Gintama Quiz – Which Gintama Character Are You?

What Gintama Character Am I Quiz & Which Gintama to Watch?

Life is all about evolving with the world. Though it is related to appearance, mindset, values, morals, etc. The one who doesn’t change is said to be orthodox or narrow-minded. However, things are not always the same because a few times one needs to stay connected to the roots or else the chaos in life becomes inseparable. If you are confused about what we just said then you can take the example of Gintama. This anime is simply fantastic! The comedic and fun part is always fun to watch while the action and adventure in Gintama thrill the nerves.

Since you are a fan of Gintama anime then we thought why not give you a chance to know which Gintama character are you with the “Greatest Gintama Quiz” ever made. This quiz has been designed especially for fans like you. After all, the fans must know what would you do if aliens like Amanto attack your country at this very moment. Are you ready to see whether you are a coward slave OR a courageous fighter who’d fight till the last breath?


Gintama Quiz
Gintama - Hideaki Sorachi

Relax, we know that every person needs support and fights can’t be won until you have a capable and competent team as in Gintama. You can find the ones who would strengthen you in the fight against virtue and evil through the Gintama Kin Quiz. Look, finding a true friend for you isn’t that easy but our quiz can do this in a matter of seconds.


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Do you know how many characters are there in Gintama? There are literally hundreds in number! How do you think you can find which character are you in Gintama? Don’t worry, we have tracked the most famous characters in Gintama so why don’t you check them out as well…

Which Gintama Character Are You?
Gintama Characters - Hideaki Sorachi

Gintoki Sakata

It is quite obvious that when you are forced to stay far from the thing that is passion and addiction to you then you aren’t able to do any tasks properly. The same thing happened with Gintoki as he was a graceful samurai who was born to fight and even fought in the Joui War. But, when he was made to forget his sweat and skills to become a laborer of Amanta then Gintoki’s personality changed completely.

Gintoki is known as a fighter, the one who never seizes to stand against the odds and is titled "The Ace." He can fight off multiple opponents at the same time; with or without weapons. By the way, Gintoki is a master in employing weapons like naginata, swords, kunai, senbon, and explosives. Plus, he can even talk to spirits (ghosts) and they even assist him during the battles. Don’t forget that Gintoki is an exceptional leader as well and he was able to unite many under the flag of “Shiroyasha.” No doubt he creates pun in the story with his jokes, sarcasm, and lazy habits.


Kagura may seem like a normal human girl but she isn’t! She is an alien! Yes, Kagura is a curious and naïve girl who wanted change in her life and values freedom more than anything. After arrival on Earth, Kagura faced problems in settling here as her strengths were employed for wrongful acts until she joined hands with Gintoki. In Shiroyasha, Kagura had a special place because of her special abilities. She has some amazing abilities like Yato. She can actually take down an army alone when her Yato mode awakens.

No doubt Kagura is the real energy in Gintama. She really lights up the episodes with her innocence and most people make fun of her while Kagura doesn’t even budge. Hahaha, what to say about her eating habits! She is never full…

Shimura Shinpachi

Shimura is mostly known for his disciplined living as Lelouch of Code Geass. He plays an integral part in Gintoki’s organization because no other person is sophisticated and sober enough to plan things the way Shimura does. His glasses and nerdy appearance make it more obvious that he is the sidekick of Gintoki because of his brain. Shinpachi is the older brother of Shimura Tae and people usually compare both of them though both of them are totally incomparable.

Shimura may seem a little off the ground when it comes to battle and combating but he isn’t that bad! He can fight really well and also knows the use of some weapons and styles like Tendoumushin sword-fighting. Moreover, he takes an active interest in learning the dojo from Gintoki and can be observed bringing positive change in his skills. However, he focuses more on his strategizing skills.


Tsukuyo is a capable woman with whom everyone fears to fight. She is tough to fight, firm on her decisions, stunning in looks, and kind. Though Tsukuyo is a little proud and egoistic but this attitude is a fruit of the bitterness that was sown in her heart by society long ago. Tsukuyo is a lethal assassin who was first against Gintoki but then supported him in his decisions.

She may be an expert in throwing kunai, hand-to-hand combat, etc but remember that Tsukuyo never stands with injustice. She is always seen helping others and fighting for those who cannot stand for themselves. Tsukuyo is actually a mistaken character because she isn’t expressive and doesn’t share what goes in her mind.


Now, the most important question is “Which Gintama character are you most like?” The only way to find its answer is the Gintama Trivia but are you ready to enter the world of Gintama?