Odd Taxi Quiz – Which Odd Taxi Character Are You?

Which Odd Taxi Character Are You Quiz

This world is scenic and beautiful but there are many things that make it dark and hideous. In the Odd Taxi anime, when you get to have an insight into many lives, there are things that turn fishy. If you also want to know which Odd Taxi character are you like all other fans then enter the updated Odd Taxi Personality Quiz.

Odd Taxi Quiz
Odd Taxi - Crunchyroll


The story of Odd Taxi has interesting anthropomorphic characters and a city that feels like the contemporary world but that it has animals in it. Odd Taxi has the main character named Odokawa. He is a 41-year-old seal who is serious and hardworking. Since his childhood, Odokawa has been living alone and his parents didn’t want him around. Now that Odokawa has lived many years of his life alone, he feels lonely and his profession helps him in that. Odokawa as a taxi driver has some simple and intriguing conversations with his passengers. The story of Odd Taxi takes an unconventional twist when a little girl goes missing and the police are trying to find her whereabouts. Yakuza (a cop) believes that this has something to do with Odokawa’s taxi.

It may all be simple but keep in mind that Odd Taxi depicts human society. So, whatever emotions and cases have been portrayed are all an essence of the truth of what we all observe around us. So, try the Odd Taxi Test because we know you are as much curious to know “What Odd Taxi character are you?” as every other fan of the anime. Go on, and tell the world what you actually are from inside!


Making the list of “Most Favorite Characters In Odd Taxi” wasn’t easy after all but we never lost hope. Why don’t you also check it out and let us know what you think about it and whether you also think it is right or needs changes!

Which Odd Taxi Character Are You
Odd Taxi Characters - Crunchyroll

Eiji Kakihana

There are few anime characters who melt hearts and Eiji Kakihana is one of them. Being a monkey who has been of 41 years now, he needs a life partner. Kakihana is the best friend of Odokawa and Gouriki and so we often get to see his vain trials of searching for true love. The best thing about Kakihana is that he knows every girl who would be with him these days would be for either money or for any other greed but he is adamant to find his true match. Similar to Kakihana, you are also a sweet and naïve human who still believes in humanity and prefers to have people around who have a true and selfless heart.

Eiji Kakihana
Eiji Kakihana - Odd Taxi

Hiroshi Odokawa

We won’t like to blow off the whole story with spoilers but nothing can be complete until we explain the character of Odokawa. He might be grumpy, cranky, and serious but his eyes see what no one else does. His photographic image memory and his dry sense of humor are what turn on the anime for all. Odokawa is a brown seal in the anime and his expressions usually remain the same but the way he gets along with his passengers in a few words is definitely amazing. It feels as if Odokawa is a person who prefers to stay in himself and that same attitude can be observed in you. It is hard to crack you but whoever does knows your kindness and wit.

Hiroshi Odokawa
Hiroshi Odokawa - Odd Taxi

Taichi Kabasawa

Like all other people in the real world, Kabasawa the blue hippo is also being crazy for popularity and fame. He is huge, childish, and an attention seeker which ends him alone everywhere. Kabasawa is a college student and tries his level best to become an internet sensation and one day, luck favors him. He takes a selfie with Odokawa that goes viral because it has a most-wanted criminal in its background. Then on, Kabasawa takes advantage of his fame for more and ends up in trouble. You also wish to become a celebrity one day and are working very hard for that.

Taichi Kabasawa
Taichi Kabasawa - Odd Taxi

Miho Shirakawa

Shirakawa is a goat who plays the role of a cute and sleek nurse assisting Dr. Gouriki. She is white in color and seems like a lady who can be easily taken down using some sugarcoated words but that is not the whole truth. Shirakawa isn’t like what we have in mind, instead, this petite goat knows Brazilian martial art capoeira with which she has taken down many bad guys. However, Shirakawa has been with the wrong guy Dobu. He was Shirakawa’s ex-boyfriend and because of their relationship, she is indebted to him which ends her up in bigger problems like stealing, lying, etc. You are also a pure soul but this ugly world has tainted you with darker shades that you can’t off no matter how much you wish.

Miho Shirakawa
Miho Shirakawa - Odd Taxi


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Odokawa has lived alone in his life and knows the real importance of family and kin. This is why we urge you to know which character is fit enough to become your kin. So, for that, we have prepared the absolute and ultimate Odd Taxi Kin Quiz which can provide you with the result in a matter of a few questions.


There should be nothing more important for you right now than figuring out which Odd Taxi character are you most like? After all, you are in search of fun and a single click of yours on the button START would head you toward it. So, roll into it!!!