Sk8 Quiz: Which Sk8 The Infinity Character Are You?

What Sk8 Infinity Character Am I Quiz

Don’t you think that after a hell of a year 2020, we got some good news in 2021! New anime, celebrities, trends, games, and such other things really helped to lift our moods after such an exhausting and depressive year. Among all the great things is the anime “Sk8 The Infinity”! Oh wow! You watched it as well. In this case, you would know how exhilarating it was to watch all the skateboarders showing off their skills and some stunning styles.

To be honest, we are also as crazy about skateboarding as much as Reki Kyan is. When we saw Reki skateboarding then we wished to join him on the tracks. However, his passion is worth noticing by the fact that he was interested in “S”; the ill-famous skateboard race in which everything you have is at risk, even your life! Due to this, S is secretive, and very few people know where it is held and who takes part in it.

Little what Reki knows about it was that it is extremely perilous and takes place in a carved cave. The skaters usually turn into enemies in order to win. Even the fights are interesting and called “Beefs” as they also involve physical combats. Do you wish to be a part of the S because you are zealous for skateboarding? Then you must look closely at the Sk8 anime characters to observe which Sk8 Infinity character are you?

Hmm, we know that it is soo hard to look for it your own self, so we have for you Which Sk8 The Infinity Character Are You Quiz! Answer some simple questions that would help us to observe your personality. So, check out which Sk8 character you resemble the easy way!


Ready to roll into some of the best skaters and characters in the Sk8 anime? Then scroll down before taking the Sk8 Quiz…

Which Sk8 The Infinity Character Are You
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Reki Kyan

Reki looks like a cool dude in his bright-yellow hoodie, jeans, bandana, and messy maroon hair. He is tall and smart, studying in the second year of high school. Like majority of the boys, Reki also doesn’t take interest in school and just studies enough to achieve passing grades in school. But, as far as his passion for skateboarding is concerned, he loves not only skating but making skateboards as well.

We can say that Reki is good from both inside and out as he is a loyal and helpful friend who always takes a stand for his friends. For instance, when he got along with Landa, he taught him cool maneuvers of skateboarding. After some time Reki observed that Landa has started to do better than him. He did feel a bit jealous but never depicted in his behavior and worked harder to be the best.

By watching Reki, we all can observe the beacon of hope in him to become the best skater in the world but he knows that the first step would be to win the S! Reki is quite eager like Haikyuu!! Characters with his Skating Skills.

Miya Chinen

Miya Chinen is a cool skateboarder flaunting his swag in the long green hoodie with blue cat ears on it. Like most young and rich children, he is also a bit moody and arrogant. He wishes to stay alone with his skateboard. Since childhood, Miya admires skateboarding and learns its maneuvers quite effortlessly and accurately. You can imagine his talent by the fact that he acquired one of the most complicated skills of skateboarding in around two weeks.

With time, Miya learned a lot by befriending Langa and Reki. One best thing about Miya is that he is more into bringing improvement in himself by learning from others and enjoys healthy competition. Miya learned that being in a group of people who are spirited about skating would always benefit him.

Miya is significant in the game because he is younger than most in age yet is more capable than many!

Kaoru Sakurayashiki

Kaoru is tall and very popular in the S race. He is also known as “Cherry Blossom” due to the pink color of his long silky hair. You can identify him by the thing that he wears traditional Japanese yukata, obi, carries a fan, and wears a pair of sandals. The proverb “Don’t judge a book by its cover!” fits well on him. Kaoru seems to be like a person who is selfish and considers his own benefit important. However, he is not like that at all.

He is a good friend and tries to help those in need. But, never shows his soft side in S as he shows his respect and status there (as Cherry). Kaoru never misbehaves with anyone as he is one of the founders of S.

The thing that amazes everyone is the skateboard that Kaoru owns is “Carla”! It is an artificially intelligent skateboard that helps Kaoru to outperform. Carla can make prior calculations for him and so he easily knows what tricks to employ where. So, be careful when you are about to face Cherry in S and do not dare to call him by that outside S!!!

Langa Hasegawa

Langa is a well-known student in high school because he has studied in Canada his whole life and now after many years is back. He remained isolated and didn’t talk to anyone much. However, Langa and Reki got along well with each other when Reki took him to S with him.

Gradually the snowboarder Langa developed an interest in skateboarding when Reki began teaching and turned out to be a great skateboarder. He learned the basic tricks and maneuvers very speedily and at times had beaten Reki.

You can say that Langa and Reki are best friends because they both think alike and are ready to do anything they have in mind though it’s extremely risky.


So famous skateboarder, are you ready for the Sk8 The Infinity Quiz? You must hurry or else you might miss this golden opportunity!!!