My Home Hero Quiz – Which My Home Hero Character Are You?

Which My Home Hero Character Are You Quiz

When it’s about saving the lives of loved ones, no risk seems perilous. This is somewhat the story of My Home Hero is about. While reading its manga everyone goes crazy thinking which character am I in My Home Hero? If you are stuck over this one question then ask it from the Ultimate My Home Hero Quiz!

My Home Hero Quiz
My Home Hero - Kodansha


My Home Hero is a very different manga from what we have read up till now. It is not a love story of a young couple or something, but more serious and eye-opening. The happy family of Tetsuo Tosu lives in Japan with a simple lifestyle like many others. Tetsuo Tosu works as a salaryman and his family is contented with whatever they get to have from his ordinary wage. But, the tides turn their way when Reika (Tetsuo’s daughter) shares the recent incident with her parents. She was being physically assaulted by her boyfriend named Nobuto Matori. No matter how peace-loving Tetsuo has been all his life but couldn’t stand anything that harmed his daughter.

As the matters unfold, it turns out that Nobuto Matori is not any normal guy but one of the members of the most dangerous gang in Japan who are notorious for their crimes. Things do not stop here but according to the past records of Nobuto, he always gets into a relationship with girls who are wealthy. As soon as he gets his hand on their wealth by blackmailing them, Nobuto kills them. In Reika’s case, her grandparents are quite wealthy. In order to save the life of their daughter, Tetsuo and Kasen (Reika’s parents) kill Nobuto and bury his corpse without anyone noticing it. After a while, Nobuto’s gang begins to search for him and look for any clues to find him, they might reach his killers as well. Do you think you can handle this pressure, if yes is your answer then find out which My Home Hero character are you?


Congratulations! The anime version of My Home Hero would soon be airing but unfortunately, no specific date has been announced yet! Anyhow, the work has been started and we’ll soon see on our big screens a hero who can do everything to save his family though he has no superpowers.


Since you are to find which My Home Hero character are you most like, then also have a look at the best characters in My Hero Home. It would definitely help you out!

Which My Home Hero Character Are You
My Home Hero Characters - Kodansha

Tetsuo Tosu

Living a simple and ordinary life, Tetsuo has never been into violence. He is a smart and good-looking man in his early 40s. At such young age, he has a beautiful daughter and tries to do the best for her with his limited salary. Being the breadwinner, Tetsuo has been doing his best but as he gets to know that his daughter has been sexually assaulted, the rage in him had no boundaries, and could do everything to save his daughter Reika. In the end, Tetsuo is left with no choice but to kill the maniac guy named Nobuto. However, the war isn’t over. Tetsuo is a great strategizing man who is driven by his rage and concern for his family and for that he can go to every extent. You are also easy and fun-loving but when matters reach a certain level then the lava eruption in you cannot be halted by anyone.

Tetsuo Tosu
Tetsuo Tosu - My Home Hero


Reika is a pretty young girl, who is naïve and friendly. This is what ended her with Nobuto and other troubles. Reika is a shy and introverted girl who is new to all the worst that humanity carries. It had been very difficult for Reika to pull herself out of all the things she had to face being with Nobuto. The arduous part was confessing it to her parents. But, we must say that Reika showed a lot of courage and handled the situation wisely. It seems like you are also courageous and brave when your surroundings begin to suffocate you. You are on your way to be independent and trust us, you are doing a great job!


Kasen is a mother who has a gentle heart but it can harden when things turn against her daughter. She is a charming lady who is connected to her culture and tries to lead her house with that. This is why Kasen was ready to kill Nobuto with her husband Tetsuo. Being a woman, she has been a very kind and caring mother but turned very protective when the incidents took place. You, just like Kasen are similar to water; flexible and soothing. But, you can ruin everything if a single stone tries to disrupt the peace of your life.


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Think once again, if you find out what My Home Hero character are you then there is no going back! Gather all your courage and rise as a hero who is feared of no one at all. We know you can do this.