Naruto Manga Character Quiz – Which Naruto Manga Character Are You?

Which Naruto Manga Character Are You Quiz

Are you reading Naruto manga? Hey, your experience can’t touch perfection until you find out which Naruto Manga Character are you! Before reading the manga any further, take the Ultimate Naruto Manga Character Quiz – 2022 Update.


The shounen series of Naruto manga is epic and if you really are a manga reader then you must at least check it out once. You might resist this one because it is a 72-volume series, but who cares! Once you would read Naruto manga, you’ll forget everything. The best thing about this manga series is that no matter how long it is, Naruto doesn’t have any filling material or content. This is where the manga wins over all others. Now you know why it has managed to make this sum of production and reached the top rating charts!

Naruto Manga Character Quiz

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Which Naruto Manga Character Are You

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Itachi is worth all the love and anticipation for his character in the story. We know, that every reader of Naruto manga detested him for every reason. Of course, we all hated him as he wiped Uchiha clan by killing all who belonged to it. Itachi must have had the hardest time killing all men from the clan but just think, what else could he do? Nevertheless, he couldn’t harm his brother for any reason. As expected, Itachi turns out to be wanted in Konoha and every man wished to kill this demon. But, Itachi never trailed off from his way and remained the one who sacrificed himself.

You are selfless and do not care about what happens to you. The best thing is that you have the courage to stand and fight. Not everyone holds this power!


Itachi - Naruto


Only the luckiest students in the world have teachers like Kakashi. He is rather like the best buddy to his students than a teacher. This man is always there to support whomever he cares about and can fight to every extent. Kakashi’s own life has never done justice to him but still, he cares for the life of others. Don’t you feel that Kakashi is a sin and bless both at the same time? His character has been interestingly crafted and his past has shaped him the way he is. The death of Kakashi’s parents and his strong motive of getting justice are enough to make him realize how difficult it is to survive.

According to the Naruto Manga Character Trivia, you have a big heart like Kakashi. You happily guide those who wish to find the right path. You are interested in living a simple yet exciting life. Most people feel good to be around you and that’s a good thing if you realize it.


Kakashi - Naruto


Over time, we have seen Naruto growing in the manga. His life has never been easy but of course, he is the hero and has to face challenges! Some of the readers often claim that Naruto isn’t the best hero in the manga industry. This may be right or not, but still, Naruto has definitely imparted key elements to readers of every age. The changes in his personality pulled off many naïve layers of Naruto and he often felt very relatable. Naruto has flaws and is filled with the light of optimism, hence this dichotomy makes him the main character in the manga. All Naruto wishes for is to make sure his dreams aren’t scrapped and he achieves everything he ever imagined.

You are a lucky person who has many traits which every person in the world would be envious of. Just make sure you make the most out of it and are able to deal with every obstacle that comes to you. There’s a long way ahead so make sure you are prepared for it rather than getting hit wrongly by it.


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What one do you think can describe Sasuke immaculately? For us, it is “Woah!” The boy who used to be so close to Naruto turned out to be his worst villain. It was never expected that he would betray everyone that ever did well to him. Sasuke really became an antagonist we all never loved but, it was definitely important for the story. We all could perceive how arduous it was for Naruto to kill or even fight Sasuke. Most readers anticipated this twist but of course, we missed Sasuke’s sweet and sour attitude and chemistry with all. His powers made him ostentatious and he thought everything would run under his fingers.

Now, you don’t have to be curious about which Naruto Manga Character are you most like. It’s Sasuke! We aren’t blaming you are bad or raw to anyone. It is just that you must realize who are your friends and who are foes. Don’t let the good things in life stray because of unnecessary prickles.


Sasuke - Naruto


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Readers don’t go through words only, they feel their presence somewhere around the characters. Reading manga is like watching everything with your own eyes. Here the question arises, which Naruto Manga Character do you kin? We bet no one else can tell that to you except for Naruto Manga Character Kin Quiz.


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