Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind Quiz

Which Nausicaä character are you?

Are you the one "clothed in a blue robe, descending onto a golden field"? Didn’t get it!!! Well, in the notorious story “Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind” it has been prophesied that someone who would seem like the description given would save the earth. Since every person wishes to be a savior then why don’t you check out which Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind character are you? Through our Nausicaä Of The Valley Of The Wind Test…

If you haven’t read the manga or have forgotten about it then let us give a short recap to excite your nerves! The plot revolves around war and peace as both are necessary in order to sustain the world; the former is to eradicate the suppressors and cruel, whereas the latter is vital for survival. A princess named Nausicaä is the heir to “Valley of the Wind” situated between the Kingdom of Tolmekia and the profound Toxic Jungle. The king of Tolmekia wishes to end the Toxic Jungle since it is covered with fungi spreading all around, releasing pollution.

Now, Nausicaa has vowed to stop this war since the last hundred years have already been wasted in the "Seven Days of Fire" war. In this situation of life and death, you need to decide what Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind character are you? This would be effortless since you have Nausicaä Of The Valley Of The Wind Kin Quiz!


Which Nausicaa character are you?
Nausicaa Characters - Studio Ghibli

Wait wait! What’s the rush to Nausicaa Of The Valley Of The Wind Kin Test? Don’t you think it’s better to have look at the major characters of the manga first!


We think being a part of a royal family is the best thing that can happen to anybody but the things are actually quite opposite to it. Nausicaa is a princess and has faced many hardships since she was a child and now that she is just 16 years old, all the responsibilities of her land are now on Nausicaa’s shoulder even if she likes it or not!

Although she looks petite and naïve but Nausicaa is quite intelligent and believes in analyzing the situations with different perspectives as she once went to the Toxic Forest and brought a plant which she then planted in the normal soil to test. The things turned out to be how she expected and the plant was no more polluted or dangerous.

Being a responsible human, Nausicaa detests violence but knows how to defend herself as she uses different weapons like dagger, bow and arrow, sword, etc. Moreover, she has supernatural powers like telekinesis and can even communicate with plants (amazing!!!). If we grant you the chance to select smart a Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind character then you would go for “Nausicaa”! Isn’t it???

By the way, we think that Nausicaa is quite similar to Spirited Away's Chihiro.


Asbel with the nickname “Milo” has played an important role in the manga. He is one of those people who witnessed the change in the Forest of Corruption plant when they were planted in the normal soil. Asbel is courageous and supportive towards his people and friends, but for his enemies, he becomes their worst nightmare though he is just sixteen years old.

He hates Torumekians and Kushana more than anything in the world since he almost lost his life due to them and would have died long ago if Nausicaa wouldn’t have saved him from the Sea of Corruption. Asbel belonged to Pejite and was the only one who survived. If we talk about his looks then it must be said that Asbel is quite handsome and someone who suits well with Nausicaa since he is determined to save the world just like her.


Yupa is better known as “Lord Yupa” because of his incredible abilities as a swordsman and scholar. He is regarded as the best swordsman in the world, while his knowledge about things is matchless since he has traveled most of the world. Yupa is in search of the gravest secret of the history of the Sea of Corruption. On the other hand, he wishes to find the special person about whom the prophecy has been made, the blue-clad one!

Throughout the journey, Yupa keeps himself hidden with his brown cloak, big brown hat, whereas his grey thick mustache is enough to cover most of his face. You must be thinking about how he entered the manga? Well, Yupa was also saved by Nausicaa when was almost eaten by a giant insect but she threw the grenades and other explosives and fled with him.

The most hysterical thing is that he became the teacher of Asbel and Nausicaa but turned out to be the one who was learning from Nausicaa! He also admitted and discovered that she is the one who would save the world from all the dangers (as prophesied).


Kushana is a princess and belongs to the Kingdom of Torumekia. She seems like a good-looking witch (hahaha!) with ginger-brown hair made into a bun, a big golden crown, and a mechanical arm which makes her more powerful. Being a leader and commander of an army she is occasionally seen wearing armor or otherwise, wears a white gown.

Since her childhood, Kushana has been through many dangers as her brothers are always in search of the chance to overcome the throne and have even attempted to kill her. But, her perseverance and intelligence always pave way for her.


The fight for throne and power would never end and so you need to decide which Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind character do you kin?, Which family do you wish to belong?, and which Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind character are you most like? To save the world!!!

Answer to all these questions can only be unveiled through our Nausicaä Of The Valley Of The Wind Quiz! Just go ahead and click the START button…