Name The Anime Quiz – Can You Guess All Anime Names Correctly?

Anime Trivia Quiz – Name All Anime to Prove Your Knowledge

Hey! We are looking for the greatest anime fan on earth, can you help us track that incredible human? Hmm, so you think that you can be the one who knows the most about the world of anime; otaku, weeb, weeaboo, and other things specific to anime fans. If you also think this way then the challenge is ON and we are going to furnish you with the Name The Anime Quiz. This is the hardest quiz that you would encounter all across the internet and we are pretty sure that only a “True Anime Lover” would be able to score high. Well, the reason behind our firm belief lies in the fact that the “Can You Name The Anime Quiz” consists of 25 tricky questions and you would have to figure out about which anime does the question hint.

Look, it’s that simple, and now you can’t back off! Hurry up and enter the Name The Anime Test to prove to everyone that no one is better than YOU! Go on, you can do this!!!…

Hey wait, before you roll into the quiz, why don’t you enjoy getting to know the most famous anime up till now. This “list of the best anime ever aired” would also increase your knowledge so make sure you read about them before entering the quiz. If you are not interested reading, just click start button below to start naming animes!


Can You Guess All Anime Names Correctly?

Are you ready to know which are the most successful anime before taking the name the anime quiz? Let’s begin…

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood is a story that entails faith, love, struggle, and sacrifice. Honestly, it is hard to even blink during it because it feels like we would miss something vital. As the name suggests, it’s a story about two brothers Edward and Alphonse Elric. Both of them had every happiness akin to their mother as their father left the family when they were very young. He was a mighty alchemist and known all around the world.

The boys lived happily with their mother but she got weaker and weaker because of her illness and died suffering from it. Both Edward and Elric couldn’t fathom this bitter truth and decided to bring their mother back with the help of alchemy. Being the son of the powerful Hohenheim, both tried their best but didn’t know that they were going against mother nature. During the process, Edward loses his left leg while his younger brother Alphonse loses his body. In order to save his brother’s soul, Edward sacrifices his right arm and captures Alphonse’s soul in armor. The only thing that can normalize their life again is the “Philosopher's Stone”, so both of them are determined to find it and make the things just like before!

Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion

Happiness and comfort do not always reside in throne, power, and authority. If you want to know why are we claiming it then watch the anime Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion. The story revolves around power, bloodshed, and conquer. Lelouch, though being the heir to the throne couldn’t save his mother who died in an attack while his sister Nunnally was mentally distorted.

Being heart-wrenched from his father, Lelouch left his motherland and in the meanwhile, Japan was conquered by the empire of Brittania. Living a nightmarish childhood, Lelouch has raised himself as Zero (a masked rebel hero). He has vowed to bring back the status of his empire unlike his father; for this, he is ready to go to every extent.

One Piece

Everyone in this world who knows the word anime would definitely have heard about “One Piece” (at least once). It’s one of the most extended and longest anime ever created but you wouldn’t find even a single person calling it boring. All this fame of One Piece is because of the charisma of its plotline and characters. The story of One Piece consists of passionate pirates. Monkey D. Luffy is a young boy who idolizes Gol D. Roger (known as the "Pirate King"). Gol D. Roger’s infamous treasure lies beyond Grand Lines (the most dangerous sea in the world).

In order to satisfy his thrill and adventurous willpower, Monkey D. Luffy sets on the journey. However, this perilous adventure can’t be completed alone and he adds more people to his team. Roronoa Zoro is a strengthened swordsman; Usopp a sharp-shooter; Nami is an expert navigator; Sanji a skilled cook; Chopper a healer and doctor; Nico Robin a helpful archeologist; Franky the shipwright; Brook an entertaining musician, and Jinbei the helmsman all join him in this adventure.

Hunter × Hunter

The Hunter x Hunter plot takes us to the deeper and darker truths that are hidden from all and only a few have knowledge about them. Just like Hunters who take down creatures that can’t be handled by any law enforcement agency. Gon Freecss a young boy was living his lonely life (without any parent); however, one day he got to know that his father whom he considered dead was still alive. What more? His father Ging Freecss actually became the best hunter in the world (more like the master of all).

Gon, now desperate and annoyed to know the reason why his father left his only child. To go near him, he enrolls himself in the Hunter Examination. Only the cream students can learn the skills and abilities to be the best and emerging Hunter. But But But! Acquiring the skills of a Hunter was more difficult than Gon thought. Nevertheless, he is determined to become the best Hunter.


Ready? No more excuses now! Just hop into the Name The Anime Quiz and find out how well do you know the anime world…