Yuri!!! On ICE Quiz – Which Yuri On Ice Character Are You?

What YOI Character Am I? & Yuri On Ice Personality Quiz

When life gives you lemons, what do you do? Struggle with the sourness, make lemonade out of it, or do you have your personal style of tackling them? Whatever you choose to do but always remember that there is no way a person like you should step back and stress out because of difficulties. So, what are you thinking, are you a winner who never retires because of defeats, instead comes back harder OR you are the one who loses all the confidence whenever loses at any point?

Let us give you the example of Yuri in Yuri!!! on Ice anime. Do you remember, how inspirational and terrific it was to watch a sportsman who stood up and made history. Yuri is definitely a character in the world of anime who is a motivation for all. Nevertheless, there were others in the anime as well who played a major role and made the success of Yuri truly possible. Hey, do you know which Yuri!!! on Ice character are you? Oh no, how can that be! You must answer the Which Yuri On Ice Character Are You Quiz to know more about your inner self.


Yuri!!! On Ice has a different story from others. We usually perceive stories in which the main character/s struggle hard to reach the highest peak and in the end achieve what they want. However, in Yuri!!! On Ice, we can see a boy who cannot bear his defeat in the final match as he was so close to what he wished for. We can see how acceptance of collapse is necessary for anyone to continue a normal life. Actually, we also see that in another anime called Kakegurui.

Yuri Katsuki lost the finals of the Grand Prix and is thinking that it is better to quit ice skating. His unfortunate decisions cause him distress and partial depression in which he attempts some foolish things. However, his video while ice skating unconsciously got viral and connected his fate to a Russian champion Victor Nikiforov and he promises to become his coach. The problems do not end here and Victor unconsciously promises another successful ice skater Yuri Plisetsky.

The triangle between Yuri 1, Yuri 2, and Victor becomes root to various twists and turns. As usual, it becomes nerve-wracking to choose the sides. But, the Yuri On Ice Character Quiz would surely help you out in picking your character.

Which Yuri On Ice Character Are You?
Yuri!!! On ICE - Sayo Yamamoto / Mitsurō Kubo


Come on, let’s trace the best characters in Yuri!!! On Ice so that you get more clear about who is more like you in the Yuri!!! On Ice anime.

Yuri Katsuki

There is no doubt in the fact that Yuri has made many of us realize that what we feel as mood swings, aggression, and crankiness is basically depression. He has reflected the emotions of many teens in his character. Though Yuri seems like a nice and normal boy with black hair, dark eyes, spectacles, a little chubby body, and extreme skills of ice skating but from inside; he’s more like a tsunami.

With the help of Victor, Yuri gained more confidence in himself and his skills and knew that he can do better than all that he has done. Yuri’s loop, stamina, spins, and especially dancing styles like pole dancing, interpretive dancing, break-dancing, and ballroom dance attract all.

Phichit Chulanont

You want to see a bright ray of optimism who is full of energy, have a look at Phichit! He belongs to Thailand and we can adore his Thai beauty with attractive tan skin, big eyes, flexible body, and enthusiasm. Phichit has always been a helpful guy and creates a special bond with Yuri Katsuki.

With his good looks, he likes to stay active on his social media accounts and so takes selfies religiously to upload his daily stories. He is fun to be with and no one can get bored by being around him. We can see the determination in his eyes and Phichit tries his level best in the ice skating competitions.

Victor Nikiforov

Our Russian Victor is definitely a precious gem! Have you seen such elegance, beauty, charm, and attraction in any man as much as Victor? With his exceptional dancing style and choreography skills, he has won the hearts of all ice skaters. Everyone regards and respects him as a guru as he has won consecutive Grand Prix titles and even won the best ice skaters title many times.

Because of his young energy and immense skills, Victor became the soul of the show when his student was to perform at the show. All his esteem was on the verge and he tried his best to make sure Yuri Katsuki wins it. We know that Victor is perfect in his looks but he is a little nut-headed and reacts quickly. He can lose his temper easily but then composes again eagerly. Moreover, he is a bit over-romantic and even cheesy at times.

Yuri Plisetsky

Yuri Plisetsky is another “Yuri” in the anime but is a complete contrast to the last one. Whether you observe his looks, attitude, personality, or style; everything is opposite to Yuri Katsuki. He has lavender-white hair (pure Russian blonde), sharp features, greyish eyes, and a slim body. Yuri is known for his hot-tempered nature and yelling. You can say that people around him are feared because Yuri can do anything at any moment.

Well, it can be said that his skills like quadruple salchow, spins in half-Biellmann, dance styles like ballet have some unique sort of finesse. Maybe this makes him a bit egoistic and so he is very determined on his decisions, no one can bring him down once he decides in his mind.


Now that you know about all the major characters and the storyline, hop on to the Yuri!!! On Ice Quiz to track your role in the anime…