Your Lie In April Quiz – Which Your Lie In April Character Are You?

Which Your Lie In April Character Are You Quiz

Your Lie in April is definitely a heart-touching anime and series. We know you are curious to find your character in Your Lie In April so why are you waiting? Just roll into the updated Your Lie In April Quiz and see for yourself who are you in it!

Your Lie In April Quiz
Your Lie In April - A-1 Pictures


Of course, everyone is attracted to Your Lie In April because it is worth all the praise. The story of Your Lie In April is realistic and invigorating, and the anime is created in such a way that we feel as if we are there, witnessing everything there with Kōsei Arima and Kaori Miyazono. The plot paces with Kosei as a pianist who is only seventeen years old but is a notorious boy in the world of music because of his music and skills but things changed suddenly when Kosei’s mother dies and so does his interest in music.

For two years, Kosei doesn’t play his piano no matter how much his close friends Tsubaki Sawabe and Ryōta Watari urge him to. But, then enters Kaori Miyazono who fills a new hope in Kosei’s heart. She is a fifteen years old girl who plays violin with her heart and soul and this attracts our hero. Finally, Kosei comes back to his life and the beats of his piano fill hearts and his duet with Kaori becomes a top hit. Unfortunately, life doesn’t bless every human and if you want to know what complications these teenagers have to face then for that you must watch Your Lie In April anime.


Check the best characters in Your Lie in April so that it gets easier for you to know your character.

Which Your Lie In April Character Are You
Your Lie In April Characters - A-1 Pictures

Kosei Arima

A young boy whose character transition is shared in the best way. Kosei is immaculate as a pianist and not even the most experienced can beat him. However, his sudden disconnection from his piano really changed his life. Kosei realized what he was missing but his fears locked his hands and he couldn’t listen to his own piano music. Soon Kosei with the help of his friends fought his inner dissimilation and returned to life again.

We know what you’ve been through and can see that you are a fighter. You have seen many ups and downs but your determination and courage help you to breathe again out of the suffocating situations. This is why we have compared you to a hero because you have all the credit to be!

Kosei Arima
Kosei Arima - Your Lie In April

Kaori Miyazono

Kaori is like sunshine in Your Lie in April anime. Her sweet smile and attractive face are always lit up because she never feels pessimistic. Kaori has only one rule for his life and that is “Enjoy every single day of life!” and she tries to teach the same thing to her all-time favorite person Kosei who she admires since her childhood. Kaori even took lessons to learn violin because of her love for Kosei because she wanted to play a duet with him once in her life.

You might have noticed that people around you love your company and the reason is your lightheadedness and because you are a good listener. You always give the right suggestions and try to solve problems of all with your broader vision and calm attitude.

Kaori Miyazono
Kaori Miyazono - Your Lie In April

Tsubaki Sawabe

Initially, we feel that Tsubaki considers Kosei like a little brother and pities him because of his loss, but soon things change. Although Tsubaki continues to say that she has no romantic feelings for Kosei but her flushed cheeks depict everything. But, from Kosei’s side, there was no such thing as love and Tsubaki realizes this fact. So, both have been best friends and she tries her level best to support Kosei in every phase of life.

We know you have no ill will for anyone and this is why you are always in peace. Your friendly, lively, and caring attitude are the best things in you and everyone loves you because of these traits.

Tsubaki Sawabe
Tsubaki Sawabe - Your Lie In April

Takeshi Aiza

Do you honestly want to know which Your Lie in April character are you most like? We can observe that you are more like Takeshi because you love challenges and they kick you to perform well. Life is nothing for you if it is bland, you are more adventurous and daring. Your interest in music, carefree attitude along with diligence is what boost you and your life.

Takeshi is also an interesting character in the anime because he began playing piano when saw a boy (Kosei) of his same age playing it with such efficiency. Then on, he practiced it day and night and tried to come head-to-head with Kosei, not in a bad way of course! Basically, Takeshi wanted something to drive his life, and playing the piano became one. Don’t forget that when Kosei left music how anxious did Takeshi get!

Takeshi Aiza
Takeshi Aiza - Your Lie In April

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Come on and enter the quiz and end this wave of curiosity about “What Your Lie in April character are you?” Not only we but all fans of the anime are waiting to see who you are so better not keep the awaited for long!