My Dress-Up Darling Quiz – Which My Dress Up Darling Character Are You?

What MDUD Character Am I Quiz? & My Dress Up Darling Test

Hey, do you like to dress up OR like to dress others? Well, we are asking you this question because you are about to jump into the My Dress-Up Darling Quiz that would let you find out which My Dress-Up Darling character are you? It would definitely be fun and exciting as you’d know which My Dress-Up Darling character are you most like. The My Dress-Up Darling Trivia question would dig into your personality to generate the result.

All anime fans were more than what we can term “Excited” as My Dress-Up Darling anime was one of the most awaited ones. Similarly, everyone was desperate for the My Dress-Up Darling Test for long but not anymore because finding out which My Dress-Up Darling character do you kin is just a START button away…


The plot of My Dress-Up Darling is driven by passion and determination towards the goal. The two major characters: Wakana Gojo and Marin Kitagawa are mostly leading the story. Both have different personalities and ideologies but one thing is in common- their love for dressing up and cosplay. Marin is a beautiful and charismatic girl who is famous in high school. On the other hand, Wakana is a shy and introverted boy.

However, things take a sharp turn when one day Wakana was styling a Hina doll and Marin caught a glance. She was mesmerized by her skills and asks him to style clothes for her favorite video game character as a cosplay. When Marin realized the true talent hidden inside Wakana, she compels him to step into the world of cosplay. It wasn’t facile because cosplay is all about competition, creativity, and innovation. The plot then hit new limits of success with its storyline. So, what are you waiting for? Take MDUD Quiz now!

Which My Dress Up Darling Character Are You?
My Dress-Up Darling - Square Enix


Umm, have you ever counted how many characters are there in My Dress-Up Darling anime? Indeed this would be difficult and this is why we have made a list of the most famous characters in My Dress-Up Darling. Make sure you read about them before answering the quiz.

Wakana Gojou

Wakana loves to style dolls and because of this hobby of fashion dolls have made him a mocking material. Being a boy, his love for dolls and playing with them parted Wakana from kids of his age. Since childhood, he became isolated from people as nobody needed him around and he was sort of invisible to almost everyone. His shyness became a permanent part of his personality.

If we are to assess his looks, Wakana is always simply wearing a Samue, while at high school, he is seen in check pants and a white plain shirt. Wakana’s boring life geared up when he started collaborating with Martin. He never knew how to communicate with other people or how to make friends. Martin was the one who taught him all these things. Gradually, Wakana evolved as more confident and was capable enough to stand and speak for himself. His skills got known to the world and people started to know and like him. This made Wakana happier and a bit more sociable. And actually, we got a bit of Tokyo Ghoul feeling from him.

Sajuna Inui

Sajuna is Shinju’s sister; both have a few similarities but many differences. Both have the same hair color and features but the body size varies. Moreover, she likes to be buttered and tries to keep everyone under her. One more reason for her pride in her name "Juju-san" in the world of cosplaying.

She is a famous cosplayer and with all honesty, we must say that half of the credit goes to Shinju’s amazing photography. No matter what the reason is but Sajuna always gives all the credit to herself and generates terms with Wakana and Marin to elevate her fame.

Marin Kitagawa

Have you seen any girl who lives in a world of anime? They are always finding the anime characters in the real world and even compares the two disparate worlds. Marin is somewhat like that, a pure Otaku! She hardly ever thinks before doing anything. Marin loves a video game character and first asked Wakana for the cosplay of that character in return for a fee. Looking like that character, Marin was happier than anyone else in the world.

Then on, Marin and Wakana worked together and everything that he designed looked fabulous on her. Well, her slim and petite body, ruby eyes, long hair, and innocent face complemented everything that she wore. Likewise, Marin’s character is also loved because she is always moving around; radiating her energy and positivity (eventually falling because of her clumsiness). She is notorious in high school for her beauty and style but isn’t proud or egoistic at all, instead, she is friendly and caring. There can hardly be anyone who wouldn’t like Marin’s character.

Shinju Inui

Another cosplayer on our list! Shinju is a very different character. She doesn’t come openly, Shinju has so much inside her that is yet to be explored. She hides herself because isn’t willing to get the spotlight. Shinju is a girl who has thousands of thoughts inside her head but hardly even says a few words. She is in junior high school and has an older sister named Sajuna Inui. Though Shinju is younger but her body and physique show the opposite and she seems quite older than her age. This thing hinders her success and decreases her self-confidence.

One more thing that makes her different from others is her interest in being a male cosplay. Shinju couldn’t do this because of her voluptuous figure. Unfortunately, she couldn’t gain the confidence to speak to everyone that she wants to be a cosplay because she thinks that she isn’t pretty (the complete opposite of reality).


Not only can you know about your character in the anime but finding out which My Dress-Up Darling character would date you is also possible with the My Dress-Up Darling Kin Quiz. Hurry up…