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What SDS Character Am I Quiz

We have always heard about the seven deadly sins which include wrath, pride, sloth, gluttony, envy, lust, and greed. Have you ever thought about them (though you are religious or not!). Well, many believe that these are seven sins are really responsible for all the negativity and chaos in the world. However, we really perceive things in the other way!

Although, these sins exist in the world but look from the other perspective! What if humans do not opt for them and never do anything wrong. If they live peacefully without doing any wrong then these sins wouldn’t affect the world! Similarly, the anime The Seven Deadly Sins clearly portrays our thoughts.

In the land of Britannia lived the King Bartra Liones who commended Knights named the Seven Deadly Sins. The people lived in harmony and peace until the Holy Knights took over things gradually. They began to guard the kingdom while one day a news began to spread like fire!!! It was said that the Seven Deadly Sins Knights tried to kill the King and take over the kingdom. On the other hand, the Holy Knight halted this calamity. As a consequence, the Seven Deadly Sins Knights had to retreat and were nowhere to be found. The Seven Deadly Sins Test will help you to find out which SDS character are you!

After all ten years, the Holy Knights have vanquished the kingdom and captivated the King and his family becoming the oppressive rulers of the place. Now, Elizabeth (King’s daughter) wishes to find the lost SDS Knights in order to save the whole kingdom. Ohh! We just saw you sympathizing with Elizabeth!!! Well, this is sweet, but to play your part in the anime take on the Which Of The Seven Deadly Sins Character Are You Quiz to discover your character in the anime.


If you wish to unveil which one of the seven deadly sins are you in the anime then you have to know the best and most awesome characters in the anime. Let’s get done with this quickly so that we can move to the Seven Deadly Sins Quiz ASAP!!!

Which Of The Seven Deadly Sins Character Are You?
The Seven Deadly Sins - Nakaba Suzuki

Elizabeth Liones

Being a princess isn’t an easy job because once the Kingdom faces any mess then it comes over to princesses like Elizabeth to save the day. In the story, it has been unveiled that in her past life Elizabeth was an angel who was in love with a demon named Meliodas. Though both couldn’t live together in the skies but in this life destiny has brought them near again in The Seven Deadly Sins Dragon's Judgement.

Like an angel is Elizabeth beautiful, tall, has long hair, and most of all she is very soft-hearted and determined to her aims. She doesn’t behave like a typical princess and never backs off from work and even fights well. Even in the hardest circumstances, Elizabeth fought bravely along with sins and was always polite to them.

Her abilities like Ark allow her to create light beams that aid to fight the evil, Tranquilize makes her body flexible, Healing help her to heal herself and others, and Empathic Power gives her sort of telepathic powers and she convinces anyone she conversates with.


Meliodas is a major protagonist in the series and lover of Elizabeth. He is the one who was a demon in the last life while the Dragon's Sin of Wrath in this life. Moreover, he is the captain of the Seven Deadly Sins Knights as well and went on the expedition with Elizabeth to find his lost mates.

He is powerful, brawny with blonde middle-length hair, and is really cute (he seems like a kid) but is a midget. Being more than three thousand years old, he still seems like a teenager. Apart from his appearance, Meliodas isn’t that aggressive and outrageous though he is the sin of wrath. However, he turns into an inexplainable enraged being while fighting with enemies in The Seven Deady Sins Cursed by Lights too.

Meliodas’s notorious abilities include Full Counter, Hellblaze, Kami Chigiri, Dark Prominence, Trillion Dark, and Shiden Issen.


Diane might be the first female character whom you see as a giant. Yes, Diane is a giant and the Serpent's Sin of Envy. But, you would never feel any negativity from her side though she is huge and has to go through many problems due to her size.

On the other hand, she is very joyful and friendly. Diane is loyal to her friends to the extent that she doesn’t allow anyone to hurt them and even if anyone tries then she becomes out of control. Since we are talking about her emotions then it is necessary to include that Diane loved Meliodas but stepped back after knowing the truth.

Considering the powers of Diane then her sacred hammer Gideon is literally exceptional. Moreover, abilities like Drole's Dance, Trinity Attack: High Tension Rush, and Creation are worth noticing. Take the SDS test now!


With the full name, Fairy King Harlequin is the Grizzly's Sin of Sloth. He is a fairy and King of his people. King looks like an innocent young boy though he is a grown-up man having a powerful and brawny body but only in his real King form (not human form). Along with is his spear “Chastiefol” he gets more power but his weapon is turned into a pillow so that nobody finds it out.

Keep in mind that he is a prominent fighter. His powers include Transformation, Levitation, Heart Reading, Dancing Fairy, and Disaster. Along with all his powers, King also loves to lay down and levitate on his wings in the air (he’s a bit lazy). In the end, King and Diane got married and lived a joyful life with each other.


To find out which of the seven deadly sins are from the anime TSDS you have to take the Which One Of The Seven Deadly Sins Are You Quiz! There is no other option! Hurry up, if you wish to join Elizabeth and others in their adventures.