Princess Mononoke Quiz: Which Mononoke character are you?

What Princess Mononoke character are you Quiz

Craving for some popcorns and an amazing movie? What a deadly combination! Why not watch “Princess Mononoke”, it’s a great movie! We are sure that you must have watched it since the story, characters, and settings are impeccable. You’re right we have already watched Princess Mononoke a dozen times and still aren’t able to select smart a Princess Mononoke character for ourselves…

Wanna know what solved this mystery for us? The Princess Mononoke Test consists of simple and interesting questions that would answer you about which Princess Mononoke character are you??? Let us ask a question, on whose side are you Lady Eboshi or Princess Mononoke? The Princess Mononoke Kin Test can help to find out which Princess Mononoke character do you kin?

The plot of Princess Mononoke movie revolves around supernatural gods and the imbalance of nature. One boar god has cursed Prince Ashitaka and to set himself free, he starts a journey and wishes to find a cure but tangles himself in a new fight between the forest beings and kingdom. On whose side would you be? Which Princess Mononoke character are you most like???


Which Mononoke character are you
Princess Mononoke - Hayao Miyazaki

The movie has so many characters, how do you plan to figure out what Princess Mononoke character are you? If you’re smart, then you’d choose the wise and fun way that is Princess Mononoke Quiz. But wait! Before that, check out the best characters in the Princess Mononoke movie!

Princess Mononoke

San is the original name of Princess Mononoke. Though she is a human but was nurtured by a wolf goddess Moro and so she turned out to be the princess of wolf gods and so received the title of princess. Her real parents were the ones whom the wolf goddess decided to kill since they were cruelly slaughtering the forest animals. In order to save themselves, they kept their child (San) as bait and escaped but instead of killing her, Moro adopted her.

As a consequence, San behaves more like an animal (as lived among them most of her life!). She is just a teenager and is really pretty. Her beauty is elevated by the jungle-styled accessories that San wears, for instance, her head necklace with a sparkling gem, a necklace having crocodile fangs, big oval-shaped earrings, and the intimidating war paint over her face.

Moro, since her childhood, has taught her daughter the art of fight and survival while making her intelligent enough to make wise and independent decisions but one thing with which Moro never enlightened her was love for mankind. San was filled with negativity for humans which elevated during the war with Lady Eboshi but when she fell in love with Ashitaka, her perception changed completely.


Ashitaka is a prince of Emishi village in the movie but trust us he has no tantrums like one! Basically, he is depicted as a perfect human, who is nice, soft-hearted, detests violence, unbiased in nature, and never hurts anyone though it’s an animal or human. Being a prince, he is charming, courageous, and strong. When his people were attacked by the possessed boar god, he fought and killed him but ended up being cursed.

In order to lift the curse, Ashitaka decided to find a way to get rid of it and started a journey that brought her to San. With only a single glance, Ashitaka fell for San but her hatred for humans didn’t give him the chance to confess his love. He wanted to end the battle and bloodshed between the lands and tried to negotiate with both sides but nothing happened. Instead, both Lady Eboshi and San believed him to be an enemy.

You know the best thing about Ashitaka is that he never steps back from his decisions. With his dedication, he became successful in changing San’s thoughts and even she fell in love with him, moreover, the war halted. By the way, if you loved Ashitaka, you would also love Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind Quiz.


Moro is a Wolf goddess living in the jungle for more than 300 years. She has played a role of a wise goddess whose life has been dedicated to save and protect the animals. She is humongous in size and white as snow.

Moro is extremely knowledgeable and intelligent. Her sole duty is towards the forest and the Forest Spirit because she can live until the Forest Spirit lives. However, San’s parents were the ones who trespassed the forest and intentionally killed animals. Moro outrageously acted to finish them but instead found a cute little child lying on the floor, in an instant, Moro fell for the little girl and decided to adopt her.

She wholeheartedly loved and cared for San making her the heir to the throne and named her “Princess Mononoke”. Well, she also became overprotective towards Moro and disliked Ashitaka but observed his sincerity, Moro accepted the relationship.

Forest Spirit

Forest Spirit is also known as Shishigami and Night-Walker. This deity’s appearance is strange as its body is of deer with thick hair but has a red human face. It possesses the soul of the forest, it was seen that when the Forest Spirit was beheaded, most of the area was devastated which continued until the San and Ashitaka had put its head back at the spot.

The Forest deity is authoritative due to the powers it possesses like it is invulnerable but only until it has a head on the body but even when the head was taken off, it lived. Moreover, it can give life by healing anyone and can end anyone’s life in an instant. No doubt that the Forest Spirit looks beautiful walking under the moonlight.


Aren’t all the characters in the movie incredible! You also can’t decide which one are you, why not take the easy way and instead of contemplating that much, just answer the Princess Mononoke Kin Quiz. We can bet that you would enjoy the magical trip into the world of San through the quiz!