Dora the Explorer Quiz: Which Dora character are you?

Dora and the Lost City of Gold Quiz

Ah! Childhood is the best phase of life! No worries, no work (except for school and homework), no tensions!!! We don’t know about you, but our favorite thing about those days was the screen time. Remember, how fun it was to watch different TV shows, cartoons, and movies with popcorns, candies, popsicles, and other yummy treats while watching them!

Some of our favorites included “SpongeBob Squarepants”, “Tom and Jerry”, “The Simpsons”, and how can we forget the best one “Dora The Explorer”!!!

How fun it was to say “BACKPACK, BACKPACK!”, to count the stars, or when Swiper was about to steal Dora would ask you to yell “Swipe, No Swiping!” in the cartoon. And how can all of us forget Dora and the Lost City of Gold movie! It was just fantabulous!

But who says those moments can’t be lived again? Whether you are a kid, teenager, adult, or old, you can enjoy the Dora The Explorer Trivia Quiz and get to know which Dora the Explorer character are you? So leave all your work and or homework and settle yourself for the Dora The Explorer Test…


Which Dora character are you?
Dora and the Lost City of Gold - Nickelodeon

There are so many characters in Dora the Explorer, it is definitely hard for you to track which Dora the Explorer character are you most like? But we have shortlisted some of the most loved characters in Dora the Explorer, so read and check how well do you know the characters in Dora the Explorer before you jump in the Dora The Explorer Kin Test!

Dora Márquez

Dora is a famous female character like Barbie, Cinderella, and others. You would find many Dora theme items like bedsheets, pillows, wallpapers, stationery boxes, and etc. Basically, Dora’s liking though out the world elevated with her major role in Dora the Explorer cartoon series. She is a Latina kid who takes up new and simple tasks in every episode and accomplishes them with her friends.

This little hero is of slightly dark complexion with brown eyes (she has really big eyes!!!), short and thick hair, and she is always seen wearing a pink shirt and orange shorts. On the missions, she has her friend Boots (a monkey), the Map (a talking map), Backpack (a talking backpack).

Dora is a loving girl who cares about her family and friends and most of her missions are related to her family. She bravely moves on and even requests help from viewers and the best thing is that she waits for their response as well. Afterward, Dora thanks and appreciates the kids watching and this is the most positive thing about her character. Dora also wanted to be a princess in one of the episode, then maybe you can have a look at our Princess Mononoke Trivia Quiz too.

Diego Márquez

Diego is Dora’s cousin and plays the role of a male action hero though he is the same age as Dora. While Dora takes Boots with her, Diego has Baby Jaguar (a real jaguar) in his mission. He is obsessed with animals and lives with his family in some animal research center and facility. Diego is often found with his cousin Dora and while she has her friends for assistance, Diego employs multiple gadgets (which also talk!)

He is always seen wearing a white jacket on a purple shirt and green shorts. With his bag, Diego is always ready to help Dora and other animals who are in trouble. Being paternal cousins, Dora and Diego look quite alike and stay together during hard times. So, which Dora the Explorer character do you kin? Maybe it’s Diego!!!


Boots is one of the major characters in the story as he is Dora’s best friend accompanying her everywhere. He is a little naughty and is always there to help Dora. Thinking about why is his name “Boots”? Well, the only thing he always wears is red boots so probably he got his name from there! Boots is of grey color with yellow stomach and yellow tail towards its end. He also has really big and round eyes (like his friend Dora! Hahaha!!!)

His character is quite interesting and compliments Dora’s as he is a bit naughty and hassled most of the time, but Dora is calm and wise and most of the time he gets himself in trouble and asks for Dora’s help. Boots always find fun in things even if they get stuck in a problem.  Boots has a list of his favorite things like bananas, baseball, strawberries, riddles, his red boots, and of course, he loves to climb trees.


Benny’s real name is Benito and he is a big blue bull. Benny is Dora and Boots's friend and is seen with them in many episodes. If you are thinking about what kind of tasks and missions does Dora carries out then hear up that most of the time it is her friends who call out for her help, especially Benny.

He is energetic and happy-go-lucky and whenever Benny appears in any episode the viewers automatically know that something fun is about to happen. Benny loves having delicious food and specifically sweets and candies. On the other hand, he is very talented like his ball juggling trick, he can play musical instruments, and can dance as well. In short, Benny is the other name for excitement for Dora series fans.


How can we forget Swiper’s “Oh mann!”. He is although Dora’s enemy but it’s always fun to watch him. Swiper is an orange cunning fox with a blue mask and gloves. He basically steals things for fun and never takes them with him but throws them somewhere or hides them. Then Dora asks the viewers to yell "Swiper, no swiping!" three times.

He always appears in some costume in order to disguise himself. But trust us, there is no such negativity in his character it’s just that he is naughty…


Have you thought about what Dora the Explorer character are you? If no then hurry up and take the Dora The Explorer Kin Quiz to find out!