Death Parade Quiz – Which DP Character Are You?

Which Death Parade Character Are You Quiz

There is no surety where we humans would end up but the anime Death Parade has some clues and can prepare you for the afterlife. But for that, you need to find out which Death Parade character are you with the help of the best ever and updated Death Parade Quiz.

Death Parade Quiz
Death Parade - Funimation


Death Parade story has some twists that are hard to gulp but we can assure that you’ll love it once you hit even a single episode. Basically, Death Parade portrays life after death in a very different way. It can be seen then humans who die, their souls are either sent to Heaven or Hell. This is a very phenomenon up there in the skies but it gets disturbed when two humans die in the very same instant.

We know many people die in the same minutes but they have differences of at least milliseconds but when every drop of time is the same then their afterlife is different from usual. This pair of the soul is sent to Quindecim. It is more a bar in the sky and just that pair of souls who step there forget whatever life they had in the past and grab the moment in order to pass with peace. The place is run by Decim who is more like a serious and stern bartender and relays games towards those who enter Quindecim. This is done to decide who should be sent where. It is quite interesting to watch the games played because each soul tries to win them. If they won’t then life would be cruel to them.


Which DP Character Are You
Death Parade Character - Funimation


Umm, it won’t be wrong if we claim that many fans of Death Parade are in love with Decim. First of all, because of his smartness, and secondly, due to undecided emotions that stay inside him and only someone who loves him can see them in his eyes. Decim is one of the Arbiters and looks after the Quindecim as a bartender. In his cuffed uniform and tousled hair, Decim looks absolutely amazing but, when we see him acting so neutrally when the souls are trying to win, we can’t get the things straight.

But, it turns out to be that Decim doesn’t show any emotions because he is made that way but a hint of a spark for the ones whom he likes can be seen in his mannequins. You also are hesitant to show your emotions and people think that you are a robot and merciless being. It’s okay, but try to be expressive because this can help you in many ways.

Decim - Death Parade


What Death Parade character are you? Are you like Clavis; funny, charming, and bright sunshine? Whenever he enters the screen everything begins to feel lighter with his smile and jokes. Clavis plays the role of the lift man who takes the humans to different levels of the sky and gets to have a light chit-chat with all. This is why we like him, he doesn’t fear people or what’s coming, instead, cheers them up for the best.

Clavis is always in a fun mood and all the Arbiters even the most powerful ones do not argue with him though he teases all (in a funny manner). You are also delightful and people enjoy your company because of your never-ending jokes and pun.

Clavis - Death Parade


Chiyuki is a pretty and naïve girl with black hair and is to become an Arbiter but first, she must seek all the details by staying close to Decim and watching him. She is very different from all others because though Chiyuki has no memories of her past still, she can’t be emotionless. Whenever she finds something bad happening with any of the humans because of their wrongdoings then she empathizes with it. And this raises suspicions over her abilities at being an Arbiter.

It is a fact and we don’t know the reason behind it but Chiyuki has no special powers though all others who work and Quindecim bar have. Anyhow, she plays the role well with Decim and makes him realize that his hardcore can feel something that can be tagged as emotions. You are also a bubbly and cheerful person who is always ready to light up the life of those who think they have nothing left!

Chiyuki - Death Parade

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On the 90th floor lives the girl who can be better called the Manager. She is young but has control over all the Arbiters and no one challenges to rule her out and someone idiot even tries then a little hand movement of Nona can pull them down on their knees and that isn’t difficult for them at all. She isn’t afraid of anyone because the only authority that lies above her is of Occulus who has ownership of every single thing there. It is, therefore, that she keeps her hands tight over every matter and only intervenes when it is most necessary. You are also a born boss who doesn’t appreciate power over yourself.

Nona - Death Parade


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Whether you are ready or not, you have reached the point where Death Parade Trivia is just a click away and you are about to reveal which Death Parade character are you most like? Are you curious? Then, let’s begin!