Wings of Fire Quiz – Which WOF Dragon Are You?

WOF Dragon Quiz & What Wings of Fire Character Are You?

Who says children stories aren’t fun? If don’t believe then why don’t you read the Wings of Fire novel series! It is a blend of mystery, horror, fantasy, and fiction. The story written by Tui T. Sutherland takes place in the land of Pyrrhia. It outstandingly brings the world of dragons to life and not only children but adults also enjoy the plot twists. Though some believe that it covers a few horrific incidents taking place in the world of dragons, but children must know about the harsh realities of life. The story of Wings of Fire depicts that if only a handful of people try to stand against the unlawfulness then they can bring the change alone as well.

Wings of Fire contains seven dragon tribes; each one having its own attributes, power, and rank in their world. On the other hand, some dragons belonging to these tribes are being nurtured as heroes and their struggle has lit up a special light in the hearts of its reader. This is the reason why everybody has been waiting for the Wings of Fire Quiz so eagerly. Hahaha! Relax, now the wait is over and you can check out which Wings of Fire dragon are you most like pretty easily. All you need to do is answer some questions of the Wings of Fire Test and you would see what Wings of Fire dragon are you! Isn’t it exciting???

Oh, we can see that you have a few questions in mind! We are here to help you in every way so keep scrolling down to spend some fun time in the dangerous world of Wings of Fire.


Wings of Fire Quiz
Wings of Fire - Tui T. Sutherland

Everything sets in the land of Pyrrhia of WOF where dragons reign and rule. They have their own way of living and being gigantic, possessing incredible powers, and being of various types had lifted some grave problems in the past. On the basis of colors, races, and abilities the dragons formed tribes namely IceWings, SandWings, NightWings, MudWings, SeaWings, RainWings, and SkyWings (portraying the humane attitude towards each other). Do you think that after that they had peace in their lives? No, the tribes began fighting in order to become the supreme power and it has taken many lives.

Remember, where there is darkness then there is always a ray of hope as well. In WOF, the ray of light are 5 powerful dragons Tsunami, Glory, Starflight, Sunny, and Clay. These dragons are eager to bring peace to the world with the help of training they have been receiving since childhood.


Of course, you must know which dragon and dragon tribe in the Wings of Fire series do you kin because only that would unveil your hidden special powers. You can help your tribe in many ways but first, answer the Wings of Fire Kin Quiz to know about your kin.


Numerous dragons in the story inspire us but let’s pick the best ones…

Which WOF Dragon Are You?
WOF Dragons - Tui T. Sutherland


Sunny belongs to the MudWings tribe. She is the sweetest dragon you’d find in the series and her cool attitude attracts everyone towards her. Sunny is muddy brown and yellow in color while her scales allow her to be resistant to fire. Plus, it is possible for the dragons of this tribe to breathe fire but the weather must be hot and warm for that.

Don’t only go over her joyous attitude because Sunny can easily bring any dragon down with her brawny body. She is huge and at the first glance, everybody gets scared of her. But, Sunny wins everyone’s heart with her powers and sweet nature.


Glory is a female dragon and is similar in appearance to her tribal dragons. She belongs to the Rainwings tribe so her vibrant blue scales with bright orange wings increase her beauty. It is said that the dragons of this tribe are the strongest among all. Their prehensile tails and venom-spitting fangs are enough to scare off their enemies.

It must be noticed how well Glory utilizes her powers, not for war but for seeking peace with her friends. Glory is influential in the story though she is a little cranky at times but her intelligence and wisdom cover all her weaknesses. She is always willing to help others as much as possible and her ability to camouflage aids her in this. It can create a huge Dragon Ball that could destroy a town.


Clay is the famous “Fire-breeding Dragon”. He is humongous and literally covers the whole sky with his massive wings while flying. His orange and red scales with yellow wings make him look perilous but honestly speaking, he is empathetic and loving. He isn’t dangerous until you harm his loved ones.

The training given to him for years has raised the bar for him and he has been elevated as a leader of the group. His most amazing ability is fire breath and heat proof. It doesn’t matter from where flames cover him, nothing hurts and in the meanwhile, he squirts fire from his mouth and burns his enemies.


Tsunami is a SeaWings dragon and holds an eminent position in WOF as she is a princess of her kingdom. She doesn’t feel like one because she has zero attitude issues. However, Tsumani like her name is extremely hyperactive and tries to do everything quickly and hastily. Consequently causing some problems from her side and showing off her weaknesses.

Being from the SeaWings gives her the advantage under the sea and she can swim and breathe underwater like marine animals. Though they can’t breathe fire but still, they are considered powerful during fights.


Whether you are curious to recognize your dragon persona or you’re brave enough to find which Wings of Fire dragon would date you. The Wings of Fire Trivia is the only one that can tell you the answer to every question. So hop on ASAP…