Zootopia Quiz- Which Zootopia Character Are You?

Which Zootopia Character Are You Quiz

It isn’t necessary that people believe whatever you say and the only thing that can prove which Zootopia Character are you is the Ultimate and Updated Zootopia Character Quiz. The result of this quiz would leave no doubt in anyone’s mind about your character.

Warner Bros. never ceases to amaze its audience and one of its greatest movies is Zootopia. All the elements of Zootopia align with its thrilling, adventurous, and comedic story. Children and adults like it equally because the morale and excitement of the story make everyone stick to the screen until it ends. But today, we are offering you something that is more special than the movie itself. Take the Super-Fun Zootopia Character Trivia and find out which Zootopia character are you most like? It’s not only fun but the best exhaustion-relieving activity.

Zootopia Quiz
Zootopia - Disney


This story is set in the city of Zootopia also called the Zootropolis. There live all the anthropomorphic animals who maintain just a city like our own. Their lifestyle, professions, jobs, care, and love all are as humans. In Zootopia lives a cute little bunny known as Judy Hopps who has always dreamt of becoming a police officer. This dream seems quite impossible because there have never been any bunnies in the police before. Moreover, she isn’t strong and stern enough to be one but Hopps isn’t ready to back off.

Chief Bogo is leading the cops in Zootopia and has zero trust in Hopps but has to bring her on board the mission to catch Bellwether and her accomplices. When the tough matters get in hands of Hopps, she then realizes that being a cop isn’t easy at all and understands that she must hold the hands of Nick Wilde (a fox). The chances of success are low but there is no other way but to count on the fuzzy bunny and a crook fox.


Since Zootopia was a great hit so the makers planned to release its sequel as Zootopia 2. You are waiting for the release date of Zootopia 2 just like us, right! It was first planned for November 24, 2021, but was delayed again. No such reasons were presented by the team but they are very much confident that Zootopia 2 would be released this year 2022. So, this is great news and we would be able to enjoy it along with other releases like Moana, Avatar 2, Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers, and others.

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Which Zootopia Character Are You
Zootopia Characters - Disney

Judy Hopps

Hopps is a bunny and it is believed that these little furballs aren’t made for the jobs like police but this bunny isn’t ready to accept it. Hopps is ambitious and has what it takes to be a capable cop. Under the strict orders and challenges of Officer Clawhauser and Chief Bogo, Hopps is not going to let things go. Her determination is what makes her the best in the movie.

People who are similar to Hopps are ambitious and never let anything come in their way. Their love for their dreams is what makes them do the impossible. You also wish to rise as a winner and nothing can give your more peace than achievement. You might seem ordinary but you are extraordinary.

Judy Hopps
Judy Hopps - Zootopia


Finnick is another fox on our list because of his diverse character and grumpiness that highlights him. Hysterically, Finnick is very slender and small but his voice is very heavy which is why he doesn’t speak much in public. He is his best pal and partner of Nick and they both con others. Finnick is a really short-tempered fox and begins yelling if someone doesn’t listen to him.

If you are like Finnick then it depicts that you are like a coconut, hard from the outside but softer inside. You like what you do and hate when anyone tries to interrupt. But, you can do anything for your friends. They may be a little scared of you but they know that you are kind.

Finnick - Zootopia

Chief Bogo

Chief Bogo is the one who manages the security of the whole of Zootopia.  He is seen to be very bossy and always passing orders to others. Bogo is a great buffalo and his power is matchless and everyone is scared of his horns and single punch. He never even makes a single joke and believes that work should be the sole desire of everyone.

Fans who are similar to Bogo are very business-minded. They are only into their work and nothing else. Since they are always into work, so aren’t interested in fun activities and want everyone to be like them (boring and serious). However, their powerful designation is what makes them ideal for all. Seems like it’s you!

Chief Bogo
Chief Bogo - Zootopia

Nick Wilde

Nick is a fox and whenever we think about foxes then cleverness and their cunning nature come to mind. This fox was never willing to enter this conning world but he had to because even without doing anything, Nick was tagged with negative aspects. Hence, he became a trickster but with Hopps Nick changed completely and earned to be a cop.

Humans who resemble Nick aren’t that bad but fate usually makes them choose the wrong path. They don’t have many options to choose from. You have a close connection to Nick, you want to change the world but that would take loads of courage and we know that it’s hidden in you somewhere.

Nick Wilde
Nick Wilde - Zootopia


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You now seem prepared for the Zootopia Character Quiz. All the characters seem better than the other ones but you need to earn them by answering the quiz.