Samurai Champloo Quiz – Which Samurai Champloo Character Are You?

Which Samurai Champloo Character Are You Quiz

Everyone in the anime is in search of the “Sunflower Samurai” and it’s not going to be easy. Do you want to join the characters? If yes is your answer then answer the 99.9% accurate Samurai Champloo Quiz and check out which Samurai Champloo character are you so that you can unleash the fighter in you!

Samurai Champloo Quiz
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No doubt about this! The 20 questions in the Samurai Champloo Trivia are made by the experts who have watched Samurai Champloo several times. They have designed these questions which would determine what Samurai Champloo character are you?


The story of Samurai Champloo is definitely a good one because there is loads to watch and learn in it. The drama takes place in Japan (old times). Most people who have power consider the lower ones insects and are usually seen assaulting anyone who they wish and no voice is raised. But, the entrance of Mugen changes things forever. He is seen at a place to have food which is run and owned by Fuu. Mugen, even by his appearance can be observed as a good fighter because of his brawny body and serious looks. Fuu, when faced violent reaction from one of the town’s prefects then there was no way but to reach Mugen for help. He eventually promises to protect you but demanded food and shelter in return.

On the other hand, another character enters the story named Jin who is another strong-headed man who killed a prefect while he was beating a farmer. When things become more suffocating, Jin and Mugen get into a fight because of some misunderstanding. They were both about to be beheaded when Fuu saves their life and takes assurance that they both would help her search for the Sunflower Samurai. Both Jin and Mugen agree because they can’t stay in one place for long as their life is in danger and if they get caught, they’ll all be killed.


Have you thought about who are the most important characters in Samurai Champloo? Have a look as we have ranked characters of Samurai Champloo anime.

Which Samurai Champloo Character Are You
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Mugen is a competitive person in the anime and he doesn’t care about what happens after he gets into the fights like always. No doubt in the fact that Mugen has risen as a character who is born to be a fighter and a samurai. His speed, strength, and agility are immaculate and maybe this is the reason why his curved sword leaves no one alive. Mugen is a little egoistic and arrogant and that’s partly because of his skills as a samurai. He doesn’t talk much and is prone to create trouble for himself as Mugen makes enemies in a matter of seconds. Though you are not a samurai you sure are a person who is hotheaded as you get out of control within minutes. You don’t have many friends but are loyal ones. One thing that you love is challenges and this often causes you a lot of problems.

Mugen - Samurai Champloo


Jin is like a cheetah; quiet, impulsive, and has a hunter’s mind. You’d never know when and from where Jin would attack because he is very ethical and perfect in his work. With his spectacles and long hair, his appearance as a samurai turns more intensified. The best thing about Jin is that he has what it takes to win every fight and has even beaten Mugen. You also are simple and quiet but there’s a fire inside you that makes you a winner in every race of life.

Jin - Samurai Champloo

Seizo Kasumi

Seizo is the one who has been a star not because of his action but because everyone was seeking the "samurai who smelled of sunflowers" and he is the one. Actually, Fuu’s father! When he was found, Seizo was about to die and unfortunately, we didn’t get to see him in action but he became the basis of the story and in the end, we only could see him dying. But, at least Fuu got to meet her father!

Seizo Kasumi
Seizo Kasumi - Samurai Champloo


Fuu is a character who is a hostess but after whatever happened in her café, her fate got along with Jin and Mugen. Though both the boys are very different from her but still Fuu tackles them like an elder (although she’s quite younger than she acts like!). Fuu is a beautiful and graceful lady who is intelligent as well. Fuu was able to trick two genius men like Mugen and Jin so what else would you need as proof. Being an excellent cook and an honorable lady, Fuu becomes very close to them and whenever she got in trouble, the boys save her. Don’t forget that this girl attracts trouble and can without messing up things. People also say the same about you because things around you always mess up on their own. And, no one praises your intelligence and wit, which is hurting!

Fuu - Samurai Champloo

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