Which Naruto Shippuden Character are you Quiz

Naruto Shippuden Personality Test: Which Naruto Character are you?

Naruto Shippuden is a story that inculcates the most notorious characters of anime of all time. Naruto won the hearts again in it with his manly looks, dedication, and leadership qualities. The journey was harder than ever for Naruto as the five Chakra powers that every human in the anime possesses might fade if he doesn’t act soon and his arch-enemy Akatsuki wishes to destroy everything by becoming the sole power bearer.

The five powers namely the Land of Lightning, the Land of Water, the Land of Earth, the Land of Wind, and the Land of Fire, all these powers are all innate in humans in the fictional world of Naruto Shippuden and everyone is gifted with some powers. However, a few people are there who are more powerful than everyone due to the fact that they have a beast in them that is inherited in generations.

In total, there are nine tailed beasts while seven of them have been captured by Akatsuki. He wishes to put all in a vessel to become the most powerful in the world. So, on which side are you? Which Naruto Shippuden character do you kin? Want to find out then click START to enter the Naruto Shippuden Kin Quiz!

Your face is telling us that you do not know much about Naruto Shippuden. How much do you know about Naruto Shippuden? Do you what happened in the end and who were the main characters? Make sure that you at least have surface-level knowledge about the characters so when the Naruto Shippuden Trivia Quiz lets you know which Naruto Shippuden character are you then you have a clear picture in mind!!!


Here are some of the major characters in Naruto Shippuden! Read about them carefully before you get the result of the Naruto Shippuden Test…

Which Naruto Shippuden Character are you Quiz
Naruto Shippuden - Masashi Kishimoto

Naruto Uzumaki

The reason why viewers took special interest in Naruto Shippuden is that it covers the story after almost two and a half years where the last series left off. Naruto is now more mature and has learned lessons from his past experience. His body is now more athletic and he has become more powerful.

As one of the nine-tailed demons is sealed in Naruto, he became a part of many problems and was eventually harmed mentally and physically. The boy who only wished to be a ninja became one and with his determination and power was able to fight his new enemies.

Naruto learned novel techniques to defeat stronger enemies and some of the best ones that he acquired include All Directions Shuriken Clone Jutsu, Shadow Clone Jutsu, Uzumaki barrage, Multiple Shadow Clone Jutsu, Tailed Beast Arms, Tailed Beast Rasengan, Fuuma Shuriken Transformation, Gargantuan Rasengan, etc.

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Hinata Hyūga

The girl with blue hair and white eyes, in short, the embodiment of beauty Hinata! She has been amazing throughout the series, however, one best thing that happened was a true romantic relationship between Hinata and Naruto (we all cry for that because she was our love!). Anyhow, Hinata never lets her loved ones down and she became one of the best female ninjas in the anime.

It is quite true that Hinata suffered a lot but her never looking back attitude paved the way to her success. She has the most amazing ability “Byakugan” with which she has the vision of 360 degrees. Moreover, Hinata can form Water Needles, can conjure Four Corner Sealing Barrier, and she can even conduct nature transformations of fire and lightning.

Yeah! The best thing that happened was her marriage with Naruto but when this took place many hearts got broken. But, she is still waifu of many of us and who knows if you turn out to be “Hinata” by the Naruto Shippuden Kin Test!!!

Sasuke Uchiha

Sasuke grew up and in his late teen years became quite more handsome than expected. It became hard for a lot of girls to hold on to their feelings for him but since his character was still developed negatively in Naruto Shippuden so we can’t say many nice things about his personality. Sasuke only had revenge in his mind, hence trained day and night in order to achieve his targets.

We got more interested in Naruto Shippuden because it gave us a friendly bond between Sasuke and Naruto in the end. It seemed as if this was the only good thing left to take place. Moreover, it was depicted that Sasuke was more capable than shown in earlier series as he copied the Jujitsu and Genjutsu quite easily.

He has learned many things in the gap of two and a half years. Everyone was shocked to see his expertise in Great Dragon Fire, Lightning Blade Creation, Snake Clone, Molted Skin Substitution, and Chidori Senbon.

Rock Lee

If any person in this world wishes to overcome his weakness then we would suggest them to observe the character of Rock Lee. He belonged to the Lee clan but every student at the academy mocked him because of his inability to perform ninjutsu or genjutsu. No one observed that Lee was special in many ways from others because he never gave up on anything and this is the reason why the Might Guy became his sensei and taught him the ninja techniques.

Lee also grew up to be a muscular and talented ninja. He could now perform complicated techniques like Reverse Lotus, Strong Fist, Primary Lotus, and others. All these could break multiple bones of the opponent in a few seconds. Which Naruto Shippuden character are you most like? If you are honest and dedicated to your dreams then you might be Rock Lee…


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