Goblin Quiz – Which Goblin Character Are You?

Which Goblin Character Are You Quiz

Hey, Goblin fan! Check out which character are you in Goblin with the ultimate and viral-going Goblin Quiz. Fate would reveal who are from the past Goryeo Dynasty!


There is no doubt that the K drama Goblin has been one of the most popular in history. Each episode grossed millions of views and the credit goes to its over the board fantasy-based story. The tale starts from the Goryeo Dynasty period. Kim Shin, a celebrated soldier is there in the modern world as well and has reached a life of over 900 years and isn’t aging. During this time, Kim has evolved and modernized but he wishes to leave this world and rest in peace. This is only possible when Kim dies but he can’t until he gets married to his goblin bride; only then the curse would be lifted.

Goblin - Netflix

Goblin - Netflix

After all these years, Kim (Goblin) finally meets Ji Eun-tak who is her goblin bride. Both protagonists are completely opposite from each other in terms of personality. Kim is isolated and introverted while Ji Eun-tak is cheerful and bubbly. Their past and present walk side by side as the story is remembered by Kim while Ji Eun-tak is unaware that they both were alive in the past and were lovers. However, we also get to see that Ji Eun-tak can see ghosts and has no idea why she has this power (this is linked to her past as well). As soon as both get married, Kim now wishes to stay with his wife as he has fallen in love but destiny continues to play games.


Hit the 4 main characters in Goblin without whom the story would not have been complete!

Which Goblin Character Are You

Goblin Characters - Netflix

Goblin / Kim Shin

Kim is a poor soul who tells us that immortality isn’t always what a human should ask for. He has been living in this world for more than 900 years and not aging at all. Kim used to be the general of an entire army during the Goryeo Dynasty. He had sources to the king but one move by some clever evils turned his life and he was killed then by the soldiers. However, Kim didn’t die and was given immortality by God. He now needs a bride who would love him truly and only then he can die.

We can see that there are many tornadoes building in you. It is evident that you don’t show it to all and remain isolated. You are just interested in your own work and don’t care what goes around.

Goblin/Kim Shin

Goblin/Kim Shin - Goblin

Ji Eun-tak

Ji Eun-tak is an ideal character who can be observed transitioning throughout history. She is the one who we all admire because regardless of what she has seen in life, Ji Eun-tak isn’t pessimistic. Her mother was pregnant and saved by Goblin and this gave Ji Eun-tak the power to see ghosts. She and her mother were never meant to live but Goblin saved them. Ji Eun-tak’s mother died after nine years of her birth and the Grim Reaper is now in search of her. She is the goblin’s bride but after falling for Kim, can she kill him?

No matter what problems reach your life, you never give up! You know, this quality is found in very few people so make sure you never let this quality go.

Ji Eun-tak

Ji Eun-tak - Goblin

Grim Reaper / Wang Yeo

Who’d say that Wang Yeo is the “Angel of Death?” He seems so innocent and is quite handsome. Wang lives with Kim and guides souls to eternity. Taking someone’s life is the hardest job in the world but Wand has to do this because karma punishes whoever does badly with others. Wang remembers nothing about what he did in the past but in actuality. He took the life of all the people who were loyal to him and didn’t even leave his wife and murdered her. No, he has to face the worst but maybe, Sunny can help him out!

You have made some mistakes in the past but now, you wish to repent. Making effort for doing the right thing is commendable. So, never lose hope!

Grim Reaper/Wang Yeo

Grim Reaper/Wang Yeo - Goblin

Sunny / Kim Sun

What Goblin character are you? We think that you are more like Sunny! Fate of Sunny links her with the queen Kim Sun who was the younger sister of Kim Shin. Being the sister of a general and a queen she had great authority and a pure heart. Kim Sun never let anyone do bad for her but she was brutally killed by her own husband because she did what was right! Kim Sun only tried to guide the Kind Wang towards the right thing but it was of no cause. Now, the Grim Reaper and Sunny are again falling in love with each other without remembering what happened in the past.

People often manipulate you and are grim to you for no reason. Don’t worry and don’t reciprocate their negativity because one day, they would get caught in the hands of karma.

Sunny/Kim Sun

Sunny/Kim Sun - Goblin


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It’s time that you peek into the past history and future and see which Goblin character are you. It would all be intriguing so check out the Goblin Trivia and keep your fingers crossed to have your favorite character in the result.