March Comes In Like A Lion Quiz – Which MCILAL Character Are You?

Which March Comes In Like A Lion Character Are You Quiz

“Don’t judge a book by its cover!” these sets of words fit very well on the life of Rei Kiriyama in the MCILAL anime. If you also feel to be around him then answer the updated March Comes In Like A Lion Quiz to check which March Comes In Like A Lion character are you?

March Comes In Like A Lion Quiz
March Comes In Like A Lion - Aniplex of America


We don’t think there would be anyone who watches the award-winning seinen March Comes In Like A Lion and doesn’t feel the depth of serious issues like what loneliness and depression really are. This anime has won many awards and the reason that lies behind the success of March Comes In Like A Lion is that it has touched the topics that were never considered important.

The story of March Comes In Like A Lion is mostly around the protagonist Rei Kiriyama and we have a deeper look into his life. We cannot deter the fact how Rei is still living because it is quite impossible for a human to survive when the whole world seems against it. What Rei has been through is something that brings tears to eyes. First, he lost his whole family in an accident when he was just a kid. Then, Rei has to live with a foster family of his friend’s father- the Kawamoto family. The setting of the river and scenic spots are beautiful but Rei’s heart can’t appreciate any of these and the reason is his isolated heart.

Although he lives with the Kawamoto family but still, he knows that somewhere and somehow he is disturbing the family, ruining their privacy. As soon as Rei reaches his seventeenth year, he leaves the Kawamoto house and begins to live alone. The only this he has in order to stay linked with the world and have people close to him is shogi. He plays shogi to make the world realize that he is a human as well who is treated by people in such a way that he is a misfit!

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There are numerous characters in March Comes In Like A Lion but let’s search for the best characters in MCILAL.

Which MCILAL Character Are You
March Comes In Like A Lion Characters - Aniplex of America

Rei Kiriyama

Rei forgot his childhood very early because the poor boy had no one by his side as neither his parents nor were there any siblings to support him. He just opted for the sport of shogi because he wanted one link to the world. What lies in his heart is unknown to everyone and this is because Rei can be seen gradually slipping into depression. However, there is only one thing that is keeping him alive and that is shogi. You also have lost your hope in this world and do not wish to blend in. But, there is so much you need to see and experience so stay positive!

Rei Kiriyama
Rei Kiriyama - March Comes In Like A Lion

Akari Kawamoto

Optimistic and naïve girls like Akari are needed in this world because she is one of the sweetest people we have ever met! Can you take your eyes off Akari when she helps her grandpa in the confectionery shop and then gets along with her aunt in Misaki! She is hardworking and caring and because of Akari, her two little sisters could survive. She never lets her family scatter and eventually accepted Rei in it. We can see that your heart is pure and you never think negatively of anyone.

Akari Kawamoto
Akari Kawamoto - March Comes In Like A Lion

Hinata Kawamoto

Which March Comes In Like A Lion character are you most like? We think you are more like Hinata. She has been an important character in the story and this is because she is the perfect match for Rei. Hinata is inspired by Akari because she knows how sacrificing and obedient she is. No one can beat her love for her family and this is why we all are attracted to Hinata as well. With beauty, this girl has brains as well! You are an ideal human as well who has been good in academics, lively, and caring.

Hinata Kawamoto
Hinata Kawamoto - March Comes In Like A Lion


Shimada is a shogi player who is passion driven and does everything to win the game. He is also a competitor of Rei. Not to worry, Rei and Shimada have a healthy fight and we can observe their heated relationship as well. It is always fun to get them both together with their pun and jokes. However, never think Shimada would ever go back on his stance on shogi and this is why he advises Rei for a possible better future. With his smart looks and popularity, we know the reaching days would be bright. You are also a hardworking person and no one can beat you until you possess this quality. We are confident in your skills so you must also work with more diligence than ever!

Shimada - March Comes In Like A Lion


How delightful it would be to have someone beside with whom every sorrow and joy could be shared! Maybe that “someone” is in this anime. Take the March Comes In Like A Lion Test and search for love in it.


If you are already committed to someone or don’t want to be in a relationship then at least find out which March Comes In Like A Lion character do you kin? Do you know how this would happen, all you have to do is enter the March Comes In Like A Lion Kin Quiz and it would reveal your friend and confidant’s name.


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