Spirited Away Quiz: Which Spirited Away character are you?

What Spirit Away character are you most like?

We were quite bored last night, partly due to the monotonous life just like you are! So thought why not watch an interesting movie and ended up on “Spirited Away”. Trust us this is one of the best movies we have ever watched and it is rightly claimed as the best movie featured in the 21st Century. Now, we have no doubts about how Spirited Away has won so many awards globally.

The story of Spirited Away is seen from the eyes of a kid named Chihiro who is just ten years old. The family is moving to a new town in Japan and Chihiro isn’t happy at all. As soon as her father took a so-called shortcut, this family was engulfed by a grief danger. The road ended but Chihiro’s father kept driving and reached a tunnel where the parents decided to look for help for their way out. While exploring the area, they found that it was a “theme park”. Although, the place was quite unsettling and spooky but the family kept on wandering…

Here is where the twist in the story arrives as Chihiro’s parents ate the food made for the gods and turned into pigs. Chihiro finds out that she is all alone in the deserted area ruled by demons, witches, and gods!!! Isn’t the movie interesting? Well, we are more interested to select smart a Spirited Away character through the Spirited Away Test. Aren’t you willing to know what Spirited Away character are you? Then hop into our scary and spooky Spirited Away Kin Quiz!!!


Which Spirited Away character are you quiz
Spirited Away - Hayao Miyazaki

You think you are ready to answer the Spirited Away Kin Test? We would suggest you to first observe the best characters in Spirited Away so that you have some idea about which Spirited Away character are you most like!

Chihiro Ogino

Chihiro is the character around whom most of the story revolves. Though she is just a ten-year-old kid but her personality altered over the course of time and Chihiro became a brave and lion-hearted girl from a shy and arrogant one. We can say that the circumstances made her this way since she had the mission to save herself and her parents from all the supernatural entities present in the theme park.

When her parents were turned into pigs, Chihiro was also captivated and forced to work at a bathhouse in the theme park. The bathhouse was a place for the witches and demons to relax and this naïve kid worked there. Chihiro was also renamed “Sen” by her new master. However, she was able to free herself and her family from the monsters with the help of Haku and after leaving the place she didn’t remember a single second spent there.


Yubaba is although an old lady in the movie but she is extremely horrendous. She is gigantic in size while her head is even bigger with big-sized round eyes, a wrinkled face, and a long pointed nose. Yubaba’s grey hair is tied into a neat bun whereas she wears big golden studs (seems as if they are made of gold). Her character is vital in the movie since she is the owner of the bathhouse and the new master of Chihiro.

She is quite materialistic and loves gold than any other thing. Basically, Yubaba is obsessed with materials and people especially the people whom she has made her prisoners and her slaves. She is mostly found to be angry at one or another and doesn’t usually show any kindness to anyone.

Let’s skip to the most interesting things about Yubaba, her powers! She possesses so many incredible powers like moving objects with her eyes and mind (telekinesis), she can even look where others are and what they are doing just by concentrating on them, she can even levitate herself in the air, can initiate and manipulate fire, can employ a special magical contract to make humans her slaves, and last but not the least, has the power to change any human to the animal of her wish.


Haku’s original name is Nigihayami Kohakunushi while Yubaba was the one giving him the name “Haku”. He has olive-green eyes and greenish hair while he is a bit older than Chihiro. Although Haku was unable to remember anything about his past life but let us tell you that he was actually the Kohaku River spirit who once saved Chihiro’s life and when they both met at the bathhouse, Haku again aided her in escaping. Haku is quite similar to one of Your Name Anime character right?

Though he seems like a normal boy but you cannot even imagine the extent of his magical knowledge. Most importantly, he can transform himself into a fierce dragon; moreover, being a river spirit has granted him many superpowers like manipulation of flower petals, telekinesis, binding any being through Force-Field Imprisonment, and can cook without even touching anything. On the other hand, Haku has memorized many magical spells with the help of which he can become invisible as well.


Kamaji is a half spider half-human, he has a body of a human while he has eight legs like spiders. He is old and bald but has a long and thick mustache. At first, he was rude and immodest to Chihiro and wasn’t ready to work with her but with time he could see the faith of freedom in the young girl’s eyes and so helped her as well.

This incredible being is in charge of the boiler and is also known as the Boilerman. No one can beat his memory and he can conjure the magic that helps to break Yubaba’s spells. Which Spirited Away character do you kin? Maybe it’s Kamaji, but you can only be sure after taking the quiz.


Which Spirited Away character are you? Can’t figure out? Don’t waste your time thinking and answer the Spirited Away Quiz to find out!!!