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Welcome to WeebQuiz.com. We are an entertainment website based on anime quizzes. Weeb Quiz contains different anime & manga quizzes and tests in different fields and niches. We try to entertain our users while helping them to learn latest news and trends in the anime world.

Currently, the anime quizzes on the website include two main types; Anime Quizzes and Anime Personality Tests. There are also latest anime news and other quiz types will be added in the future.



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We will never ask you to pay, our quizzes and tests are going to be free.

Anime Characters & Latest Anime News

Before taking our quizzes, you will get a wide range of information about the anime topic and characters.

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We are not only a quiz&test website, we are also sharing high quality and on-point articles about the latest anime and manga.

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We will giveaway some freebies to the winners, this feature will be added soon.