right! Schierke does look really cute in it.

You must be wondering, what are her abilities? Well, she possesses telepathic powers and can communicate with anyone by putting her hair over the person’s head. Moreover, Schierke can sense people around without seeing them. She also has the power to manipulate the four elements of nature. In a nutshell, enemies must be careful when Schierke is around because it is hard to defeat her!


Judeau seems to be in his late teen years and is one of the first warriors that became a part of the “Band of the Falcon”. If we compare Judeau to Guts and other warriors then we might conclude that he is not that skilled but every person has different abilities. The most important thing is that Judeau always tried and diligently fought for survival and freedom.

In the manga, we could also observe that he had strong feelings for Casca, and Judeau was the one who brought Casca as a leader of the Falcons. However, he never got the chance to confess his love. Other than his love life, he was a capable fighter who aimed for distanced targets and threw the knife without missing any shot. Moreover, his knowledge regarding medicines and history was amazing and which is why he always benefitted his clan.

As we said that he was not like Guts but he wasn’t an easy target as well and fought the battles impeccably while saving the lives of many.

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