Hunter x Hunter Quiz: How well do you know HxH?

HxH Trivia Quiz & How much do you know about Hunter x Hunter?

The sixth season of shell-shocking anime series Hunter X Hunter has been trending on social media since its release in July 2021! Of course, the story has again hit the minds and fans are impressed with the plot and its twists. Undoubtedly, Yoshihiro Togashi has done a fabulous job in penning Hunter X Hunter down! There are so many capable Hunters in it so do you know which Hunter X Hunter character are you?

If you are a true fan of Hunter X Hunter anime then we expect you to achieve at least a 90% score in the Hunter X Hunter Test! Yeah, the Ultimate Hunter X Hunter Trivia Quiz would check how well do you know Hunter X Hunter? Answer it if you are confident about your memory!

What? You do not remember much! Ok, how much do you know about Hunter X Hunter? Fine fine! In order to help you out and to help you prove that you are the biggest Hunter X Hunter fan in the world, we’ll share the plot and characters of Hunter X Hunter! Ready to refresh your memory?


The story of Hunter X Hunter revolves around a kid named Gon Freecss who was an orphan and lived on Whale Island. He never lived a very satisfactory but one day he got to know that his father never actually died but instead is a Hunter at a high position. Gon was more anxious than happy, he had many questions in mind, as to why did he never come? Why did people say that he died? Does he love his son Gon or not?

As a consequence, with all these questions, Gon leaves the house in search of his father and to become a successful Hunter when he was just 10 years old. The journey wasn’t easy but the determination of Gon bore fruit as he reached the place where kids gave the official exam in order to be a Hunter.

If you are thinking that being a Hunter would be easy then you are absolutely wrong because the Hunter exam is the hardest thing you’ll ever see! First of all, let us tell you who are Hunters? Hunters are the skilled people who hunt wild and rare species of animals that might cause disturbance, track hidden treasures and enclaves, train other Hunters, and fight against evils on the planet. The job isn’t easy at all!!!

The person who passes the exam is given Hunter’s license and after that, a Hunter can officially start to work. A Hunter is granted stars as rewards according to the efforts they do and in total there are three stars. There are four Nen techniques that every Hunter masters, their names are Ten, Zetsu, Ren, and Hatsu. Furthermore, the Hunters can acquire more techniques to obtain more power but they are quite arduous! If you enjoyed this HxH quiz, you can also have a look at Demon Slayer Kimetsu no Yaiba Quiz.

This journey wasn’t very comfortable for Gon but he made some best friends who always helped him. The trio of Kurapika, Leorio, and Killua was everything that Gon had in the world. Now, you need to prepare yourself for your exam, the Hunter X Hunter Kin Test…


HxH Quiz Characters

Hunter x Hunter -Yoshihiro Togashi

If you are willing to find out which Hunter X Hunter character are you most like then read about the strongest characters in Hunter X Hunter carefully!

Gon Freecss

Dubiety in the fact that the character of Gon has gone through many transitions in different seasons. He was a young cute boy in the earlier seasons with his spikey green hair, parrot-green tank-top shirt along similar shorts. Gon’s dark eyes depict his optimistic approach towards life. He is shown to be stubborn, intelligent, observant, and dedicated toward his goals.

Moving towards Gon’s abilities, he is simply impeccable with his speed during fights, accuracy, leadership attributes, stamina, and power. As far as the Nen techniques are concerned, according to them Gon is an “Enhancer”. He has mastered such Nen techniques that even Hunters double in age can’t even try. Gon’s special Nen technique is known as “Jajanken” with which he can vanquish any enemy in no time!

Leorio Paradinight

Leorio might look a little proud and adamant due to his formal appearance with a blue suit, spectacles, and pointy spikes but he is very sweet and soft-hearted from inside. He is diligently working to be a Hunter in order to pay his medical fee. Leorio actually wants to be a doctor but doesn’t has much money to afford it.

He as Hunter is making money for his medical studies and even pays for the treatment of people who can’t afford it. He isn’t only a nerd but fights like a pro and you can imagine that as he is a Nen “Emitter” according to his abilities. Leorio’s single Remote Punch is enough to kill anybody on the spot.

Killua Zoldyck

Killua is one of the best friends that Gon ever made. He seems like a modest and timid boy with pearl-white hair, and pale white skin, and a similar white T-shirt. This boy bore a childhood that was more a nightmare. Killua’s whole family has been killed and he wishes to become a Hunter to have power and fight the enemies who took his family from him.

Since the start, Killua has been trained as an assassin and so he possesses highly polished combating skills. Moreover, no matter how much Killua is tortured, nothing affects him, neither electric shocks, punches, kicks, and he can even resist poison!

According to his Nen techniques, Killua is a “Transmuter” as he releases electricity from his hands and he has mastered Whirlwind, Thunderbolt, Lightning Palm, and other techniques.


So, do you think now you are all set for the Hunter X Hunter Kin Quiz? Then let’s roll to HxH trivia now!!!