Haikyuu Boyfriend Quiz – Who Is Your Haikyuu Boyfriend?

Which Haikyu Character is Your Boyfriend? & Haikyuu BF Quiz

What are your views about “relationships”? Well, people can be divided into three basic types depending on their views regarding relationships and love life. The first category includes those who can’t live without having a partner in their life and are somewhat dependent on their better half. The second category includes the ones who are strictly against the phenomenon of relationships. They believe that having a girlfriend or boyfriend would restrict their freedom and career. Last but not least move to the people who don’t really care and just get into a relationship for passing their time.

To no matter which of the following categories you belong to, you must take the Haikyuu Boyfriend Quiz. This quiz would help you to decide which of the Haikyuu boys would be perfect as your love partner. All the Haikyuu gentlemen are athletic, sporty, and energetic. Check which Haikyuu character is your boyfriend with the Haikyuu BF Quiz and if you wish to dive deeper into the Haikyuu boys then get to know them by scrolling down!


You need to search for the best guy from the Haikyuu characters but how would you do that since there are so many of them. We can help you to pick the best boys which can turn out to be perfect for you.

The Ultimate Haikyuu Quiz

Haikyu!! - Haruichi Furudate

Shōyō Hinata

Hinata is about 5’ 4.6” in height, fair complexion, big brown eyes, and tangy orange hair. He isn’t very tall or doesn’t have a brawny body so the girls who are looking for a muscular body maybe wouldn’t consider him as an option. However, he has a nice and cute face. It’s a bit difficult to understand this boy as he is bubbly and excited at one minute while can be serious and anxious at the other.

Well, Hinata can’t be claimed as a shy person, instead, he just prefers to open up to people with whom he is close. He doesn’t trust people much easily and gives most of his attention to his passion for volleyball. His dream of becoming the best volleyball player in the world has changed his personality quite a lot. For instance, he becomes too excited for the game and if loses any match then gets depressed. Hinata’s thinking of learning all the tactics instantly usually causes him trouble.

Considering all this, Hinata has an empathetic heart and mostly comes forward to help those in need, especially his friends. All in all, he is a nice option for a date and would definitely protect and love the girl who’d enter his life. By the way, how well do you know Haikyuu?

Tobio Kageyama

We can’t help but claim that most of the colors have fallen in love with Kageyama since the start of the series. He is tall and muscular with intense black and short dark hair. Initially, Kageyama was a person who was self-obsessed with himself and his gaming skills. Undoubtedly his competence is worth praising. Being called "King of the Court" heightened his arrogance and Kageyama begin to consider himself a one-man team.

With the entrance of Hinata in his life, Kageyama could feel the competition rising and we could feel his nerves reckoned and his title being challenged. It was after then we actually got to see his personality closely as he was a boy who had a gentle and caring heart. It was just that he always prioritized games and couldn’t value friendship as much as he should have.

Consequently, Kageyama brought great changes in himself and developed sportsman spirit. He became more respectful, caring, loving, and expressive. So, are you also the one in love with Kageyama? Do you wish him to be your soul mate as well?

Rintarō Suna

Suna is different from all and maybe you’d avoid him as your boyfriend because he is not very expressive and neither can you understand him with his gestures. The best thing about Suna is that he never lets others get what he has in mind. But But But, can you ignore his grey eyes, dark hair, and tall muscular body? No chance!

Being his girlfriend would definitely be tricky as he thinks and calculates everything but he is talented and compassionate so why miss such a boy? Usually, girls get flat on him while watching his game. Being a part of the Inarizaki team mid-blocker, Suna has to be alert and flaunts his athleticism which makes everyone go crazy (especially girls!).

Apart from the game, Suna somewhere deep inside wishes to share his things with all but is confident because of his introverted nature. A nice and cheerful girl can undoubtedly bring great changes to him.

Kiyoomi Sakusa

Sakusa got a place in our list for those girls who wish to have a proud, skilled, and hunky guy for them. His thick and wavy hair, sharp eyes, and muscular body do help him attract girls. It won’t be wrong if we say that Sakusa enjoys the limelight when he scores as a hitter and ace in his team. So, in order to enjoy the credit of wins, he tries to overdo things with perfection and loves the applause made only for him.

He devotionally practices volleyball and so in the list of hitters gets high ranking. If we need to be specific, Sakusa is a master of wrist flexibility and unconventional spikes impress all the fans. With the spices of attitude and good looks, Sakusa believes to be better than others and so when it comes to choosing a partner for himself then he turns out to be picky. Remember, he only prefers best for himself.

Are you thinking Sakusa is perfect for you? Well, don’t be that excited because the Haikyuu Boyfriend Test is yet to decide your fate…


Make sure you are all set for the Haikyuu Boyfriend Quiz. Answer all the questions with honesty and surely you’d find your perfect match here!