Sweet Home Quiz – Which Sweet Home Character Are You?

Which Sweet Home Character Are You Quiz

After watching Sweet Home you should think that how’d you react in times like these. So, answer the Sweet Home Quiz and get to know which Sweet Home character are you.


The plot of Sweet Home was one of the most awaited ones in the series. The reason is that it was initially a webtoon. Since the ones who already read it in the graphical novel knew the story, so the only thing that was left in this series was how would it be picturized. However, the majority of the viewers are satisfied and astonished about the fact that how well things have been executed. 140 chapters of the novel have been summarized in 10 episodes only.

Sweet Home Quiz

Sweet Home - Netflix

The story of Sweet Home begins with a poor boy Cha Hyun-soo who is left alone in this world. He has lost his whole family in an accident and now, Cha Hyun-soo has no wish to be alive. This leads him towards suicidal thoughts which are stretched as he goes into a new apartment. The day and the moment when Cha Hyun-soo finally thinks he would end his life, his doorbell rings. It is someone out there who is asking him for food but in a few seconds that human turns into a monster. Cha Hyun-soo thinks that he’s hallucinating.

After a while, he gets to know that the entire Korea is under attack and if he would step out then he’ll die. The boy who wanted to die suddenly begins to save himself and others. Cha Hyun-soo gathers around with other survivors like Ji soo, and others. It won’t be easy to stop the monsters and neither can help be expected soon. So, how do you think things would end???


Hop on and check which are the best characters in Sweet Home! Keep scrolling down…

Which Sweet Home Character Are You

Sweet Home Characters - Netflix

Cha Hyun-soo

We know that most of the scenes are loaded with blood and corpses but still, Cha Hyun-soo’s character adds some fun to it. He was desperate to end his own life but then defends it in every way. We all felt that a hero lives in this young high school boy. Cha Hyun-soo gallantly faces all monsters and makes sure that no one doubts him. We appreciate Cha Hyun-soo when he tries to save all at the cost of his life.

Similar to Cha Hyun-soo, you are hardworking and likable. But, at times you go astray and act without thinking. Your anger and anxiousness end you up with wrong decisions.

Cha Hyun-soo

Cha Hyun-soo - Sweet Home

Pyeon Sang-wook

Pyeon Sang-wook is a gangster in the story who is hardcore and doesn’t care what he does to whom. But, all this is what has been painted in the initial scenes. Soon we all realize that Pyeon Sang-wook isn’t that bad. He lives his life on his own rules and living among heartless people hasn’t really affected him. Pyeon Sang-wook has some good left in him (we won’t give many spoilers!)

People think that you are strict, stern, and all-time angry. But, they only see one side of yours because this isn’t true at all. Your life is full of bad experiences and if you let out some anger then people just associate it with everything.

Pyeon Sang-wook

Pyeon Sang-wook - Sweet Home

Seo Yi-kyung

Seo Yi-kyung’s character is pretty interesting because she isn’t there in the webtoon. Her life has been always exciting and this is because she has been in the special forces and learned a lot in all those years. It is hard to win from her in a fight as Seo Yi-kyung is a martial arts champion and easily defeats all. We feel quite bad for her as she is suffering from intense pain. Her fiancée left her when they both were to get married in two days. Now, she doesn’t trust anyone!

Why do people expect good from you when they don’t do anything well for you? It is saddening but a fact that you have been ditched many times. Now, you can’t afford to live with a broken heart and so don’t let anyone come close.

Seo Yi-kyung

Seo Yi-kyung - Sweet Home

Lee Eun-hyuk

Though our hero helps a lot in saving people in the building but Lee Eun-hyuk plays a vital role as well. He is never out of ideas and neither is he pessimistic. This is the reason why everyone obeys whatever Lee Eun-hyuk says. Even in the worst time, Lee Eun-hyuk is irritably relaxed and never lets anything get over his rational thinking. We believe that only because of his thoughtfulness all managed to survive for so long.

You are intelligent, sharp, and clever. It is a great thing that you do not let your emotional side take over your brain. People might think that you are a heartless robot but that doesn’t matter until you are satisfied with yourself.

Lee Eun-hyuk

Lee Eun-hyuk - Sweet Home


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What if monsters ring your bell? How would you defend yourself? It can’t be done alone so find out which Sweet Home character do you kin. This way, you will know who will help out in the worst time and what kind of friend you need. All you have to do is take the Sweet Home Kin Quiz.


Go on and enter the Sweet Home Trivia to see which Sweet Home character are you most like. It’s going to be scary, exciting, thrilling, and enjoyable! Make sure you are buckled up for all this.