Violet Evergarden Quiz – Which Violet Evergarden Character Are You?

Which Violet Evergarden Character Are You Quiz

Life is not kind to everyone, especially to Violet Evergarden. If you wish to join her in the search for true meanings of life then you have to go through the Violet Evergarden Quiz. This quiz is necessary because it would help to figure out which Violet Evergarden character are you?

Violet Evergarden Quiz
Violet Evergarden - Netflix


Violet Evergarden is a smart and dangerous girl. She is titled “The Weapon” because since she was a kid, Violet had to take part in the war in the continent named Telesis. After being involved in a chaotic mess at such young age, her heart is unable to understand any emotions because she has always seen blood and merciless humans around. But after her biggest support and guardian, Major Gilbert dies leaving her with a few words “I love you!” Violet is unable to comprehend the meaning because she is unaware of any kind of emotions. Since this accident bewilders her mind and she can’t think of taking up the war now, so Violet thinks to explore the world in a new way.

Violet now begins to explore places and people and starts to work as an "Auto Memory Doll." These females comprehend the emotions of a person and pen them down in such a way that the readers can feel every emotion. As a Memory Doll, Violet meets many people and tries to understand what lies in their hearts and writes in their emotions. This alters something important in her, do you know what? Violet’s heart began to feel emotions and once who was a weapon becomes a healer.


Yes, the Violet Evergarden Trivia is certainly designed for you and this is because we know how much you love the anime Violet Evergarden and you want to know about your character in it. Just imagine how cool it would be to watch the anime knowing which character in Violet Evergreen reflects your personality.


Hey, read about the fan-favorite characters in Violet Evergarden and check if you turn out to be one of the best after the quiz or not!

Which Violet Evergarden Character Are You
Violet Evergarden Characters - Netflix

Violet Evergarden

Violet is a doe-eyed and attractive girl. The innocence on her face never falters and this is why we never stop feeling that fate has been very rude to her. She has been alone all her life and after Major Gilbert passed away, Violet became a doll and worked up to the point where she could read and understand the emotions of her clients. It isn’t difficult to be a doll but it was for Violet because she is the one who never even realized the meaning of love because never felt it. We can feel that you have felt isolated as well and this is why you also seek love. Well, it is pretty hard to find someone truly caring these days!

Violet Evergarden
Violet Evergarden - Violet Evergarden

Gilbert Bougainvillea

Gilbert is a vital character not only because he kept Violet safe and cared for her but also because of his rank in the Leidenschaftlich army. Being a major in the army, no one could ever harm Violet and he never let her be manipulated. We have mostly seen Gilbert with Violet as fulfilling his duties as a Major. He has a hardcore side of his personality while combating the war and a softer side when he accompanied Violet. We know that you are someone who has always been very thoughtful about others and your trait of selflessness is one of the best things in you.

Gilbert Bougainvillea
Gilbert Bougainvillea - Violet Evergarden

Claudia Hodgins

Which Violet Evergarden character are you most like? Are you more like Claudia? He is very strict in his work but there is no way we can call him selfish. Basically, he is a good friend of Gilbert and their friendship introduces unique hues in the anime. Claudia with his rusty brown red and exhausted features took up the responsibility of Violet after his buddy’s death. He is the one who allowed Violet to have the freedom to decide what she needs in her life. It is evident that you are a friend of all and never leave any of your friends alone. This is the reason why everyone loves you! Freedom, fun, adventure, and peace are all part of your personality.

Claudia Hodgins
Claudia Hodgins - Violet Evergarden


A talented writer and doll who leads everyone because of her skills. Cattleya is the most demanded doll in the world and everybody wants her. The words which she pens are so deep that they simply take place in the listener and reader’s heart. It is always charming to watch her with a spark in her eyes and a passion for reading the emotions of her clients. We know that you are also great with your pen. Your creativity can be seen in your eyes. Maybe people think that you are different from normal people but they have no idea how talented you are and people who are special are different from all others. Only the ones who have the eye to identify a gem can see what you are!

Cattleya - Violet Evergarden

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Trust us, searching for what Violet Evergarden character are you would be like entering a new fantasy world so buckle up yourself. It is going to be exhilarating!