Ouran High School Host Club Quiz – Which Ouran Highschool Character Are You?

What Ouran Character Am I? & Ouran Highschool Host Club Personality Quiz

How were your days in high school? Are those still memorable treasures or do you consider them a nightmare? Well, we know a girl whose high school days really became a hit and she has enjoyed her high school years more than any of us. Do you wish to know who she is? We are quite sure that you are already familiar with her; she is none other than Haruhi Fujioka from the “Ouran High School Host Club” anime. Do you know her? Do you know why the Ouran High School Host Club anime became so much popular? Take the Ouran Highschool Quiz now to figure out your Ouran kin now!


It all started at the Ouran Academy which has been destined as an educational institute only for those who are the richest in the country. You wouldn’t find any kid belonging to even the middle class, but some students like Haruhi Fujioka are luckier than most of us and she got a scholarship in this high school. It all happened due to her hard work and resilience.

Well, she wasn’t used to the things that were trivial and common for the other kids but not for her at Ouran Academy. Hence, it was hard for her to manage her life. Not only did the entrance into this school alter the life of Haruhi, but also an astonishing incident changed her life forever. One day, Haruhi was looking for a solitary and quiet place to read her book but couldn’t locate one in the school. She thought to go inside the room which was specified to the Ouran Host Club (totally unintentional decision). There she knocked off a vase and couldn’t pay the price of this exquisite piece. Consequently, Haruhi had to work as a part of the Ouran Host Club to pay the debt.

At first, Haruhi cursed her fate all the time as she had to disguise herself as a boy because the Ouran Host Club was for boys only (all the members of the club thought she’s a boy!). Things changed as Haruhi flaunted her hidden talents and all the boys began to consider her an asset. So, do you know what other hysterical scenarios became part of the anime?

Which Ouran Highschool Character Are You?
Ouran High School Host Club - Funimation / TBC


Have you ever given thought to the fact that which Ouran High School Host Club character are you like? Hmm, pretty interesting question indeed, and in order to know the answer to this question, take the Ouran Highschool Host Club Character Quiz. Don’t miss this fun chance at any cost!

Haruhi Fujioka

Haruhi is very beautiful and we don’t state this because she’s the major protagonist but she is actually pretty. Hahaha, you are thinking how can a boyish-looking girl be attractive? Well, before turning into a books geek; she could be seen as a charming girl with long hair, no spectacles, and girly attire. Before getting into the academy, she had cut her hair while her dressing isn’t like other girls because she can’t afford it.

It is a fact that not only is Haruhi intelligent but also her inside is filled with empathy, love, and wisdom. Haruhi turned out to be a fantastic addition to the Ouran Host Club due to her eloquent speech and cleverness. She became a true friend of all the boys in the club very easily. This sounds more like Owl House right?

Tamaki Suoh

If you have a look at Tamaki then you wouldn’t be able to help yourself but think of ways to make him yours. His blonde hair, blue eyes, slender built, and trendy dressing style has made him desirable by not only all the people in the academy but also in the real world. Maybe, the Ouran High school Host Club Quiz states that you are “Tamaki” then just imagine when the whole world would see this what they think of you?

Tamaki is the founder of the club and is quite influential in the story. He delights the clients in the best way with his fervent speech and accent. One more thing! He is a little overdramatic and usually exaggerates matters a lot. He loves to seek attention and employs every way possible.

Kyoya Ootori

Belonging to one of the most elite families “Ootori”, Kyoya has got our attention. He is a good-looking guy who is always concerned about his family’s reputation and tries to act alike. He prefers the latest designer wears, is a little egoistic, cranky (especially in the morning), and always plan out novel strategies to make the club profitable being the club’s vice president.

One thing that nobody can change is the friendship and adoration between Kyoya and Tamaki. Even during all the planning and calculations that Kyoya is mostly found doing, he always has one eye over Tamaki. He never lets Tamaki get into any sort of trouble and even adjusts with his aggrandized attitude and personality.

Renge Houshakuji

Renge is definitely a crazy and beautiful girl. Well, we just called her pretty because of her petite body, big brown eyes, long hair, and stylish choice of clothes. However, she is crazy because she got enrolled into Ouran Academy just because she had a crush on a character who was similar to Kyoyo. Renge thought that destiny has sent Kyoyo just for her.

She is kind-hearted but hyperactive in most cases, desperate, and determined. Renge doesn’t back off from things that she once decides. Renge can go to every extent in order to help people close to her. Moreover, she loves to dress up and adores affection from others.


Answer the Ouran High School Host Club Quiz to get to know long results and know about your character in the anime. The Ouran Highschool Host Club Quiz wouldn’t take long to show the results so come on, what are you waiting for?