Stone Ocean Quiz: Which JoJo Stone Ocean Character are you?

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Stone Ocean Quiz

After the wait of 20 long years, Jojo's Bizarre Adventure manga came to life with its anime! Netflix has shared the nerve-wracking trailer of Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Stone Ocean and the fans have literally gone crazy…

Yeah, this excitement is valid as the wait is about to get over. Did you watch the parts of anime earlier to Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Stone Ocean? How much do you know about Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Stone Ocean?


The story takes a start with an intense situation as Jolyne Cujoh has been caught by the cops and is inculpated with a murder by a car accident. It is quite clear that Jolyne has been trapped by someone but once she observes the prison to which she is taken, Jolyne thought that she would never be able to leave the highly secured prison.

The name of the prison is Green Dolphin Street Jail which is known for its inescapable security as is located on an isolated island. The jail is commonly known as “The Aquarium” since it is almost impossible for creatures inside to flee and similar is the case with prisoners of the Aquarium. Of course they seek for revenge after the escape like in the Tokyo Revengers Quiz.

Things get fishier in the prison as Jolyne has been tortured. One day, Jolyne receives a bow from Dio and she never knew what was coming towards her as she had triggered the powers in her; the cyan-blue humanoid named “Stone Free”. Stone Free aids the escape of Jolyne as it has some impeccable robotic powers while Jolyne can now employ her incredible new powers. The escape was something worth watching as it was more like an extraordinary battle rather than a prison escape. Yes! Like the ones shown in movies (Hahaha!!!)

Escape wasn’t easy; however, things got more complex after it as Jolyne unveils that all this has been a major plot against her and has its root in the time when her father was in power. Woah Woah! We aren’t going to go any further!!! Now it’s time for you to answer Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Stone Ocean Test. Asking why? Well, the Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Stone Ocean Kin Test would unveil which Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Stone Ocean character do you kin and what Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Stone Ocean character are you???


Jojo Stone Ocean Characters
Stone Ocean - Hirohiko Araki

Even if you haven’t watched Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Stone Ocean anime you are desperate to find which Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Stone Ocean character are you? Of course, it has been trending on top since its release so your desperation is quite valid. But Wait Wait! Read about the best characters in Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Stone Ocean before you enter the Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Stone Ocean Trivia Quiz.

Jolyne Cujoh

The girl with neon hair made into buns and neon lips is undoubtedly Jolyne. She is petite and tall but don’t even expect that she is an easy target because her stand power is Stone Free. Jolyne has a special birthmark (star) on her left shoulder which has been running in the Jotaru family for generations.

Her lime green eyes are fierce like cats while her body is vigorous like one as well. We can say that initially Jolyne was unaware of her capabilities and was involved in minor crimes. She did this to get the attention of her father Jotaru but things went wrong. After discovering her stand power, Jolyne realized that her father has always loved her.

Afterward, her personality became more polished with confidence, determination, and courage to succeed. The most unbelievable ability of Jolyne is that she can separate her body parts while Stone Free makes her speedy with enhanced strength.

Weather Report

Obviously, this is not his real name! Weather Report’s name is Wes Bluemarine. Wes has been in search of his past as is unable to remember anything from his past. After a long time, Wes discovered that he is the twin of Enrico Pucci. Wes played an important role in the story as he can control and manipulate weather according to his wish.

Wes wears a navy blue bodysuit and a white buffalo-style hat with two small horns. From the inside, Wes is fun-loving but introverted. His stand Weather Report enables him to change weather according to his choice.

Jotaro Kujo

Jotaro Kujo was a star in the initial parts of the series but to free his daughter from this trap, he came back. His mission is to defeat Enrico Pucci who is on the verge to end the Jotaro generations. Jotaro is taken as one of the strongest people in the anime. Basically, he is half British and half Japanese and so he is unimaginably handsome and good-looking.

Hmm. We can hear your thoughts! Thinking which Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Stone Ocean character are you most like? Hahaha, you wish that the Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Stone Ocean Kin Quiz lets you be Jotaro!!! The quiz would only generate honest answers. Let’s see what is written in your fate!

Jotaro is tall, muscular, and quite fashionable. He has the power to knock out his enemies with few punches. Jotaro has a cold attitude towards most of the people and even his family. He is always straightforward, introverted, and doesn’t bother to show what he feels. Most of all, Jotaro’s stand power is “Star Platinum” which is considered one of the best. His senses become hundred times better while he can fight with an enemy double in size. Moreover, Jotaro can even stop time with his Star Platinum stand.

Emporio Alnino

Alnino possesses the stand “Burning Down the House”. You know, he was born in the Aquarium. He is an innocent young boy with blond hair that feels more like flames. Alnino is one of those people who supported Jolyne in the prison. He has impeccable powers but all Alnino needs is guidance to employ them the right way!


The Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Stone Ocean Quiz is ready to give you the answer, so hop on!!!