Rurouni Kenshin Quiz: Which Kenshin character are you?

What Kenshin Character Are You Quiz

Hey fellows! Do you also like the Rurouni Kenshin: Trust and Betrayal as much as we do? Well, this was expected since this Manga is remarkable and the story inculcates romance, drama, action, thrill, and awesome fights so today we are here with the intense and exciting Rurouni Kenshin Test since you are dying to track what Rurouni Kenshin character are you?

The story revolves around the massacre going on in Japan and the Meiji Restoration. Shinta while was a kid was about to be murdered like others but the master of Divine Justice School of Swordsmanship “Hiko Seijuro” saved him and made him a swordsman naming him Kenshin. Hiko wanted him to fulfill his mission of revolution but Kenshin didn’t agree and left. In his journey alone, he has faced numerous hardships and met people some like him while others against him. So, among all which Rurouni Kenshin character do you kin?

Before you enter the Rurouni Kenshin Kin Quiz, find out about the best characters in the Manga, Anime and OAV!


Which Rurouni Kenshin Character Are You
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Let's talk about the characters of Rurouni Kenshin before getting know which Rurouni Kenshin character are you???

Himura Kenshin

Himura Kenshin has seen the toughest times since he was a kid and now that he is in his early 20s he has become quite stern and emotionless. His family was being killed due to the regional conflicts and only Kenshin was able to survive. He has long brown hair with shorter bangs at the front. His body doesn’t seem very sturdy but his abilities as a swordsman and fighter are impeccable and he never misses any of his enemies.

He became a warrior under the best masters and was taught the art of survival even when the conditions are most unfavorable. Kenshin is portrayed as one of those characters of history who gave life to the Meiji Revolution. This is why he is depicted as a traditional character wearing a kimono and the one who values the traditions more than anything. If we ask which Rurouni Kenshin character are you most like? You’d definitely say Kenshin! But wait until you answer the Rurouni Kenshin Kin Test!!!

As Kenshin has gone through many changes, his personality is hard to define. At times he is polite, empathetic, and caring, and sometimes Kenshin turns into a cruel warrior ready to slay the monsters on earth.

Hiko Seijuro XIII

You must have heard that no matter how much students become successful but they can never beat their master because a master always remains the master and similar is the case with Kenshin’s sensei Hiko! You can only estimate his powers by the fact that Hiko used to wear a cloak weighing ninety kilograms just to hold back his powers while teaching and training Kenshin. Take this Kenshin Quiz to find out if you are capable enough like Himura!

If you take a look at Hiko, you would never believe that he is in his 40s because he looks like a strong young man who is competent in his art. Hiko is an introverted person and communicates with only those people who are either under his training or associated through work. Basically, he detests society due to all the negativity in it.

Let’s forget everything and just discuss the abilities of Hiko Seijuro XIII! We can tell you without any doubt that he is the best fighter in Rurouni Kenshin OAV. He is an ace of Hiten Mitsurugi Ryu and knows every technique of it. Keeping this in mind, Hiko is competent not only to fight but his defense is also strong as he can even repel the sharpest blades reaching to slice him down.

Sagara Sanosuke

Sanosuke is one of the best friends of Kenshin and so has played a major role in the OAV. Well, he wasn’t in favor of the Meiji Revolution since the start and was one of those people who were employed for killing in exchange for money, and Sanosuke contended with his life but after getting to know Kenshin, his personality changed completely.

He was trusted by Kenshin to such an extent that Sanosuke became his “right hand” in many fights. His personality is rightly compared to fire as Sanosuke is bold and capable to bring disaster in seconds. Unable to comprehend what we mean? Actually, he has learned the Futae No Kiwami technique and is the owner of Zanbato. To be more clear, we’d like to elaborate that Zanbato is a special sword heavy enough that no one else can lift it other than Sanosuke. Of course, you can’t believe it! What can we do if he is slim!!!

The wildfire in Sanosuke was turned into a useful one by Kenshin and he made him realize how his fighting energy and powers can save the lives of innocents. Afterward, Kenshin became his inspiration and he followed his path blindly.

Himura Kaoru

Can’t identify a traditional beautiful girl in Rurouni Kenshin with blue and innocent eyes? She is none other than “Himura Kaoru”. She is the love of Kenshin! Well, both met when Kaoru was about to get killed but Kenshin saved her, and in order to thank him allowed him to stay at her place. There a strong bond was taking place which initially was thought to be friendship but with time both understood that it is love! Kenshin anime quiz will help you to understand more about the series...

Though she is pretty but the things that attracted Kenshin were her competency in martial arts, confidence, and intelligence. Kaoru is proficient in Kamiya Kasshin-ryū, Hadome, (Sword Halt), and Hawatari (Sword Crossing). Moreover, she has good knowledge about battle skills but one thing that lacks in Kaoru is that she is unable to perform any household chores especially cooking.

It is commonly said that behind a successful man is a competent woman and in the case of Kenshin, this is true! Kaoru was the one who ignited the flame of freedom in Kenshin’s heart.


Are you ready to select smart Rurouni Kenshin character and abilities for yourself? Then take a round of Rurouni Kenshin Quiz for this!