Anime Protagonist Quiz – Which Anime Protagonist Are You?

Which Anime Protagonist Are You Quiz

Aren’t you pondering which anime protagonist am I? Well, we also wasted a lot of time on it but not anymore because of the Ultimate “Which Anime Protagonist Are You Quiz.” It can unveil which Anime Protagonist Are You with 99.98% accuracy! Hurry up and get to find out more about the hero who’s hidden in you somewhere.

Anime Protagonist Quiz
Anime Protagonist


There are a few people in your life who have made you seem like a villain, a douche, dumb, or have demotivated you in many ways. But, we won’t let this happen because you are a gem and only we have the eye to distinguish one! Take the quiz and boost your morale because you are a born hero who has to achieve the best to keep your head high.


Maybe some of us don’t like it but it is fact that the protagonists get to have most of the praises. Though there cannot be any good or satisfying story without the supporting characters but what can be done, the apple of everyone’s eyes is the protagonist. Anyhow, we are on a mission to let you know “which anime protagonist are you are you most like” And all you have to do is answer all the questions with complete honesty!


Have a look at the “Four Best Anime Protagonists” below. Observe who is more like you???

Which Anime Protagonist Are You
Anime Protagonist

Son Goku

Goku is pretty unstoppable and has the power to defeat even the most influential opponent. What is the power that our Goku leaves out whether it is Super Saiyan transformation, flight, super strength, utilization of ki, super speed, teleportation, enhanced reflexes, etc! He is the one who is scared of the ones who are comparatively more strengthened than him because no one can take one thing from our hero Goku and that is his willpower. There are many characters in the Dragon Ball series but there is no other Goku. He has always been quite impressive in every circumstance because everyone can relate to him. You are also someone who is outrageously perfect for the problems that life throws at you. You panic, make bad decisions, and many people might hate you but you are capable enough to handle things on your own.

Son Goku
Son Goku - Anime Protagonist

Edward Elric

Eric is a really relatable person as he was forced by nature to fight his entire life. He has been making sacrifices in his life when no one could even think. He always runs after peace and love but both of these end up escaping from his life. Having been given one leg and one arm, Eric has to live for bringing back the life of his brother and mother. No one knows if he can succeed or not but we have a sympathy corner for him. Fullmetal Alchemist has reached the epitome of success mostly because of his character and popularity. Eric is really a hero, one who is living for others rather than himself and never lets anyone know in what kind of fire is he burning. You also are someone who ends up renouncing others and never even complains. Peace is far away from your life but the smile on your face never fades!

Edward Elric
Edward Elric - Anime Protagonist

Light Yagami

He is a villain and a hero, both at the same time. In Death Note, the life of common people has turned into hell and there is no one to help them out as laws aren’t even abided by anyone. But ever since Light has grabbed the Death Note (whoever's name gets written in it, the person dies!) the things have begun to change. He is entering the names of all criminals and thinks if God can’t make things better for humans then he would! However, Light is forgetting that he is taking the whole world and nature into his hands which isn’t that easy. Altering the proportion of the world might cause him more problems than he has ever imagined! You are also very much like Light as you just take actions without even considering the outcomes. This often causes you issues but that’s digestible unless it’s for everyone’s betterment.

Light Yagami
Light Yagami - Anime Protagonist

Monkey D. Luffy

Monkey is a character who has been along with all his fans for so long that we don’t remember how long has it been since One Piece has been airing! Everyone is curious to see Monkey triumphed but we think the culmination is still far away. Monkey has a lion’s heart because he’s playing with the fire that can burn him. Though water can cause his death but his passion for finding the treasure of One Piece, he’d go to every extent. Moreover, he is funny, crazy, weird, and cranky. Monkey has been through many experiences in his life and has grown to be a man who’s perfect for leading a ship like a capable and competent pirate.

Monkey D. Luffy
Monkey D. Luffy - Anime Protagonist


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