Which Sad & Traumatized Anime Boy Are You?

Which Anime Boy Are You Quiz

For some people, life is a piece of cake while for others it is burdening, tiring, and heart-wrenching. Do you think that one needs to face hardships in order to become a gem? Well, there are some characters in the anime world who have faced numerous hardships in their life but with their determination stayed consistent.

These characters undoubtedly bring tears to our eyes when we sight their mental and physical traumas. Their past and present are distressing and so their personality also gets affected. Things become worse when we perceive such agonizing incidents happening to characters at such young age. However, there is always a lesson and moral behind it with which helps us to struggle. Definitely, we learn a lot from them.

So, do you wish to know which anime boy are you? Are you willing to find out one of the saddest boys in the anime world? If yes is your call then gear up to answer the Anime Boy Test.


Get to know the 4 most traumatized characters in the history of anime before taking the Traumatized Anime Character Quiz.


Guts is a famous character from the anime “Berserk”. He is known as "Black Swordsman" due to his fine skills as a swordsman. You can imagine him as a mighty swordsman by the fact that he has been fighting with this weapon the since age of 6. Moreover, he has been brought up as a soldier since childhood and so he is a competent combatant.

Berserk Quiz

Berserk - Kentaro Miura

His capabilities are impressive but his past has been worse than you can think. Do you know how and where was he born? Guts was found under the corpse of his mother. This means that as soon as his mother gave birth to him, she was brutally murdered. Then, he was taken up by a man named Gambino who was the leader of mercenaries. The problems for Guts never halted and he was raped by a person named Donovan. In truth, Gambino sold him for a night for money.

When Guts found out that all this was done by Gambino, he killed him with his own hands. Afterward, he became a negative soul as he even lost one of his eyes. He desired to be the greatest fighter on earth even with one eye. Guts, as an adult transformed into a muscle machine with his brawny and mighty body, robust metal Berserker armor, and short spikey hair with grey streaks.


With the real name Gi Ayuru, Nakago is a sympathetic character from the anime “Fushigi Yugi”. Though he is an antagonist in the story but it really becomes difficult for all to resist his beauty. His middle-length blonde hair with blue eyes and striking features can captivate anyone’s mind facilely. In the initial stages, Nakago was a loving, caring, and compassionate kid but destiny made him a villain.

Nakago is a sorcerer who has the power to obtain a lot of things using his magical powers. He possesses a lightning blast that can wipe off everything in a matter of seconds. However, these powers were awakened at a very dreadful stage. Nakago’s father was a famous and competent cop who was working on a case that was influential for the state’s safety. When he got near to the results, Nakago’s father was killed brutally at his own house while his mother was raped in front of his eyes and then killed. Those people were also after Nakago but he lived because he evoked his powers and everything went silent.

The things didn’t end here, instead, the emperor heard about his powers and sexually molested him. Afterward, he escaped and lived in an orphanage hiding from the world. There he began to elevate his powers and even controlled them according to his wish. Anyhow, all these negativities around him turned him into a devil.


From the anime series “Soul Eater”, Crona is a young boy with a petite body, pink hair, short stature, and innocent looks. However, this boy hasn’t lived a normal life. He is the son of Medusa Gorgon (a witch). Being known as “Demon Sword”, Crona’s mother is eager to turn him into a Kishin so that he becomes one of the most influential ones in the world.

Soul Eater Quiz

Soul Eater - Atsushi Ōkubo

Medusa believed that one can only be taught the hard way! She did the same with Crona and filled him with negativity. Putting him under intense pressure, Medusa made Crona negative and conscious instead of making him mighty and confident. All this rose anxiousness, rage, and aggression in Crona and ended up making him insane. Medusa thought that she could still handle him with torture and so we sighted the abuse on Crona that was never seen before.


The protagonist of the Dororo series, Hyakkimaru is a boy who really received sympathy from all the viewers. He has a slender body, pale complexion (as if has no blood), dark prosthetic eyes, bandages all over his body, and a dark torn cloak to cover most of his body. You have perceived the dark side of Hyakkimaru but do you know why is he this way?

Hyakkimaru was born without his body parts like limbs, hands, and even eyes. This all happened because of his father Daigo. He made a pact with demons and sacrificed his son to gain powers. As a consequence, Hyakkimaru was half-demon and half-human. Though he has no hands and even sight but was determined to avenge whatever was done to his mother and him with powers. Moreover, Hyakkimaru had to kill 48 demons in order to have his complete body and so his journey began.


All of these guys have been through more than they could compete with. But, life never stopped nor did they flee due to their fears. Now, it’s time you get to know which traumatized anime boy are you through the quiz!