Dragon Ball Z Quiz – Which Dragon Ball Z Character Are You?

What Dragon Ball Character Am I Quiz

Who in the world wouldn’t know the famous anime character of Goku and the Z Warriors? Maybe a few geeks! Honestly, there is no hero in the world of anime who can compete with Goku because he has everything that a world-saving hero must have. Whether we discuss his appearance, powers, traits, or skills; he wins her heart in every area. The question is how well do you know Goku and other characters of Dragon Ball Z? Now you are thinking that why are we asking this question from you…

Hmm, the reason is quite simple. Since Dragon Ball Z is such a big hit so you must know which Dragon Ball Z character are you! In order to find the answer to this simple question, you must roll into the awesome Dragon Ball Z Quiz. Are you ready for the Dragon Ball Z Trivia Quiz or do you need a little flashback?


We’ll just take you back to where the Dragon Ball Z started. Every story needs a villain that is crazy and powerful enough and a hero who can fight back to save everyone. In Dragon Ball Z, Goku can be seen living a normal life but when finds out by his brother Raditz that he isn’t a normal human but from some other planet, he couldn’t fathom. He was forced to take over the earth in order to save his son Gohan but he eventually defeated and killed his own brother Raditz to save his son and the earth.

The things don’t end here but Raditz warns him that his murder would bring more catastrophes as the Saiyans mightiest creature wouldn’t let him live. As he predicted, Nappa and Vegeta came after almost a year and were much more powerful than Raditz. They even killed Goku’s friends but in the end, the one who works for justice and well-being always wins. Eventually, Goku won as similar to Lelouch in the Code Geass.


There are many characters in Dragon Ball Z and many of them have impressive powers. Don’t haste in making the decision of which Dragon Ball Z character do you kin and wait until the Dragon Ball Z Test confirms.

Which Dragon Ball Z Character Are You?
Dragon Ball Z - Bandai Namco

Son Goku

Who doesn’t wish to be Goku in the Dragon Ball Z Kin quiz because he is incredible? He is one of the main characters in the story as he has some amazing powers. Even when he was just a kid 5 years in age, he used some shockingly perfect abilities like Rock, Scissors 'N' Paper involving punches and kicks. Afterward, he brought great changes in himself by training day and night to be the strongest person. His powers like Instant Transmission, Kamehameha, Kaio-ken, Ultra Instinct, Dragon Fist, Evil Containment Wave, Spirit Bomb, and others. So, even the strongest ones couldn’t match his abilities.

Not only because of powers but Goku is famous for his impeccable style and looks. He wears traditional gi which highlights his muscles and brawny body. Many girls around him mostly wished to get closed to him but our hero is a bit shy. Goku always showed mercy towards his enemies and believed that time changes everyone even the evil.


Bulma is one of the female characters who always shined in the series brightly and their presence never let us feel bored. She not only provided us all some fun with her attributes and bubbly attitude. Her looks became an inspiration for the female fans of Dragon Ball Z. Bulma’s hair has through many changes with colors like purple, blue, and turquoise. She always took pride in her beauty and could be seen using it as a weapon as well.

Basically, Bulma has a great interest in science and technology. She has her own lab and works on various experiments. She has also made Blutz Wave Generator, Time Machine, and other gadgets. She is creative and intellectual also helps her friends to succeed in various ways. Goku considers Bulma a good friend and always cares for her while she feels the same.


It is necessary to add Piccolo to our heroes list because the one who fights with the negativity inside is the greatest hero! Piccolo was initially the villain of the story and even tried to kill Goku. He is the last prince from the Namekian kingdom and so wanted to reign the world but he end up being with him and entered the Dragon Ball Z team. Piccolo though seems like an aggressive and egoistic green monster but you are absolutely wrong.

Piccolo altered himself completely and his heartfelt the emotions he never did. When he began training Gohan, he began to feel like a friend and a father figure to him. His powers are quite explicit as he possesses Flight, Godly Ki, Demon’s Hand, Regeneration, Flight, Ki Blast, Dust Attack, Makosen, Cloning, Eye Flash, Illusion, Telekinesis, Demon Rend, etc.

Son Gohan

Gohan is Goku’s son and eventually an influential character in the story. He is as powerful as his father and so attracts many people around. He is nice and empathetic like his father but when he battles with the enemies then turns into a might combatant who has endless powers. For instance, Energy Aura, Mouth Wave Energy, Masendan, Wild Rush Blaster, Explosive Madan, Kamehameha, Twin Dragon Shot, Menacing Flare, EX Dragon Fist, Z Sword Slash, and others add intensity to his characters.

He has always been interesting to watch as his moves, intelligence, conscience, and capabilities made others realize that he could take the place of his father. This consequently happened when Goku died and Gohan became the mightiest on the earth.


The wait is over and the Dragon Ball Z Kin Test is here for you to find out what Dragon Ball Z character are you? Come on, brace yourself