Mischievous Kiss Quiz – Which Kiss Character Are You?

Kiss Series Quiz & Which Mischievous Kiss Character Are You?

OMG!!! Hahaha, it is the word you would be able to say while you watch the Mischievous Kiss TV series. The series involves love, rom-com, and a sweet touch of affection. No one up till now has regretted watching it because of the intense story and overwhelming characters. But, there’s one thing that you forgot to do after watching the Mischievous Kiss. Do you really don’t remember? You haven’t answered the Mischievous Kiss Quiz and you still don’t know “Which Mischievous Kiss Character Are You?”

Are you now up for stepping into the Mischievous Kiss Trivia? We have a fun ride planned for you before the quiz so make sure you keep scrolling.


Whenever we ask this question to the fans then they usually yell out YES! But, then again the question is which Mischievous Kiss character would date you? It all depends on your personality because having a mind match is most important when it comes to any relationship.

Which Kiss Character Are You?
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The cast of Mischievous Kiss involves many characters and it’s definitely critical to decide about which character should you kin in the series. Don’t worry, we can find you the best name. All you need to do is take the Mischievous Kiss Kin Quiz and your question would be answered.


If you haven’t watched the Mischievous Kiss series then you have definitely missed a great thing in life. We said this because the story is something that would take you away from all the hassles of life and you would find yourself laughing on the scenes. The story is mostly driven by Kotoko Aihara and Naoki Irie. You must have heard the negative poles attract each other just like in a magnet. Similarly, Kotoko was also dazzled by Naoki in the same way (if you want to know more about their opposite personalities then keep reading!).

However, Naoki didn’t feel the urge to be with him and hurts Kotoko with his proud attitude. The worse moment was when she writes a love letter to him in order to share her feelings but Naoki disregards it and doesn’t even read the letter. As a consequence, Kotoko began to shred her heart and throws him out of her life. Hysterically, things turn upside down when in an earthquake Kotoko and her family lost their house. The most fun part was when she and Naoki come face to face and they end up in one home. This face to faces were same in Itakiss as well as Clannad After Story.

Which Itakiss Character Are You?
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It was revealed that their fathers had been best friends ever since and they help each other in hard times. Do you think that the space between Naoki and Kotoki’s hearts and lives would lessen and increase? Both ways, drama-filled episodes are guaranteed to us.


Our quiz would guide you about your Mischievous Kiss character with 99/99% accuracy. But do you think that you’d the best and the most important character in the series? Well, find out the ones below so that you have no questions in mind after the result.


Kotoko is the female protagonist in the story and is shown to be an inappropriate match for Naoki because of her academic scores. It is true that she isn’t a very good student but it must be seen that Kotoko doesn’t score because she isn’t interested in studies. By judging her scores we can’t judge her competence and as we can see throughout the story that when Kotoko decides something then she succeeds in it at any cost.

Her love for Naoki wasn’t just infatuation, instead, she was really in love with him. This is why Kotoko never seizes caring for him. Other than all this, we can perceive that Kotoko is a diligent and loving girl who never lets down the people she loves.


Christine is a sweet and empathetic girl belonging to a wealthy family. She is introduced in the story by Naoki. They both are good friends and like to spend time together. Apparently, Christine is pretty and charming. When both the students reach the age then their parents decide to get them married.

Contrastingly, they both were in love with other people and in the last moments back off from this decision. Christine falls in love with Kin-chan and doesn’t care about his wealth as for her, emotions are more important rather than money.


Naoki is highlighted in every episode, majorly because of the perfection of his appearance and amazingly genius mind. He is tall, slender, and smart; plus all the girls in Tonan High School wanted to have him as his date because of his brilliant mind. It was shown that he scored the highest in the school so it made every girl greedy for him.

As far as Naoki’s personality is concerned, he was an introvert and usually enjoyed his own company. Whenever any girl tried to come closer to him, he always ignored them, and in the case of Kotoko, he was a bit too much because he just wanted her out of his life. Hysterically, even after understanding his real feelings, it was quite impossible for Naoki to express them.


Kinnosuke or Kin-chan is the character in the story who brings major twists. He is a classmate of Naoki and Kotoko and so watches everything that happens in the class. But, his eyes are mainly on Kotoko as Kin-chan has strong feelings for her. They eventually become best friends and begin doing tasks together.

When Kin-chan realizes that Kotoko loves Naoki, he doesn’t back off instead tries harder to have her in his life. Things are hard in his life as Kin-chan isn’t financially stable and couldn’t join university. The best thing about him is that Kin-chan loves challenges and never steps back.


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