Mushishi Quiz: Which Mushi Shi character are you?

What Mushishi character are you Quiz

Suspense, drama, and mystery are considered the hardest to develop in the world of entertainment. Whether we talk about TV series, movies, or novels, it is arduous to get satisfied with the stories of these genres but Mushishi aka Mushi-Shi series is the one that satisfied our soul after a long time!!!

You are also excited to know what’s the story of Mushishi: The Next Chapter all about? The writer of this anime series Yuki Urushibara mingled mythology and supernatural characters to give new flavors to the plot. It is has been depicted that nature needs balance and for its existence, few things are vital, among which Mushi comes on top!

Mushi are creatures, diverse and nothing like humans, plants, animals, or others. The Mushi have been benefitting the world for years but their existence was threatened by humans and the balance of mother nature has been disrupted after years. As a consequence, chaos is taking birth and only the Mushishi, the Mushi Master Ginko can save the world from this endless bloodshed.

If you wish to join Mushishi on this journey then hop into our Mushishi: The Next Chapter Test to know which Mushishi character are you most like and what Mushishi: The Next Chapter character are you??? Feel the excitement in the air…


Ginko from Mushishi

Before you answer the Mushishi Quiz, make sure you at least have some knowledge about the characters in Mushishi, or else you wouldn’t be able to figure out which Mushishi: The Next Chapter character do you kin?


Ginko is the main protagonist in the story and is the character that appears the most. He is a Mushishi master which means that he can communicate with mushi. It cannot be said that Ginko is happy with being like this since wherever he stays mushi get attract towards him and so he can’t stay at a place for long.

His constant journey often tires him but Ginko has selflessly sacrificed himself for good of the world as he solves cases that no one can since the incidents involve mushi. You must be thinking who made him Mushishi? This wasn’t his choice but an incident that took place in his childhood and changed his life. His black hair turned white, he lost an eye and covers it with his hair, and smokes most of the time to dissuade mushi.

Not only his appearance but his personality also shifted as he tries to be calm and contented even when his life is a hassle. Ginko often cracks jokes while solving the mysteries but never disappoints the ones who need him, either mushi or human.


Though we do not know much about how Adashino got into the plot with Ginko and his role is depicted as a doctor to whom Ginko visits. Not for his health, basically, Ginko sells him various items that are somewhat paranormal in nature. Adashino gives him a healthy amount in return. He is a bit weird and often the viewers feel suspicious about him.

If we ask you to select smart a Mushishi character then would you go for Adashino? Maybe after we elaborate his looks to you then you become more interested in him. Adashino seems classy in his monocle, has dark eyes, and messy black hair which actually suits him. We can say that he is a good-looking guy but do not know in which kind of things is he involved.


Although Nui isn’t seen much in the anime but she is the narrator of the story ad so the viewers are familiar with her voice. Before Ginko, she was the Mushishi master. Nui’s appearance is quite similar to Ginko's since both are Mushishi; she has platinum white hair and her right eye remains closed like Ginko but she doesn’t hide it like him. Her left eye has the same shade as Ginko i.e. green.

Like Ginko, Nui also doesn’t remember anything before being titled Mushishi, and her normal life altered in somewhat a similar manner. However, both lost not only their memories but their loved ones as well. Nui was the one who rescued Ginko when he was wounded but while Nui was being consumed by Tokoyami, Ginko held his hand. To save Ginko, she asked him to sacrifice his eye and memories, and this way Nui died for the little kid (Ginko) and he became the Mushishi after her!


Isaza is a little boy, naïve and carefree in nature. He has a dark complexion, small eyes, and blunt features. He belongs to a tribe that has special abilities as they can assess the conditions and can predict natural disasters and calamities reaching any city or area.

The tribe actually follows the “River of Light” which contributes to their knowledge and so their prediction is never wrong. Ginko after becoming a Mushishi had no idea where to go (he was just a kid!) so joined this tribe and so befriended Isaza and both became very close. Through the Mushishi: The Next Chapter Kin Test check if you are Isaza???

Tanyuu Karibusa

Tanyuu is one of those characters in the TV series that brings tears to your eyes and you can deeply feel the sacrifice she made in order to prevent the life of all beings. She belongs to a prestigious family the “Karibusa”. Once a Mushishi in their family engulfed an evil mushi and since then the family’s one member bears it inside her body.

Tanyuu is the fourth Scribe of her family and has to write down about the mushi with mushi ink. She can’t walk because of mushi’s curse has been staying in a secluded room for years.

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Indeed, many people sacrifice selflessly for others they don’t even know, not only in stories but also in the real world so take the Mushishi Kin Quiz to know if you are one of those…