KOTLC Ability Quiz – Which Keeper Of The Lost Cities Character Are You?

Which Keeper Of The Lost Cities Character Are You Quiz

We all crave magic and sorcery! And we know exactly how much you are in love with the series Keeper of the Lost Cities. Since you want to find out which KotLC character are you then join us in the Best Keeper of the Lost Cities Quiz. We can guarantee that the result of our Keeper of the Lost Cities Personality Quiz would excite you and your friends with its accuracy. So are you ready?

The Harry Potter series is undoubtedly the mark of the century but how can anyone forget Keeper of the Lost Cities! Its characters, settings, magic, and the epic fantasy world is something that leaves the viewers and readers shell shocked and their sole desire turns out to be in the Lost Cities. When you’ll enter the Keeper of the Lost Cities - KotLC Ability Quiz you would feel like you are really in the "Lost Cities." But prior you check out the quiz, why don’t you have a closer look at the plot and characters of Keeper of the Lost Cities…


No guesses that the credit for Keeper of the Lost Cities’ success goes to Shannon Messenger. His brain has definitely crafted a masterpiece that gives glimpses into the magic of Harry Potter, the mystery of Lord of the Rings, and the magnificent settings of Alice in the Wonderland. Everyone is inspired by the story of Keeper of the Lost Cities and its characters.

KoTLC Ability Quiz
Keeper Of The Lost Cities By Shannon Messenger

Most of the story revolves around the adventures of the main character Sophie Foster who apparently seems like a normal teen like everyone else but her abilities make her special and a target for the wicked powers. Sophie lives with her parents and is living her routine life until she crosses the path with Fitz. In an instant, she knows what he’s here for. In Fitz’s mind, Sophie sights that she isn’t a girl from Earth and has to leave everything and move to the land of elves or else everyone around would have to face the consequences. Sophie, in the Lost Cities, begins to live with a new family and is adopted. Her new life isn’t very bountiful as the Lost Cities is on the verge of destruction and all the elves are under the blades. It’s up to the Keeper of the Lost Cities (Sophie) and the ones who side her.


Which Keeper of the Lost Cities character are you most like? If you have never observed a resemblance between you and them then figure all this out with the quiz.

Which Keeper Of The Lost Cities Character Are You
KoTLC By Shannon Messenger

Sophie Elizabeth Foster

Sophie is a young, determined, creative, and introverted girl who can’t see anyone in pain. In the contrast, the rebel elves have made the life of the little girl Sophie miserable. Her childhood is now surrounded by problems and she has to be vigilant enough to guard everyone. But, even the most merciless villains are feared to combat Sophie because of her marvelous powers as an Inflictor, Teleporter, Photographic image memory, Levitation, Darkness vision, Telepathy, Enhancer, and Polyglot. With her powers and the support of friends, it is hard to break the shield created by Sophie. She may be shy but you can’t take her down.

Sophie Elizabeth Foster
Sophie Elizabeth Foster - KoTLC

Biana Amberly Vacker

Biana is the sister of Fitz and a bright member of the Vacker family. She is renowned in the land because of her special ability of vanishing. She is legitimately called a Vanisher and her powers are matchless. However, Biana has zero pride in herself and is always ready to help all and ends up ditched because she trusts everyone easily. But, Biana is the one whom you can count on in every matter and she’d never deny help. She never steps back and is immensely courageous.

Biana Amberly Vacker
Biana Amberly Vacker - KoTLC

Fitzroy Avery Vacker

Fitz, the boy with brown hair is known as the golden boy; ever thought why? He’s famous all around the elf world as he is said to be gifted. He is very young for the powers and abilities that he has learned. It is said that Fitz’s competence is a fruit of his Vacker bloodline. He was the one who brought Sophie to the Lost Cities and never let her hand go. Fitz considers it his responsibility to guide her in the new world. Sophie also admires Fitz’s superpowers including Invisibility, Telepathy, and Levitation but there is no doubt that Sophie wins the race of powers.

Fitzroy Avery Vacker
Fitzroy Avery Vacker - KoTLC

Dexter Alvin Dizznee

Dex is a really cute boy and best friend of Sophie. He was a lonely and timid boy at first but after the arrival of Sophie, we all perceived great changes in his character. He began taking more interest in everything and became eager to remove all kinds of obstacles from her path. Dex then flaunted his abilities like Technopathy, Alchemy, Levitation, gadget making, etc. It had been disheartening to watch everyone bulling him for his low family background but Sophie made him realize his true worth.

Dexter Alvin Dizznee
Dexter Alvin Dizznee - KoTLC


Your intentions are very visible! Aren’t you flattered by the characters of Keeper of the Lost Cities? Go on, answer the KotLC Test and check out which Keeper of the Lost Cities character would date you? It’s going to be a whole lot of fun.

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