Steven Universe Quiz – Which Steven Universe Character Are You?

What Steven Universe Character Am I? & Steven Universe Character Quiz

The space shuttles and satellites have been searching for life in space and planets for decades but do you think that there is life on any of the planets or galaxies? Yes, that’s a fact that no one can be sure about this but we all would keep searching for it. Even though we haven’t found any clues related to aliens but there are numerous movies, TV series, and cartoons in which we ideate their traits, appearance, and other things.

Among the anime in the past few years, the most notorious one is Steven Universe. Do you know why it became our favorite? Well, the reason is the involvement of aliens in it. Do you remember the plot? If yes take the Steven Quiz now!


The story of Steven Universe has been more intriguing than we imagined. The plot inculcates aliens who left their own land and planet known as “Homeland” just to save humans and the chaos. The aliens in the anime are known as “Gem Stones” and possess a gem for their identity and powers. An ideal bond is shown between humans and aliens as the leader Rose Quartz was also an alien but had a greater vision in mind.

She married a human named Greg Universe to halt the destruction of planet earth as the aliens of Homeland wished to freeze our planet and make it an incubator for other Gem Stones. Rose even lost her life in all this and her son “Steven” inherited all her powers and is half-human and half-Gem. Now, the 3 Gem Stones: Garnet, Pearl, and Amethyst are living in the town of Beach City and only Universe and Steven know their reality. Being allies of Rose they vowed to save humans from Gems who are desperate to wipe them once and for all.

Aren’t you thinking what Steven Universe character am I? Hahaha, no doubt that your question is valid as this war between immortal Gems and humans needs courageous and brave soldiers like you. To find out about your character in Steven Universe you need to take Steven Universe Character Quiz! Hurry up, don’t miss this chance…

Which Steven Universe Character Are You
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To track what Steven Universe character are you there is one thing that can help you out! Check out the best characters in Steven Universe and assess who resembles your personality???

Steven Universe

Steven is the star of the show and he enjoys most of the screen time. He isn’t very handsome or good-looking. Though he possesses so much power and is an ideal human being but he never focuses on his looks and appearance. You would see Steven wearing a casual T-shirt and pants while his thick black hair makes his chubby appearance cuter.

Powers and superiority over others have made this little guy more humble rather than proud. Steven can trade anything for love and is always ready to risk his life and sacrifice in order to save others; though humans or Gems. He has inherited his mother’s Pink Diamond gem. With it, Steven can employ various magical powers like Shape-Shifting, Fusion, Fluctuating Age, and Speed. Steven can also summon gem weapons like Rose’s Shield; whereas, some of his natural powers include intelligence, strength, and optimism. If you like Steven, you would love our Doraemon Quiz too!


Garnet is generally everyone’s favorite because of her natural and expressive attitude, powers, and appearance. Garnet shows off both of her hands which flaunt her gems and powers. She has pinkish skin and behind her metallic and shiny visors she has three eyes. Each eye portrays her capabilities, as she is a fusion of two gems sapphire and ruby. One eye of Garnet is blue (like a sapphire), the second is red (like a ruby), and the third one is purplish in hue (to depict the fusion).

Being the Gem leader, Garnet has many responsibilities on her and among all these, she feels herself connected to Steven like a mother. She tries her best to stay calm and handle the situations but often you’d find her exploding on others. This mostly happens when she is unable to handle things. Some of the best abilities of Garnet are Fusion, Gauntlet Summon, Deflection, Shock Wave Emission, Photokinesis, Future Vision, Resistance to Heat, and Electrokinesis (It’s actually hard to stop counting her abilities!!!)


Indeed, the character of Pearl steals our hearts with her determined personality to stand for the right thing. She has always been side by side with Rose and it was almost impossible for her to bear the loss of her death. However, Pearl has always entertained us all with her extended knowledge and OCD. She is never satisfied with her work no matter how perfect it is and then her weird reaction really makes us laugh out loud.

Though Pearl is petite and slender, the things that give Pearl most of her powers are her Trident and Spear. Her powers include Dual Wielding, Energy Projection, Photokinesis, Holographic Projection, Self-Duplication, Psammokinesis, Fusion, and Strength.


Amethyst might not be attractive physically but she is definitely a gem. She is tall and chubby with light purple skin. Her thick and long lavender hair covers one of her eyes while her gem is on her chest. Amethyst never worries about anything and prefers to live without any sorrows and tensions.

Carrying her studded whip, Amethyst impresses everyone with tricks like Whip Proficiency and Slicing while Shapeshifting, Spin Dash, Hair-Blade, Fire burp, Levitation, and White Burst are also extraordinary. It’s hard to hate her but a few times Amethyst might annoy us all with her carelessness which brings problems for all. However, she tries her best to solve and tackle as well. She is really an inspiration for laid-back teens and adults.


Here comes the most important question, Which Steven Universe Character Are You? Do you have the answer? Then rush to click the Steven Universe Quiz…