The Ultimate Haikyu!! Quiz: How well do you know Haikyuu?

Haikyuu Quiz & How much do you know about Haikyu?

We all are literally dying to watch season 5 of Haikyu!! But no one knows when it would be released! However, there is another interesting thing that we found, the “Haikyu!! Test”. This test is sooo much fun but challenging at the same time because it would test how much do you know about Haikyu?

Who doesn’t remember its plotline? Hence, we believe that you would at least score 90% in the Haikyu Trivia Quiz, but what if you don’t!!! Hmm, that would really be disappointing for you if you get less score. How would you share your result if it’s not up to the mark?

Hmm, we have an idea! Read about the story of Haikyu!! below and then take the Haikyu!! Kin Test. Fasten your belts as more fun is reaching your way!!!


Haikyu is an anime that gives its viewers the lesson to diligently work for their goals. The popularity was truly unexpected for the team but the storyline really caught the interest since it is about a lad Hinata Shōyō whose sole goal in life is to become the best volleyball player in the world.

How well do you know Haikyuu?
Haikyu!! - Haruichi Furudate

You must have heard of “love at first sight”, well, in Hinata’s case this became quite true as he fell in love not with any human but with the game of volleyball while watching a championship match and its star player known as "The Small Giant" of Karasuno School. (Don't mix it with Demon School Quiz :)Inspired by a star and his wish to become a star was all he thought about.

Life always tests spirits and the same happened with Hinata. At first, he had to compel his school friends to make a volleyball team. Hinata’s hard work and dedication bore fruit and his team went to the finals. Want to know what happened next? Hahaha, he lost the final because of the star player of opponent team player Kageyama Tobio. Hinata vowed that he would avenge his defeat by becoming the best and beating Kageyama in a match .

As time passes by, Hinata applied for the best school in town, the Karasuno High School. You know what happened the next moment, he met Kageyama (his biggest rival!). Now, both in the same school and team came head to head with each other instead of cooperating. None of them trusted the other, in a nutshell, the race to be the best in school affected both boys’ gameplay. Particularly Kageyama thought that everyone was respecting Hinata more than him and so he played more aggressively in the Netflix's Haikyu!!.

Both of them knew that this cold war wasn’t paving way for anyone and gradually, Kageyama and Hinata learned to coordinate and cooperate and their team began winning the matches. How well do you know the Haikyu story further? Is your memory and IQ level capable enough to take up the challenge of Haikyu!! Kin Quiz.


Yeap, the story of Haikyu is interesting only because of its characters and this is the reason why we have lined up some of the best characters from Haikyu!!

Shōyō Hinata

The main protagonist in the story Hinata wasn’t really good at studies but the thing is that he tried his best to be perfect in both, studies as well as sports. To be honest, he was passionate about volleyball and so his main focus was on it. After becoming a part of the Karasuno High, Hinata became the team’s “middle blocker”. He worked day and night, not only on his skills as a player but also on his body. He increased his height (as he was always mocked due to it!) with the help of his strict diet and workout.

Enough talking about his skills, let’s talk about his personality! Hinata is amazing as he is always full of energy and you would hardly ever find him with low spirits (except for when he loses his games). Like a little kid, you’d mostly find him excited and jumping.

Have you ever thought about which Haikyu character are you most like? If you are a challenger and willingly work on your weaknesses to overcome them then you might be like Hinata.

Tobio Kageyama

Kageyama though is not the hero in the story but he is one of the most important players in the anime and remember that he isn’t a villain at all. Kageyama is a highly skilled volleyball player in the school team and is better known as the "King of the Court". With this, you can understand his level as a player!

As far as the studies are concerned, Kageyama is not perfect at it but far better than Hinata. The only subject in which he is extremely weak is the English language. Basically, he is a perfectionist and he doesn’t bother what others think about him, all he has in mind is that how to be an all-rounder.

The best skill that Kageyama possesses is that he can predict where the ball in the game would end up i.e. ball trajectory. In the team, he is the “Setter” due to his impeccable skills and maneuvers.

Hitoka Yachi

Yachi is one of the characters that have provided some romantic content in the anime as she had a great understanding with Hinata and since she became a part-time tutor to him, it is expected that somewhere they were dating each other which wasn’t explained well, neither in the manga nor is it covered in the anime.

Apart from helping Hinata in his studies, Yachi even signed up as the volleyball team manager in the school. Hahaha, yes you’re thinking right! She was a good-looking and attractive manager but was very shy and hardly ever talked to anyone except for her close friends.

The Ultimate Haikyu Quiz

Hmm, you are desperate to start the Haikyu!! Quiz!!! Go on and answer it so that we all know how well you know Haikyu.