The Ultimate One Piece Quiz

One Piece Trivia & How well do you know Manga and Anime?

When we are young, our minds get attracted to several things and it is quite obvious that we idealize others (specifically some successful heroes). But how many of us are brave enough to follow our passion and idols whether we are young, adult, or old? However, we know a young lad who has the guts to follow the footsteps of his idol and he is none other than Monkey D. Luffy in the anime “One Piece”!!!

Oh, we see, you are the greatest fan of One Piece but are you as brave as Luffy? Then you must take up our challenge to score 100% on the One Piece Test. So, are you willing to accept the hardest challenge of the year?

How well do you know One Piece anime? Hmm, if you think you need to replenish your memory before answering the One Piece Trivia Quiz then go ahead and enjoy the information about One Piece below…


The Ultimate One Piece Quiz

One Piece - Eiichiro Oda

How much do you know about the One Piece anime plot and its character? Well, you can boost your memory while reading the details ahead. Yes, One Piece is indeed a very long anime consisting of 981 episodes and in it, everyone seems to be running after one thing, known as “One Piece”!

A long long time ago, there lived a famous pirate Gol D. Roger. Due to his successful rule and power, Roger was notorious as the Pirate King. Every person, whether on land or in the sea was either afraid of him or impressed. However, Pirate King’s rule didn’t last long due to his enemies and after few years he was confiscated and decapitated. But but but! His last words declared that he has left all his belongings which included jewels, gold, and other most precious items in a treasure named One Piece.

Twenty-two years after his death, a young boy Monkey D. Luffy wishes to follow the footsteps of his ideal Pirate King and to be famous like him by sailing to the perilous Grand Lines in the sea and owning One Piece. Though he thought things wouldn’t be that difficult but Luffy stepped in, he then got to know that sailing and being a pirate is arduous. He also knows how to fight like Jujutsu Kaisen Quiz characters.

First of all, in order to reach the treasure and Grand Lines, they needed the map and the map was only available in ancient scripts. Secondly, being a teenager and a pirate isn’t a sane choice because pirates are illegal in the waters of the world and the marine forces are always after them. In a nutshell, Luffy had to find a crew for sailing and to successfully reach. He has some amazing crew members who travel along with him and they face the troubles together.

Of course, the One Piece kin quiz has questions related to Luffy’s crew who named themselves the “Straw Hat Pirates”. In the crew, the first person to be on board after Luffy was Roronoa Zoro. Zoro always wished to be known as the best swordsman in the world but was captured by the Marine police but as Luffy saved his life, Zoro agreed to be a part of the crew. He was given the responsibility to save the ship from the threats of enemies.

Then, they meet a spectacular chef Sanji whose sole wish is to visit the All Blue ocean where the most flavorful fishes can be hunt. Sanji joined the crew to track this ocean. Of course, Zoro wasn’t enough for the safety so the character Usopp enters. He is said to be an impeccable shooter and to be specific, he is the best sniper that anyone can find. Moving ahead, the crew finds Nami, a navigator whose nautical skills are matchless but she has been looking for a chance to draw the map of the world but due to lack of resources, she couldn’t. Now, being in the crew of Luffy she availed the best chance.

As the story continues, new people become a part of the Straw Hats Pirates like Chopper who was a capable doctor and saved the crew members from a deadly infection. Moreover, Nico Robin, the archaeologist dreamt to note the adventures and trace the historical components, Franky the shipwright was eager to be a part of the crew as well. Last but not the least, Brook the musician just wanted a new life away from the hassle and wanted to enjoy and live an adventurous life to energize his soul. These are all the crew members of Luffy’s ship and each one played a major role in the story.


Since you are a One Piece fan, do you know which One Piece character are you most like? If not then get to know the characters closely and think whom do you resemble???

Monkey D. Luffy

Luffy is considered one of the most favorite heroes of all. Some of the reasons include his childish behavior and the mistakes that he makes without even realizing it. However, he is a gallant young man who never backs off from his decisions and values his friends more than anything. Luffy’s special ability is the extreme flexibility of his body.


Nami is obsessed with navigational studies and is quite intelligent as well. She aspires to make the map of the world so that she becomes rich and can have all the luxuries in the world, but after spending the time on board, her thoughts about life changed completely.

Vinsumōku Sanji

Sanji is known as the cook on the ship who wishes to fish in a mythical ocean but the story of his past is quite interesting as he is the heir to the Germa Kingdom. But Sanji left all the money and throne in order to follow his passion. Moreover, he is brave, chivalrous, and good-looking as well.


Hope that you are all ready to face our challenge of the One Piece Kin Test! All the best…