Which Soul Eater Character Are You? & Soul Eater Quiz

What Anime Character Are You From Soul Eater?

How would you feel if you get a chance to enroll in a Magic School? Hahaha, no no, we aren’t talking about Hogwarts! Don’t you remember the amazing story of the “Soul Eater” anime! How interesting was it to watch the students in a Shinigami technical school for weapon meisters. We really appreciated the moral of the story of Soul Eater, the balance between evil and good, death and life, luminosity and darkness is a necessity in order to continue the natural span of life.

The “Death Weapon Meister Academy” allows students to train themselves in order to dominate and run the world. The greatest goal of every student is to achieve the ultimate weapon known as “Death Scythe” giving them utmost power. For this, there are three teams on the verge to risk their life for this because becoming a death scythe is not as easy as you think. For turning a weapon into a death scythe, a Meister needs to kill 99 souls of evil people and a witch. These souls make the weapon invincible and the person a Shinigami. So, are you ready for the Soul Eater Quiz?

So, do you want to enter this magical world that resided in Death City? If yes is your response then what are you waiting for? Unveil what is your Soul Eater name through the Soul Eater Quiz! But for comprehending the result of the quiz, you must analyze the characters in the anime so that you can compare your attributes with them. Don’t worry, you don’t have to go anywhere to look for the characters! Just scroll down…


No doubt there are many meisters who became our favorite but let’s look for the 4 best characters in the Soul Eater! Hop on to ride with us…

Which Soul Eater Character Are You
Soul Eater - Atsushi Ōkubo

Death The Kid

Would it be cool if you find out that you are the son of “Death”? Well, it is quite honorary for Kid because he is one. This slender and petite boy gives such vibes as his hair is black with white stripes, has yellow eyes, and mostly dresses up in black clothes seeming like robes of Death itself.

While observing him in the academy, you’d definitely feel annoyed. His crazy attitude for perfection is quite similar to OCD. He never works on things that have any kind of symmetrical issue and neither attacks someone if there is any such problem in them. Being the son of Death, he is serious, introverted, powerful, and somewhat arrogant. However, he neither misbehaves nor insults any of his fellows or other students because of his status. We think that he is also quite similar to Saiki K. (you can take Which Saiki K Character Are You? here)

A few things that attract Kid apart from magic are drawing and skateboarding. Furthermore, he is good at combating with and without weapons which is why known as a gun-type meister and an expert of Death God Taijutsu. His personal favorite weapon is Demon Twin Guns.

Dr. Franken Stein

Dr. Franken Stein is a mad scientist who seems literally crazy due to his looks. He has white hair, square glasses, smokes cigarettes, has big round stitches around one eye, huge screw going in from one side of the head and coming out from the other side, and wears a white dirty coat which has big stitches and patches of different colors.

He is a person who loves science and experimentation. In fact, he is crazy to the extent that he dissects everything he finds and cuts it open (dissection). You would definitely observe that Dr. Franken Stein does things that are inhuman and cutting everything has made him crazy as well. He thinks that he can dissect all the evilness in a person but no one can explain to him that this isn’t possible. Dr. Franken Stein believes that science can make everything possible.

Anyhow, how cruel he might be but Death thinks that he is the brightest student in his academy with powers like meister techniques, intelligence, enhanced senses, and weapons like Hammers and Scythe.

Maka Albarn

Being the daughter of Death's weapon partner, Maka observed what power meant since childhood. With her first step in the academy, she vowed that she would become more powerful than her father by having a mighty weapon. You would think that how can a girl who is so slim, short-height, with grey and somber hair made into pigtails can be that influential! Well, what can we say about this? She works hard for it!

Maka is a girl who actively takes part in every sort of activity no matter how challenging things become. But the best thing is that she is diligent and works in a mannered way. She accomplishes her dreams and desires with her mature planning.

Let’s talk about Maka’s abilities now! Her attributes specifically wavelength and soul perception abilities definitely surprise many of her opponents. With her magic, she can shield dark magic and powers.


Dubiety in the fact that Death is the most powerful meister in the series. There is no reason to lessen his status as he is the one who started the academy. Being suffering from his own son’s betrayal, Death strengthened the academy to protect the world from any other dark entity.

By appearance, we don’t have any idea what Death looks like because he covers his face with a horrendous mask and wears long black robes. However, his personality is a complete contrast to his looks. Death is polite, sympathetic, wise, and knowledgeable. He hardly ever gets angry but never digests one thing- an irresponsible attitude.

Death’s notorious powers include Lines of Sanzu, Shapeshift, Catoromancy ability, soul wavelength, Regeneration, Immortality, and others. If we ask you what soul eater character are you then you might say “Death” because we aren’t scared of him instead admire him!


So it’s time to check out what anime character are you from Soul Eater? The only thing that can answer you is the Ultimately Powerful Magical Soul Eater Character Test! Are you ready to jump in???